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AS and A Level: Beowulf

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  1. Grendel Character Analysis. There is a large amount of textual evidence that suggests that God had a large hand in the creation of Grendel

    (Line 19-22). So in just the first few lines of the poem it is stated that Grendel is an offspring of one of Gods flawed creations. He has been banished forever for the sins of his forefather, which is hardly fair treatment from God. It is also stated that the fiends are in constant opposition of the Lord, "A brood forever opposing the Lord's will." (28-29). Grendel is born into a world of hatred and suffering, of cruel and unjust treatment that he has done nothing to deserve.

    • Word count: 739
  2. When Beowulf first arrives, he matures little as he already has the characteristic of a hero. However Hrothgar sees Beowulfs potential and sets out to take advantage of Beowulfs natural talent.

    However Hrothgar sees Beowulf's potential and sets out to take advantage of Beowulf's natural talent. As Beowulf begins to see Hrothgar as a mentor, the change in his figure becomes more and more evident in his actions. He begins to see the importance of loyalty and courtesy. The advice he receives helps to prepare Beowulf for the values demanded by the throne. Although it takes many years for Beowulf to take that position, it gives him time to change into the model he will become. Out of respect for the throne, he encourages Hygelac's son to take his rightful position as the king.

    • Word count: 783
  3. Beowulf risks his life for his people a number of times. One of the warriors risks his life for Beowulf, his leader, in the act of loyalty. This all shows the blending of Christian traditions in the epic, Beowulf.

    Grendal was an evil creature that killed many people in the Herot when darkness fell. Everyone was scared of him and no one was able to kill him, until Beowulf came. He knew of the dangers of Grendal and he knew of the people killed by this evil creature. He was ready to put his life at great risk by fighting this creature so no more people will be killed and that the people would not be scared of him anymore.

    • Word count: 785
  4. Beowulf, Themes of Honour and Perseverance.

    Grendel?s arm gets ripped from his body, and his arm kept as a trophy hung high in the halls. Beowulf could have used a sword, but his honor would not let him. After Grendel is dead, yet another task arises; Hrothgar asks Beowulf to kill Grendel?s mother who lives in her home deep in the waters. Unwilling to say no be bravely ventures forth and kills Grendel?s mother with the Giant?s sword. Now with two heads as his trophies, and his honor, and loyalty in tact, Beowulf eventually becomes the new King of the Danes. Not much later another villain comes to the land.

    • Word count: 718

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