Physical education Conflict

Whilst I see much sense in both sides of the argument as to whether sport should be played in school, I have a slightly biased view aimed towards the playing of sports in schools.

One argument put forward is that less sport should be played in schools. This idea is supported by Peter Wilby; editor of the new statesman believes that less sport should be played in schools because “it can lead to humiliation and indignity”. He also says that it is problematic because it is expensive and time consuming to organize, and also that it further exhausts teachers. He also believes that sport should be played in pupils own time, without the pressures of other pupils.

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In many ways, I agree with what he believes. I think that a reduced level of sports in schools would indeed take away excess strain from certain teachers, and I also strongly agree with his insistence that sports can open people up to humiliation and indignity, so a possible solution here would be to make games optional. But I do not think this is a good solution because in so doing, you would sacrifice discipline and also the further health of a modern day Britain.

The second argument disagrees with sport because the author is obviously in keeping with the ...

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