Discuss difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practice

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Equality diversity and rights in health and social care                               Danielle Walton-Rivers

M3 – Discuss difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practice

As mentioned briefly in the previous assignment there’s covert discrimination this is discrimination which is concealed and can go unnoticed this can pose as a problem. There are four main reasons why promoting anti-discriminatory practice may be difficult.


Socialisation is where ‘norms’ are adopted by people though learning about behaviour and having situations where influences and norms in society effect the way people behave.

One example of socialisation preventing anti-discriminatory practice is though in a culture saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to things, where in another culture this may not be normal and so if someone doesn’t say thank you or please to something this may be seen as rude, and could make the person treat the other person differently.

Another part of socialisation that may cause problems is education of situations of people and the understanding of a person’s situation, this can be though things like not understand why someone behaviours in that and then the professionals own views or stereotypes will take control over the way the person treats the individual and then this wont promote anti-discriminatory practice the person is treating the person differently due own opinions it will affect the person negatively and this is discriminating against them.

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Culture can affect practice of anti-discrimination though there being miscommunication though different ideas of body language that’s in a person’s culture, for example there’s different ways of saying hello in cultures. Culture can also cause discriminatory practice though language barriers, this may cause problems though their not being a translator, the doctors or social workers can be discriminatory in the way of not getting someone to communicate or though not asking the patient what they want for their treatment e.g. whether they need medication.

Another thing that may prevent anti-discriminatory practice from happening is ...

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An impressive essay that had looked at a variety of procedures and thought how they can prevent anti discriminatory practice. I think it could be enhanced in a few areas by expanding and explaining what is the cause and I also feel that examples would really help to clarify what is written. A good essay on the whole.