How Small Businesses Can Compete.

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How rival business are more or less competitive then my chosen business.

How business compete.

1) Small businesses are so much closer to their customers. In fact, the proprietor of a small business will very often meet and speak directly to customers every day. In large firms the owners, senior management and decision makers often don’t get exposure to the coal face of their market at all. The advantage to the small firm is they can get immediate, direct feedback and have the ‘nose’ to be much more oriented to changes in customers’ needs and interests, and spot new business opportunities at the earliest possible stage.

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2) Small firms are more responsive and can change things in their business operation and processes much quicker than larger businesses. This is mainly down to size, scale and speed of decision making. So in this respect small firms usually find it easier to innovate or introduce something new at very short notice.

3) Small businesses can be more fanatical and radical about their business and products. No matter how many times they can’t quite get it right, small business owners, in general, are more obsessive and never give up in their attempts to improve their existing services, or make new developments ...

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