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GCSE: Death of a Salesman

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  1. Death of the Salesman - Discuss the importance of the scene in which Howard fires Willy.

    Willy starts of as a 'normal' salesman but he slowly starts to degenerate into a gibbering wreck. We are told at the beginning that, "His exhaustion is apparent". He believes the American dream that anyone can be successful as it's the land of opportunity and land of the free. Also that if you're well liked you can be very successful. Willy lives in New York as he has moved their after rejecting the offer to go to Alaska, instead he became a New York salesman, to follow the 'American dream' So he had hoped he could go into New York with nothing and leave 'rich' This formed part of the 'phoney American dream' At the beginning of

    • Word count: 2087
  2. How are the themes brought up in "A death of a salesman" releveant to the presant day.

    This leads onto success, wealth and in enough time power. But this dream can encourage greed, selfish behaviour, pride and rivalry between one another. Willy Loman was 'caught-up' in this American Dream. It causes business to develop in the world. Capitalistic and competitive instinct, makes Willy have a weakness in his personality. This weakness was caused by a combination of business pressures. One part of the American Dream is linked to the idea of the pioneering wilderness, this took place in the early history of America, in which pioneers conquered the wilderness.

    • Word count: 2870

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