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GCSE: Graphics

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  1. Toy project DT

    If it has any educational aid then it should not be too hard for the user because then he or she will become bored and give up with the toy. Children aged 4-7 prefer brighter colours than darker ones because they find them more interesting so my toy will be painted in bright colours. The purpose of a toy is not only for the user to get enjoyment out of it, although this is the main aim. Toys are also important for preschool and during school education.

    • Word count: 4019
  2. Desk Top Publishing coursework girl scouts leaflet

    This is very useful if a text wants to be placed on top of a graphic. * The publisher package must also have a design wizard to help give help when creating common types of publication. * This package should also contain a variety of fonts in a large quantity to suit the project which is being created. The fonts should also be to be resized however the user requires. * A good publisher package should have styles to allow the user to define the font style, colour and size of the text. Once the style has been defined, it can be applied to any part of the text whenever it is necessary.

    • Word count: 4282
  3. The Future of Graphic Arts I. Introduction The role of a graphic designer can be seen as wide ranging and adaptable

    It is at the beginning of the twentieth century that we see the start of the avant-garde movement. The ability of the art form to move foreword was propelled by the increased availability of the printed media. This also demonstrated a movement in style, looking away form the past and towards the future (WebCT, 2002). This can be traced to 1909, with the beginning being seen in Italy, when a futurist movement began. This was an age where there were many changes, there were new forms of transport, automobiles were becoming popular, there was also increased technology being used to develop warfare capabilities in response to the rising trend if nationalism.

    • Word count: 9443
  4. The report is about six different documents ranging from three organizations. From each organization we have two different types of documents. The two different types of documents are a letter and a statement.

    The letter ensures the customer that Alliance Leicester continues to provide their customers with leading credit card products. As the letter is related to a credit card the letter also has a card number, which is unique and belongs to the customer. The letter is written in a complex form using high level of language skills that are suitable for adults as this letter is aimed towards adults that are above the age of eighteen. The letter is split in two main part one part contains the actual text explaining the letter.

    • Word count: 4236
  5. ICT - Microsoft Publisher, Pizza restaurant menu.

    It can print the menu in special folds such as three-fold. Images can also be easily rotated and cropped to fit the page, text and images can be layered over each other and arranged to fit the page. Multiple copies can be printed and placed in the restaurant or even posted to residents in the area. Following considerations of the possible solutions I find that a desktop publishing program would be the most appropriate solution. This is because it contains all the features that are very useful for the making of a menu.

    • Word count: 3845
  6. Hardware and Software requirements for the DTP facilities needed.

    * Keyboard - The keyboard is an important part of making the catalogue because I have to input information into the catalogue. * Monitor - The monitor is an important part of making the process because I need to see what I am doing. * Mouse - The mouse will let me drop, drag, manipulate, resize and many other things to make the catalogue look good. * Floppy disk - The floppy disk is an important part of the catalogue design process because I need to back up the work.

    • Word count: 3956

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