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AS and A Level: Ian McEwan

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  1. What view would a feminist critic take on "Enduring Love" by Ian McEwan?

    McEwan portrays the science and rationality through Joe ? a science journalist, who strips the events apart, layer by layer, as if he was a surgeon and then re-stitches it to provide the final outcome; once again placing the male figure in the dominant position, whereby he narrates and leads the novel, ?let me freeze the frame? almost having an omniscient power as he self-consciously controls the narrative. This shows, according to Lacan, that men control the power of speech and language that dominates society, whereas women are shown to revel in non-verbal communication, a common preconception which is opposed strongly by feminists.

    • Word count: 2127
  2. How is the story told in Chapter 12 of Enduring Love?

    You can see the effect this is having on Joe as he says, ?these days I preferred to drive?, so maybe he feels too scared to walk freely on the streets as this stalking has risen to a new level. The author gives us more insight into Joe?s character and particularly his scientific nature as he reflects that he has read somewhere about a curtain used as a signal and this seems to have some relevance to Parry. We can see that Joe is constantly looking for the source of the problem and for any rational reason why Parry would

    • Word count: 1140
  3. Analysis of page 19-21 of "Atonement".

    With this passage in mind, it is more important to inspect the pre-war situation. Tensions between Germany and Britain were high at this time, and this feeling of tension and a need for change is highlighted dramatically in this short passage. One of the most effective ways that this has been done is to show us why exactly there was tension in the Tallis household ? or at least, a need for change in Cecilia?s opinion. McEwan has strived to present the Tallis home in an imposing way, reflective of the rigidness and perhaps unfriendliness of a family as a whole in Cecilia?s eyes.

    • Word count: 1508
  4. Aspects of Narrative in "Atonement ".

    All these subtle hints of distraction emphasise the hidden cracks within the family, which contrasts significantly to the secure and stable family (portrayed by the families wealthiness) in the opening. This also creates a tense atmosphere. The reader is already waiting for something unexpected to happen. As soon as nightfall arrives, the tension continues to build and escalate through a series of events. Not only does Briony read the incorrect letter, Cecilia and Robbie are caught in the libary, where Briony misunderstands what is happening, partly due to her youth, but also her vivid imagination.

    • Word count: 927
  5. How does McEwan create intrigue and suspense in the first chapter of the "Enduring Love".

    So, straight off he is making the reader curious about what is going on - the drama - we are the given a sense of anticipation which make us want to read on with interest. Even the narrator himself tells us, "I'm holding back, delaying the information." The narrator backtracks in time - delaying the account of dramatic incidents. This keeps us waiting in anticipation as time period are cleverly interchanged, building suspense. There are examples throughout chapter one, of when and how McEwan does this but the best incident occurs in the third page, When we are told about the balloon and a imposing catastrophe- "a basket in which there was a boy......

    • Word count: 951

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