Training Programme for professional football.

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Training Programme

The athletes how I will be training are in professional football teams with big reputations and it is my job to get these players at their best in only two weeks.

The first player is Kasim Zafeer and he is a strong and tall centre-half but his pace and

stamina is what I will be trying to improve. His age is 21. I will make him do a series of fitness tests to see what level he is on now and after the two weeks he will do them again and then I will compare the results and see weather there is an improvement. I know that the improvement will not be huge because the time limit is very short but my aim is to have some effect.

The first fitness test was the beep test and Kasim achieved level 13.9 which is below the average level for a professional footballer.

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I also tested him on the 12 minute run around a football pitch and Kasim got 11 laps which is just a bit below the average of a footballer.

I also tested kasim on the shuttle run and he just achieved average level .

He was also put through his paces on the agility test and he managed to complete the circuit in 15.5 seconds.

This is an table of his results;-

This is what I told kasim to do;-

As the table shows there is a slight improvement in Kasim’s performances. There ...

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