Written investigation

A1 – Plan

The aim of this investigation is to try and improve my trampolining technique. To do this I plan to analyse a performer trampolining using video footage. The main area that I hope for the performer to improve is her arm swing to gain more height. This is because she finds it hard to complete the moves due to the fact she lacks height. If she has more height she can perform different moves with ease. This is a plan of what I intend to do and when.


B1 core skill 1

Observation – jumps (straight jump)

Observation – jumps (tuck)

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B2 core skill 2

Observation and analysis – drops

Seat drop

Front drop

B3 core skill 3

Observation and analysis – twists

Swivel hips


Full twist

B4 core skill 4

Observation and analysis – twisting rotation combination

Half twist to ...

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