Unit 1: Principles of Personal Responsibilities and Working in a Business Environment

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Unit 1: Principles of Personal Responsibilities and Working in a Business Environment

  1. Effective communication is a significant aspect in customer service, in order to build good relationships with people who are dealt with internally and externally it is essential that effective communication is a skill that is used as it helps to create a positive atmosphere and also encourages open discussion. There are many different communication methods; communication is something that can be done verbally, non – verbally or through writing. Verbal communication can be done through two different ways, one way is through face to face communication and another is through telephone calls. The advantage of verbal communication is that the opportunity for immediate feedback is available which is beneficial as it can be confirmed that the message was understood. However, this is only an advantage if the message is properly understood. The other method of communication is through non – verbal communication, this is something that can be done through facial expressions or body language. Although it may not seem so, facial expressions are responsible for a huge proportion of communication as just by smiling or frowning substantial amount of information can be conveyed. Body language is also something that can determine the attitude or feeling of a person. The final method of communication is written communication. There are many different ways of applying written communication, one of which is through email and the other is through writing a letter. The advantage of written communication is that it can provide records and references which can be especially helpful within a legal environment. Nevertheless, a disadvantage is that feedback is not immediate.

  1. The most appropriate method of communicating with others can be chosen by assessing what type of method is more suitable to use for the situation that is being dealt with. One aspect that may be considered when choosing which type of communication to use is the cost of communication that is to be used. E.g., if a client is being dealt with from abroad, it would be more beneficial for businesses to communicate via video conferencing as it is more cost effective.  Another factor that it may seem appropriate to consider is the needs of the audience. E.g., there may some clients that it may be difficult to communicate with because of aspects such as language barriers. In this case to make communication between the two individuals more effective it would be an advantage to have an interpreter to assist the client so that the level of understanding is of a higher standard.
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  1.  Active listening is a communication technique that helps to determine whether an individual is able to understand, interpret and evaluate what they are hearing. One way in which this can be done is by actually facing the person who is talking. By doing this it can help the other individual to know that they have got the other persons attention.  Another method that can be used is to maintain eye contact, by maintaining eye contact it determines that the other individual is focused which can help others to know that they are being listened to. Another way in ...

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