Explain the postives of introducing an e-commerce system to an organisation

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Amazon sell worldwide which means they can sell products to more people and have an advantage over companies that do not sell across the world. This means that customers have the chance to purchase products from all over the world in the comfort of their homes. E-commerce makes this possible as the store can be accessed anywhere in the world with internet access. This beats traditional stores because only the people who are in the area of the store can go in and buy products, not everyone in the world like e-commerce can do.

Amazon allow 27/7 trading which means that a customer can log on whenever they wish and buy products. Customers are more likely to do this as it’s easier and more convenient for them. Trading can be carried out day or night and unlike some businesses, there is no closing time. Because websites can be automated, there doesn’t need to be any staff like there is in highstreets stores. This also means more customers can shop when it’s convenient for them.  

Amazon would have been easy to set up because they don’t need premises, electric, water and other essential things when opening up a traditional store but only need a website and things that need to maintain the site. Relatively low start-up and running costs means it’s easy for people to start their own business. For a traditional store, you will need to buy property to have your store, overheads like electric and shelves to hold the stock which can all add up to be pricy. For an online store, you only need to pay for the start-up costs of a website and staff to maintain the website rather than all the overheads of a traditional store.

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Amazon will have deals in which makes them more competitive against other online stores. Amazon will try to provide the best prices in order for more customers to shop with them instead of other stores. One thing that is used today is comparison sites and therefore the cheapest stores will be the stores customers shop with and Amazon will want that to be them. Online stores can be more competitive by providing the chance for customers to save money using special deals. This makes them more competitive because other stores may not have online stores or their products may ...

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