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About the Organisation

Background of the organisation

The organisation from which the documents are produced is Wigan Borough Council, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester in the North West of England which was formed in 1974. The borough is based around the two towns of Wigan and Leigh. The population of the area is around 300,000 across and area of 77 square miles, making it one of the largest Metropolitan boroughs in England. The council is based at Wigan Town Hall.

Existing hardware and software for the production of the document

Hardware Used

Dell - 48X - DVD-ROM/CD-RW 1GB RAM                                                    

Dell - 146 GB - (15,000Rpm) - SCSI - Hard Drive                                      

E7300 2.66 GHz Dual Core Processor

 used in the Public Relations office to produce letters, leaflets etc.



 Software Used  

Microsoft Word – Used to produce letters to send out to residents                                                                  

Microsoft Outlook – All Wigan Council employee’s use this program as their email, to communicate between departments as to what content is included in the magazine.

Photoshop – To create and manipulate images

Production techniques used for the document

The public relations department at Wigan Council design and edit Borough Life magazine, then send it away to be mass printed. It must meet legal tests set by the National Code of Practice on Local Council’s publicity before being printed.

Analysis of Existing Publication

The general purpose of the magazine is to communicate Wigan Council’s priorities, plans and policies, events and initiatives to the people of the borough. It aims to reflect the councils work and show how the tax payer’s money is spent in a positive way. The magazine states that magazines values are the same as Wigan Council’s – To set high standards, being open and honest and focusing on performance.  The audience of the magazine is very wide- the residents of the Borough who receive the magazine through the post four times per year.

Document 1 – “Borough bids to beat binge boozing”- Page Six of NHS section

The purpose of this document is to inform readers of the risks involved when drinking too much alcohol and relate this to Wigan with figures about the Borough’s drinking habits and consequences of drinking quoted throughout. The document also gives important information regarding Wigan Council’s Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Team (YPDAT.) This suggests that the article is aimed at younger residents, aged below 19. Many points of contact are given in the document that the audience could use should they require help. Two images are used. The main is a photograph of two happy-looking young women with bottles of “alcopops” in their hands during a night out - the background is a dark scene with the reflection of neon lights as would be seen in a club. The second is a smaller image placed in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

Document 2 – “Co-ordinated bid to address Borough’s big issue”

The purpose of the document is to provide advice for young people or their parents to combat the issue of teenage pregnancy. Statistics are included about the teenage pregnancy rates in the Borough along with campaign information to reduce these rates. A bulleted list of local initiatives to help young people is used. A separate text box to the main body of text titled “Advice is available” describes the Wigan Teenage Pregnancy Partnership, which contains website addresses regarding sexual health. A single, main image of a young women holding a pregnancy test in a bathroom is used. The women looks worried, staring at the test.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Document 3 – “X-Zones hit the spot for young thrillseekers”- Page 13

Join now!

The purpose of this document is to show residents of a new concept, the “X Zones” which are providing young people aged 11-21 with activities aimed to keep them off the streets. This initiative is funded by council tax money, so shows the reader how this money is being used in a positive manner.  A youth service worker describes what X Zones involves and the ground rules. A reference to anti-social behaviour amongst young people is used. A separate text box is used with information about national acclaim of the project and the scheme from a young person’s point of ...

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