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GCSE: Roald Dahl

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  1. The Detective Genre

    In fear of her step father, Julia's sister 'Helen Stoner' seeks out the notorious Detective Sherlock Holmes, in the hope that he could produce evidence to prove how her stepfather, Dr Grimesby Roylott had murdered her sister. Helen believed that Roylott had murdered her sister because she intended to marry, and this would mean he would be obligated to pay for this, with the money left to him by the sister's deceased mother. Renovations to Helens bedroom, meant that she had conveniently been moved in to her sister room which was opportunely next to her stepfathers.

    • Word count: 1885
  2. The Landlady - Roald Dahl , A teribly strange bed - Wilkie Collins - Analyse how each author creates suspense in these two shot stories

    When Billy spots the notice reading 'bed and breakfast' he becomes strangely to it. The narrator puts us at ease about the B&B by pointing out that there are flowers in the window and a few pets in the lounge, this makes the place seem homely and welcoming as it makes the B&B look like a nice and friendly place to stay. The B&B seems strangely perfect as though it is slighty out of the ordinary due to the clenliness as though it is untouched.

    • Word count: 2001
  3. Both 'The Speckled Band" and "Lamb to the Slaughter" use the ingredients of detective fiction but in very different ways. Compare the way the authors have written the stories to achieve different effects.

    "Lamb to the Slaughter" is a perfect example of this. The victim, murderer and detective are all opposite to the normal stereotypical image. We know who the murderer is straight away. In my opinion the main ingredients of detective fiction are interesting use of language to create mood and feelings such as suspense, fear and excitement. The introduction of irony and twists, clues and characters as the story progresses all keep the reader wanting to know what happens next. "The Speckled Band's" author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written a very traditional story.

    • Word count: 1430
  4. In my essay I will be comparing the two short stories 'Lamb to the Slaughter' by Roald Dahl and 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens.

    They don't seem to have many similarities. The theme to The Signalman is that of a man describing his experience of meeting a Signalman being haunted by a ghost. This ghost seemed to be warning him of hid death. It involves the two main characters, the narrator and the signalman. The Signalman described by the narrator, 'His attitude was one of such expectation and watchfulness' The narrator is not described throughout the story. The theme to Lamb to the slaughter is that of a husband and his wife.

    • Word count: 903
  5. A Comparison of 'Lamb to the Slaughter' and 'The Speckled Band'

    The characters in 'The Speckled Band' are as follows: firstly Sherlock Holmes, who is highly competent and very intellectual. He is a fine figure of a man and he is also one of the best in his job as well as being a very polite gentleman who is extremely contented in his job. The narrator of the story is Dr.Watson, who is Sherlock Holmes reporter. The victim, who is called Helen Stoner, is a traditional damsel in distress figure as she is an anxious, easily afraid individual who gives the impression of being oppressed.

    • Word count: 1211
  6. Both "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band" share some of the same characteristics of murder mysteries. Compare the murderers, victims and motives between the two stories.

    After the death of his wife he obtained an enraged personality. Now he certainly had the ability to commit a murder. In Lamb to the Slaughter we find out early on that Mrs Maloney is the one who kills her husband and so the suspense is not who the murderer is, but if she gets caught or not. However in "The Speckled band" the readers do not know who has killed Helen's sister and so it is more of a true murder story which makes us use our minds more and adds that bit more tension.

    • Word count: 981
  7. "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band" shares some of the characteristics of murder mysteries. Explain the similarities and differences between the two stories and say which story you think is more compelling to read.

    Then informs the police, and within hours swarms of officers are searching the house starting their investigation. When they ask her where she was she had a perfect alibi and to get rid of the murder weapon she offers them some lamb while they are searching for the murder weapon. They are happy to oblige and while they are in the kitchen talking about the case she is in the living room giggling to herself. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Speckled Band in 1892.

    • Word count: 1779
  8. Both Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band share some characteristics of murder mysteries. What are the similarities and differences between the two stories?

    The language used in the stories is a complete contrast. The Speckled Band uses a much more sophisticated vocabulary which is typical for the period of time and the story setting, but in Lamb to the Slaughter the language is much more relaxed and casual which again is typical of the period and the setting of the story. The locations were also totally different. Lamb to the Slaughter was set in a residential area in a large city whilst The Speckled Band was set in an old run down manor on a large estate.

    • Word count: 1060
  9. Wider Reading Assignment

    'The Speckled Band' definitely makes the reader give an opinion because it doesn't show the murder and there are a number of clues to who committed the murder, all pointing at different things. These are called 'Red Herrings' for example the wandering gypsies because they could of committed the murder. 'The Speckled Band is written in long sentences because in that day that was the way people enjoyed reading. It is narrated in 1st person from Dr Watson, Holmes partner in assisting him in solving cases.

