Comparing language: Blessing and Night of the Scorpion

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Language used to show different people in different cultures

‘Night of the Scorpion is set in a Mud hut, located in a village against a rainy night. The speaker is the poet which explores the Hindu tradition of reincarnation. The speaker appears to have a disbelieving attitude towards the culture explored and doesn’t believe in reincarnation. One recurring theme in Night of the Scorpion is the strength of the memories of the event as the speaker is able to recall the night the scorpion bit his mother perfectly which emphasizes his love for his mother.

‘Blessing’ is set in Dharavi, Mumbai against a background of a dry drought against a background of dehydration. The speaker is an omniscient narrator and tells of a municipal water pipe bursting to the release of fresh drinking water. The speaker has a celebratory attitude towards the events and cultures explored. One recurring theme in Blessing is the struggling nature of the villagers who have little water all year round before being finally blessed.

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Throughout blessing, various techniques are used to give a sense of a celebratory attitude.         For example the title itself – ‘blessing’.

The title itself is an extended metaphor for water which clearly emphasizes the importance of water and also the preciousness. Blessing can also be associated with the religious imagery used in the poem: ‘kindly God’. This puts forward the idea that they see this gift of water as a gift from God who has blessed them on this hot day where water was desired and evidently needed.

Further, we get a sense of the dryness through the strong ...

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