Unit 3 HSC Level 3 P 1 - 10 possible hazards that may occur in a childcare provider setting

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Unit 3


Assignment A (P1) -  10 possible hazards that may occur in a childcare provider setting

  1. Leaving sharp objects; scissors/knives left lying around:

This is a potential hazard as this can cause harm to someone when not used appropriately.

It can be a hazard towards children that may not know how to use sharp objects safely which may result in them cutting their fingers or any other part of their body as well as harming another child unintentionally which can result in serious injury or death.

  1. Spillages on the floor from liquids:

This is a hazard and adults and children can slip due to the spillage on the floor which can cause a serious injury.

This can result in a broken leg or arm or perhaps fracture the leg or arm which would be an emergency as it would need to be seen to by a doctor.


  1.  Sockets used for electrical devices not being covered:
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This is a hazard because children can put objects or their fingers into the sockets.

This hazard is dangerous because a child may get electrocuted if the socket is switched on and the child is putting things such as a metal object into the socket the child is at a high risk of getting electrocuted and this can be resulted in death.

  1. Spillages of chemicals:

This is a serious hazard to children as they could touch and swallow the chemicals which can lead to serious illness or death.

This hazard may cause harm because if a chemical like ...

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