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“Information processing is the process in which we select the correct skill for the situation”

(Galligan et al,2000)

Diagram above shows the order of the stages of information processing.


The picture is of a player hitting a volley. The player’s stimulus is the ball and the opponents. The vision of the player is the place of the opponent, goalkeeper and the direction of the ball. The tactile is controlling he ball, the audition is shouts from his team mates or the crowd, and the proprioception is the player being able to maintain his balance while hitting the ball so that it goes the direction and speed he wants it. The short term sensory store of the player will be affected by comments from the crowd, players, the position of the opponents and any team mates he may be able to pass the ball to. In his long term memory the player may bring to mind previous situation against the player of team or previous situations when he attempted this kind of volley against the other opposition. In the decision process the player decides whether he should clear the ball, direct it to a team mate or shoot at goal. The motor output is when the player connects the volley the ball. In feedback the player stores information based on his performance. He can judge whether or not the ball went in the right direction, whether there was too little or too much power on the ball, weather the correct amount of force was on the shot to make the ball travel at the required speed or whether the timing of the shot was correct.

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This picture is of a tennis player making a backhand shot. The player’s stimulus is the ball. The vision of the player is fixed on the position of the ball and the opponent. The audition for the player may be the crowd or the noise the opponent makes when hitting the ball, the proprioception is being able to sustain balance when hitting the ball with power, the tactile is hitting the ball and controlling the racket. The players short term sensory store consists of knowing the speed and direction of the ball. In his short term memory the player ...

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