Arab Israeli Conflict

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Arab Israeli Conflict

The Recent Event 

On the 5th of October 2003 another suicide bomber from Palestine blew herself up outside the Mixin restaurant in the Israeli resort of Haifa in the Gaza strip. This attack was carried out by the Palestine group Islamic Jihad, and the bomber was Hanadi Jaradat. This was unusual because out of 103 suicide attacks only three of them were done by  women and the woman responsibly for the attack was a young successful lawyer . The bombers target was the Israeli civilians inside the restaurant. The attack was carried out on the Sabbath the day before Yom Kipper, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. This was done to destabilise the American cause for peace initiative called the “road map”. The ‘road map’ is a plan for peace between the Palestinian and the Israelis by building a wall between the Israeli controlled areas and the Palestinian territory. This was done by the bomber strapping explosives to herself, and detonating it by the restaurant killing herself and 19 others.

This was carried out in a response of a threat made to ‘remove’ Arafat, the month before the Yom Kippur Bombing but also this is a act a part of the Palestinians getting the West bank back and to disarray the American backed ‘road map’ for peace. Events which lead up to this where mainly the Israeli government accusing Arafat of failing to ‘curb’ terrorism and , supporters of Arafat (Hamas) began congregating around Arafat’s compound as they feared that Israelis would kill him so they bombed the maxim restaurant in response to this. It being a recent event amongst many Palestinian suicide bombings, and it being a woman ( a successful lawyer of only 29) shows that the Palestinian People are willing to give up anything for there cause.

Establishment of Israel

1947 Partition

Great Briton had failed to police the area that they were given in there mandate so it was given to the UN and because of the appalling treatment of the Jews in world war two (holocaust) meant the international community felt obliged to help the Jews by giving them a homeland they were also pressured by the rising amount of Jews going into Palestine from the Zionist movement. So the UN partitioned Palestine by making three states the Jewish state of Israel, Arab state and a international state around Jerusalem. The UN also partitioned the country so it was split 50/50 between the Jews and the Palestinians which made the Arab community very angry. Which lead onto the 1948 war.

1948 War

All the sounding Arab countries attacked  Israel but the Israelis defended and then attack and gained more land. This now more then ever made the Jewish  population believe that this is there homeland. This then led into complete Israeli ruling of Palestine, which made the Palestinians even angrier.

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The 6 Day War

The 6 day war and the Israeli success resulted in the occupation of all the Palestinian lands and the Sinai desert, the Gaza strip, Jordan, Syria and Jerusalem. This caused huge resentment of the Israelis and helped boost support for Yasser Aarafat and the PLO. But the main problem for the Israelis was that they had too much land to police and could not keep control of areas which had allot of Palestinians living there because of riots.

1993 Peace Processes

The peace processes were of limited success, and were derailed when ...

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