Does the UK have a 'constitution'

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Does the UK have a ‘constitution’? Does it Matter?

There are two meanings to the word constitution the first is that  

It will contain all of the rules for the organisation of the state.and secondly

It will usuall be ‘entrenced’ which means that it is hard to change.

The constitution of a country is a set of rules regulating the powers of its government and the rights and duties of its citizens. In all but a few democracies in the world, the nation's constitution can be found in a single document. The exceptions are Israel, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As a result, people sometimes say that we in Britain do not have a constitution. On the other hand people say the United Kingdom does have a constitution; it is just a little hard to track down. People also frequently say we have an 'unwritten constitution' in the United Kingdom.

As you can see from all these views it makes it a little confusing to whether or not  UK has a written constitution or not.

There are historical reasons why we have no written constitution; Britain has not been conquered since 1066, despite the two World Wars, Britain has been stable and has had a responsible government for hundreds of years. Our unwritten constitution is traditional, and if a written one is incorporated into British law, then people who believe the monarchy and the democratic system is old fashioned will demand abolishment or amendment. There are many problems that would pose threat to the country if a written constitution were introduced.

A written constitution does have impact of changing the nature of a country. While the change can be for better or worse, One view is of Lord Woolf, the lord chief justice, who has expressed the need for a written constitution, he said that it would help to protect the country from major changes being made without having to go through legal process.

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The continual use of the word "constituion" in the English parliament shows there is none and there is merely a government without a constitution.

British writers define the constituiton in a way which appears to give us one, even though there is no documents to prove that there actually is one Constitutions have certain essential characteristics, none of them found in Britain in what in our own opinion might call a consiitution.

The British constitution has evolved over many centuries. Unlike the constitutions of America, France and many Commonwealth countries, the British constitution has not been assembled ...

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