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GCSE: Death of a Salesman

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  1. Why are Biff and Happy unhappy?

    However, as the play progresses, the idealistic image of Willy Loman seems to evaporate through the test of time as we can see at the beginning of the play Biff is angry with Willy. Both Biff and Happy are unhappy because they are both lost. Biff has not only lost all confidence in his father but trust as well. Biff used to be a man with dreams, dreams that can make him happy but life didn't go the way he wanted, he knows that his father had an affair with 'The Woman', Biff felt betrayed.

    • Word count: 569
  2. Death of a Salesman

    He tells them stories of his work in New England, where he is well known and very much liked. The firm Willy had been working at for 32 years has taken him off of salary. Will ends up being fired when it should be his time of retirement. Now at the age of 63, he is unsuccessful, with two unsuccessful sons, living off dreams. Although Willy may not want to admit it, he has come to the realization he has failed at life. He is unable to provide for his family. He is very unhappy with the way his life has ended up.

    • Word count: 926
  3. Commentary On Review - pro evolution soccer 3

    I looked at other reviews of games to get a rough idea of what to talk about in the game to discuss and also layout. I didn't really use a particular layout as i felt it wasn't meant to be fancy just a simple review on a game to make it easy for people to read, although i did do paragraphs for different areas of the game. Not particulary as it would just be a page where people would see what it was about and if already purchased previous games of the series or have an interest or heard of the game through word of mouth might be interested in reading on.

    • Word count: 764
  4. Info On Death Of A SalesmanSummary

    Meanwhile, the boys are having a conversation in their old bedroom. They discuss their father and the fact that he is becoming senile in his old age. They have been on a date, and through their conversation we see that Happy holds himself to low moral standards. They talk about success, their hopes, and all the while Willy is downstairs having a conservation with no one. Willy is immersed in one of his flashbacks, where he relives conversations and scenes from the past. The boys are embarrassed for him, and the scene transforms into a fall day, 15 years ago.

    • Word count: 979
  5. The mistress, sultry yet sophisticated, played a larger part in the play, Death of A Salesman, than most would imagine.

    The woman, on the other hand, does. Furthermore, she tells him that she selected him out of all the salesmen. This makes him feel quite superior to the other salesmen and gives him a higher self-esteem. In addition, she tells him that the next time he came, she would let him go directly through to see the buyers without having to wait in line. Willy had not been successful in his business trips for quite awhile so when she tells him this, it makes him feel as if he is a success.

    • Word count: 684
  6. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

    Willy's view of the world is based to a large extent based on two men. His brother Ben, who made a fortune by finding diamonds in the jungle, and an old salesman called David Singleman, the salesman he aspires to become. Willy desperately tries to believe that he is a success, something he always tried to tell his sons. But of course at the age of sixty-three, near retirement, he has to realize that he cannot achieve what he was longing for.

    • Word count: 819
  7. Creative Writing for IB Portfolio - Letter to Biff's son.

    That is actually partly true and I want to give you an incentive but not through lies. I know that I have been quite strict with you in the past few years but you must believe me that it is just for your own good. You really don't want to end up like me after graduation. I actually never graduated, since I flunked Math. I can still remember that as if it happened yesterday. My dad taught me that all you need to get far in life is by being well liked, as he always liked to say it.

    • Word count: 781
  8. Race for the Junkyard - review.

    Before he has paid off his fridge the fan belt has broken meaning he has to pay extra to get it repaired. He also has large bills to pay and no money to pay them with. "Odds and ends comes to around a hundred and twenty dollars by the fifteenth" Willy replies "a hundred and twenty dollars! My God, if business don't pick up, I don't know what I'm gonna do!" Before the car is paid off Willy has a negative attitude towards it "That goddam Chevrolet, they ought to prohibit the manufacture of that car!"

    • Word count: 766
  9. Death Of A Salesman - Play Review.

    We join the play at the beginning of his failure. We see his get progressively disheartened and borrows money from his neighbour, Charley, and has convinced himself he will eventually be in the position to repay him, although as the audience we can see that this is highly unlikely. Our sympathy for Willy fades gradually as we realise he doesn't seem to help himself. We get increasingly annoyed with Willy chasing the American dream; we see he does not accept help as when Charley offers him a job, after Willy is fired from his company.

    • Word count: 656
  10. Death of a Salesman.

    her husband but, as we find out later in the play, Willy has crashed the car previously so this question is a justified one. Willy becomes irritated by this question and after repeating that 'nothing happened' questions Linda 'Didn't you hear me?' This introduces Willy's character, one who is easily annoyed and becomes angry. Because of Willy's temper Linda continues to speak more delicately, afraid to provoke a reaction. The issue of death is soon introduced into the play after Willy remarks 'I'm tired to the death.'

    • Word count: 613
  11. Film review on "The Matrix Reloaded".

    Developing on this I didn't want to have too much comedy within the review as I feel it would be hard to sustain it to a high a quality if I persisted with it through out the piece. So I included it in short sharp bursts to add `colour` to the review. When I did add the comedy I wanted to bring the reader back to the point I was trying to get across with phrases like: "seriously though". This helps to remind the reader that the most important part of the writing is not the comedy but the actual review.

    • Word count: 889
  12. First impressions of Biff and Happy as adults -  What can you see in their adolescence that helped to form the adults they’ve become?

    I feel that unlike Willy and Happy, Biff feels compelled to seek the truth about himself. While his father and brother are unable to accept the miserable reality of their respective lives, Biff acknowledges his failure and eventually manages to confront it. "What the hell am I doing, playing around with horses, twenty-eight dollars a week! I'm thirty-four years old, I oughta be makin' my future." Biff is unafraid, like his father to admit when his life isn't going to plan.

    • Word count: 709
  13. Themes in the play Death of a Salesman

    He also lapses into flashbacks and appears to relive conversations and situations he had years ago. This shows his inability to see reality. This problem of his failure to distinguish between reality and illusion helps to bring about his down fall because he believes he is "worth more dead than alive." Charlie the voice of reality tells him "A man isn't worth anything dead." Willy also has too much pride and this leads to his disillusion. Another instance of his pride showing through is that he won't work for Charley, but accepts money from him on the premise that it is a loan and he can pay him back.

    • Word count: 706

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