    • Word count: 1752
  10. Lamb to the slaughter Vs Speckled band

    If we take into account the customary behaviour of murderers in this genre, the two killers either abide by the conventions or absolutely demolish them. The murderer in "the Speckled band", Doctor Roylott, is the conventional villain. He is a callous and vindictive stepfather who likes to dominate and use his stepdaughter. "Five little livid spots, the marks of four fingers and a thumb, were printed upon the white wrist." He is a sturdy, incensed and violent man by nature.

    • Word count: 2876
  11. Compare The Speckled Band and Lamb to the Slaughter referring to the structure, language and characterisation. In what ways are the stories typical of the detective story genre ?

    The Speckled Band is set in 221B Baker Street (Holmes house) and at the manor of Stoke-Moran. Whereas the Lamb to the Slaughter features a small house 50 years later typical of the time in what feels to be a totally different country. This is one of the best contrasts with the detective story genre. The one great similarity however is the chosen victim is again a unsuspecting, vulnerable clich´┐Ż of a victim. The theme of The Speckled Band is one of immediate mystery as it's an IH story, which is well known, for it's detective genre whereas Roald Dahl (author of Lamb to the Slaughter)

    • Word count: 1237
  12. The detective genre. A comparison of two characters, settings and atmosphere and the endings in the two short stories, 'The Speckled Band' by Conan Doyle (pre 1900) and 'Lamb To The Slaughter by R. Dhal (past 1900).

    His first Sherlock Holmes story was published in 1887 and continued from there. He wrote all sorts of stories such as, detective, historical, novels and even science fiction stories. Doyle lived to the age of 71. In this section of my essay, I will be comparing the two villains. The two villains are completely different; the villain in 'The Speckled Band' is Dr Roylott and Mary Maloney in 'Lamb To The Slaughter'. Dr Roylott is a traditional villain. He is very bad tempered, but is very clever.

    • Word count: 1637
  13. Alice's Adventures in Wonder Land, James and the Giant Peach

    This is a modern child's story, and even with a century between the publishing of James and Alice, the two stories are incredibly alike in scene structure and character relevance. In both stories there are wonderful but bizarre characters that influence the story and how it develops. In Alice, a strong influence of the story is the Cheshire Cat. Using riddles and word games, he guides Alice through her 'wonderland'. Her aim is to find the white rabbit; a vision which symbolises happiness because she believes could help her get back out of the rabbit hole which she fell down.

    • Word count: 1817
  14. Both The Speckled Band and Lamb to the Slaughter share some characteristics of the detective stories. Consider how they fit into the genre of the detective stories and the similarities and differences between the two

    Also in some of her books she wrote words or phases in French as she assumed again that as her readers were of the upper class they would be able to understand French. The detectives in the Speckled Band and Lamb to the Slaughter are very different as Sherlock Holmes (detectives in the Speckled Band) was a private detective with a sidekick called Dr Watson. Sherlock Holmes worked because he loves what he does and isn't bothered about the money "working as he did rather for the love of his art than for the acquirement of wealth."

    • Word count: 3881
  15. 'Both Lamb to the slaughter and the Speckled Band share some of the qualities found in murder mysteries. What are the similarities and differences between the two?'

    Roald Dalh also occasionally writes stories aimed the higher age up to adults; these usually are about ordinary people doing strange things. Conan-Doyle portrays Doctor Roylott's character as being a very violent man, showing he has gone for a very typical and traditional approach to making the murderer a violent and hated man. You can assume that he is a murderer in the story just by the description Doctor Watson give him, he describes him as being a 'Huge man', who possessed ' A large face scared with a thousand wrinkles and marked with a passion'.

    • Word count: 2240
  16. A comparison between Roald Dahl's

    The time in which Sir Conan Doyle lived, had a great influence on his work. Doyle served in the South African Wars as a doctor. This influenced him because when he returned to England he wrote "The Boer War," and "The War in South Africa: Its Causes and Conduct" which justified England's participation. For these works he was knighted in 1902. During World War I he wrote the "History of British Campaign in France," and "Flanders" as a tribute to British bravery. One of Doyle's famous Sherlock Holmes story is "The Speckled Band." This is the murder Mystery I am using to compare to Roald Dahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter" Murder Mysteries are stories that are written to intrigue you, make you wonder who has done it.

    • Word count: 2270
  17. Comparing Roald Dahl's 'Lamb to the Slaughter' 1954 and 'The Speckled Band' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1892.

