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honour killing

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Good evening and welcome to our event. I am Akilah khaliq and we are the AGAINST KILLING'S team; we are here in Manchester to argue for the women in this society. We want to know how they are treated with men, how there are treated in the world of work, and if women are getting equal rights just as much as men. We know from many examples across Britain, that women are portrayed lower then men in certain societies. Our team are becoming more and more popular across the U.K, because women are beginning to speak out to our team. We have a highly recommended organisation that many people are aware of. We have funds coming in from local Southall Black Sisters (SBS) since 1979, women's organisation, Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations Research Unit, Northern Ireland Women's Aid, Welsh Women's Aid, One World Action: Women's Rights as Human Rights. The team travel all across U.K. and now we are in the process of becoming international across Europe. We have given out leaflets, made speeches on television, we have made adverts for women to get in touch, and Asian sound radio where many Asian women tune into, is advertising our campaign. Already we have thousands of women calling in everyday and discussing their problems to our team. ...read more.


Kiran said she wants to stay in prison because she feels free. She did not know at the time that her husband had died. When she found out she had taken our offer to help her. She broken by the fact that she cannot see her children again but the AGAINST KILLING'S team claimed a court order for her mother in law to let the kids see their mother. We found a letter that Kiran wrote to her husband after an argument they had. She said, 'please come home Deepak I wont drink black coffee and I wont watch TV the boys need you please come home.' Kiran's mother in law sat against her saying in court that she is arrogant and ordered Deepak around. But the mother in law witnessed some of the beatings but still proclaimed to have not seen anything. Kiran herself was too ashamed to write statements and talk in court herself, but as time passed, Kiran started to feel more and more confident especially after her English had been improved she felt that she can talk. So she was asked by the team to write a statement that we can present in one of our events. 'I was born in the village of chakalal in Punjab. My father died few days after I was born and my mother when I was just 16. ...read more.


story is a part of the picture that may not be important but the issue is please do not forget that there are many women who need help form you please. Prison was never really a bad place for Kiran but a first step to freedom.' And with that ladies and gentleman, that was all the women's in the world, first step to call out to us. That year was hectic for us because non stop we had women calling in and asking us for help and we have helped them; we have fixed so many lives and relationships, we are in constant contact with the abused women even after they don't need the help, that is our way to help women, no matter how bad the situation is whether you don't know how to cook dhal and roti even then we are there, just pick up the phone, we are onto it straight away. We have up to 300 branches all over the world and we wanna help, but we can only help if we know who the women are and them women need to talk. We don't care if they don't come to use even if they go to another women help group we will feel that we have helped somehow and that the abused woman has found freedom somehow. Thank you. ?? ?? ?? ?? Akilah Khaliq Piece 2 Word count: 1751 words ...read more.

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