The Lion King - Media techniques such as camera angles, music and lighting are specifically used to highlight Simba and Scar's personalities.

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The Lion King – Part B

Media techniques such as camera angles, music and lighting are specifically used to highlight Simba and Scar’s personalities. Simba is seen as the force of good and Scar being the force of evil. Simba was chosen to analyse because of his innocence and curiosity, which eventually leads him into danger. Scar was chosen because of his devilish acts and lack of conscience, which portrays him as being a villain.

Simba is a very open and honest creature. His light colours represent the essence of good, yet he is still very dependant on his father Mufasa. They are a very closely knit family unit, constantly maintaining a watchful eye over Simba’s whereabouts. Simba is regularly seen in the sunlight portraying the picture of innocence but on the other hand he also maintains a streak of big headedness, it is this, which leads him into trouble.

Scar on the other hand is a very scheming character, his entry words in the film were “Life isn’t fair, is it?” These words show Scar’s tainted and vicious jealous streak against Simba. These words were spoken whilst taunting a small mouse which was about to be his next meal. Scar has an abundance of dark colours, especially his black, bushy mane, which signifies his evil nature. Scar, as his name states, has a large scar over his right eye. Throughout the family line there is no evil, with the exception of Scar, who is the black sheep of the family. Scar’s personality, evilness and devilish ways are depicted throughout the weather scenes.

Simba and Scar’s personalities are totally different, you see Simba as a young, honest, energetic cub where as Scar is seen as a dark, wicked, devious creature. These two characters are shown throughout the film as complete opposites, the eyes show distinct difference as Simba has black, shiny, lovable eyes but Scar has green, devious, corrupt eyes. Such things as the weather and music show the opposites of these two characters, sunlight, clear skies, bright clear happy music tends to introduce Simba where as black, dingy, sunless skies and droning, torturing music would be played on Scars appearance.  

The first scene in which I am going to analyse a character is set in a dingy green cave with animal skeletons scattered throughout. Scar enters the scene amidst three squabbling hyenas fighting over food rations. Scar is surrounded by green mist which filters throughout the cave sometimes partially blocking his profile. He is sitting on top of a rock looking down on the hungry hyenas, the atmosphere is dingy and gives you an eerie feeling. The setting is trying to tell you that a devilish scheme is about to be launched.


Scar speaks very proper and concise with an evil tone but the hyenas pay him no respect, they laugh at him, taunt him and compare him with Mufasa. This aggravates Scar, his eyes show the hatred and the hyenas back off quoting “Your one of us, your our pal,” because they realise Scars anger. Scar makes comment about the two lion cubs saying that the hyenas were handed them on a plate and couldn’t dispose of them so why should he feed the hyenas. He waves a piece of meat above the hyenas, taunting them, they are hungry and are prepared to do any task in exchange for the food. Music is introduced whilst Scar is telling the hyenas about getting rid of Mufasa and Simba. The music tempo increases and Scar starts to creep forward with clouds of green dingy smoke surrounding his body. He starts to sing the song “Be Prepared,” and jumps about the cave gaining attention with his quick movements and evil eye contact. He calls the hyenas ‘thick,’ and says “We’re talking kings and concessions,” with which he starts to encircle the hyenas. His song is belittling the hyenas, saying how stupid they are and telling them to “Prepare for a chance of a lifetime,” he is angry and it shows in his voice.

Scar is scheming a way of getting rid of Simba and Mufasa and gaining the throne for himself. He is giving the hyenas the opportunity to help, do the deed then be rewarded. The lighting seems to drop and the characters, especially the hyenas, are intensely looking as they feel this could be an opportunity for them to move up the food chain. Scar’s song seems to have given him confidence, his body language is full of confidence and his facial expressions are those of a lion with a job to finish. Scar says “Be prepared for the death of the king,” “We re going to kill him and Simba,” he tells the hyenas. “Stick with me and you’ll never go hungry again,” “I’ll be king.” This shows the confidence and aggressive nature which Scar has adopted.

The music increases dramatically and the dingy cave seems to open up like a mushroom, leaving hundreds of hyenas gathered on ledges throughout the cave. The camera angle widens and brings in a hungry army of rampant hyenas. The music seems to bring the creatures to life. The camera switches to Scar situated high on a rock looking down on an army of parading hyenas. The setting quickly changes from a green, murky, dismal area to a red, fire-filled, erupting cave. Blasts of hot red gasses erupt from the floor of the cave, surrounding Scar.

The song ends on a quick setting change once more with the cave opening up and clear skies being shown with all the hyenas standing to attention on the rock and cliff faces. Scar is situated on the highest peak with a half moon in the background. This symbolises Scar on a pinnacle who would not stop at anything to perform his devilish deeds. He is intent on committing his evil scheme.

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The second scene I am about to analyse begins with the camera focusing in on a deep canyon, the skies are bright and all seems rather pleasant. Scar is talking to Simba on a stone underneath a tree. Scar speaks in a loving manor teasing Simba nicely, tempting him, advising him that his father has a surprise. Simba is very inquisitive, he shows fondness towards Scar asking him to spill out the surprise. Scar is very devious, he has a devilish scheme in mind and asks Simba to wait until his father appears. Scar leaves to set his devilish ...

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