    This causes the reader to feel relaxed without any suspicion that events such as a murder would occur. Roald Dahl uses this homely image 'the curtains drawn, the two table lamps alight' to contrast sharply with the murder - shocking the reader - and to support the impression given by Mary Maloney's character, so forcing the reader to challenge their preconceptions. Whereas great attention to the setting is given in 'The Speckled Band' it is no longer needed after the initial description in 'Lamb to the Slaughter' as suspense is built in different ways. This is a large difference between the two.

    • Word count: 4252
  18. A comparison of two short stories, "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl and "The Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which considers the ingredients of a good murder mystery and the similarities and differences between them.

    From her behaviour we also learn that she adores her husband and is very keen to please him, perhaps over keen. We know this because when Patrick Maloney arrives home, his wife offers to "get his slippers", "get him another drink" and she refuses to leave him alone when he tells her he doesn't want any supper. Her behaviour, especially after her husband tells her he wants a divorce borders on obsessive. Dr. Grimesby Roylott is very spiteful, which, with his size and intelligence makes him a very intimidating man, he plays upon these traits in an attempt to scare Holmes and Watson away from coming to his house in Stoke Moran.

    • Word count: 1170
  19. Compare "Lamb to the Slaughter" and "The Speckled Band" commenting on any differences you have noticed in setting, content and characterisation.

    In the opening paragraphs of these two stories' I noticed that they are different, in The Speckled Band there is a first person narrator describing all about Sherlock Holmes, acting as his friend, he goes into his affairs and generally finds all about what he does and how he goes about doing it. "In glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my friend Sherlock Holmes, I find many tragic some comic, a large number of merely strange, but none commonplace."

    • Word count: 1136
  20. Both Mrs Maloney And Roylott Are Clever About The Way They Hide The Evidence Of Their Crimes. Why Does Mrs Maloney Get Away With It While Roylott Doesn't?

    The story is based around the Stoner family. The Stoners have been living in the Stoke Moran House for many generations, At one point they had become the richest family in England. As the murders happen in the Stoke Moran House, Helen Stoner is seen as the damsel in distress when he sister suspiciously dies in her room when she's sleeping in the Stoke Moran House. The doctors examined her body for clues on how she died but nothing was found.

    • Word count: 1916
  21. Lamb To The Slaughter & The Signalman

    There is something not quite right in the first page or so. Mary Maloney is too anxious and there an uneasy atmosphere as you read further into the story. The settings in both stories are very different. We come back to the beginning of the stories where the language used creates a very different atmosphere as to add to the tension. Dahl creates a suburban living room, warm and cosy, wheras Dickens creates the gloomy, lonely signal box. The suspense in each story is also very different.

    • Word count: 804
  22. Compare the Two Short Stories, 'The Speckled Band' And 'Lamb To The Slaughter'.

    In the 1950's there were doubts on the effectiveness of the police force and unlike 'The Speckled Band', where the story is written to try and change peoples views on the police, 'Lamb To The Slaughter' is written in a way that reflects people's views. 'The Speckled Band' was written in 1892 and at this time, England was under the reign of Queen Victoria. 'The Speckled band' is very much a Victorian influenced story. At the time, the Victorians had resentment for the police, as they didn't seem to be doing an appropriate job.

    • Word count: 6401
  23. Lamb To The Slaughter And The Speckled Band Are Two Very Different Examples Of Murder Mysteries. Describe Some Of The Ways In Which They Are Different And Some Of The ways In Which They Are The Same.

    Everyone wanted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to keep writing them and they didn't want the stories to stop. I already knew that Sherlock Holmes is a detective that lived on Baker Street with his partner Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson narrates the stories as Sherlock Holmes best friend and partner. The only victim in Lamb To The Slaughter is Patrick Maloney. At the beginning of the story things are in order. Mary Maloney is happy and contented, and she is pregnant with her first child. She is married to Patrick Maloney, and in a routine that keeps her content.

    • Word count: 1982
  24. Compare 'The Speckled Band' and 'Lamb to The Slaughter' referring to the structure, language and characterisation - In what ways are the stories typical of the detective story genre?

    The story begins as Dr. Watson is looking over Sherlock Holmes' notes for the last seventy cases and it is then the story begins as Dr. Watson begins to describe it. We learn about the case as Dr. Watson is describing how it started and when he says; '.It was early in April, in the year 83...' Conan Doyle makes the reader carry on by leaving mis-leading clues to make you think you know what the 'Speckled Band' is, he only tells you for certain at the very end and has made you read on.

    • Word count: 1684

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