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"Porphyria's Lover" by Robert Browning - Magistrate Confession Letter

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Name: Ece �NC� Date: 23.03.2004 Stimulus: "Porphyria's Lover" by Robert Browning Title: Magistrate Confession Letter Word Count: 886 words Dear Judge, You may think that after all these accusations, I was going to write a letter to confess my guilt. On the contrary, I am writing this letter to prove my innocence. This letter will enlighten you about the night I killed Porphyria. I am certain that with this letter, you will be convinced of my innocence. It has been a long time since I killed Porphyria. To me, it seems like yesterday. I can still feel her tender blonde hair and her smooth white shoulders. I miss her so much that sometimes, I think of killing myself. This way, I could be with Porphyria forever. Today, my mother came and said, "one day, God will forgive you." Why should he forgive me? What is there to forgive? Have I done something wrong? I asked these questions over and over again and came to a conclusion that I'm not convinced. ...read more.


I tell you Your Honor, Porphyria has eternal beauty, eternal sleep and eternal love, which can never be taken. On that cold night, the rain started earlier than I expected. The rain brought the wind, which was so vigorous that it tore the elm-tops down and even annoyed the lake. As I watched the rain and listened the sound of the wind, I sat there with my heart to break. I hopelessly waited for my Porphyria to come. My expectations of meeting with her slowly diminished with the sullen wind. And then, just when I lost hope, Porphyria came with rain and wind and glided through my humble cottage door. She filled the cottage with her warmth and love. She lit the fire in my grate and with it came a burning love. I have never been so happy in my life. I wasn't lonely anymore. Frankly, I was with the person who I loved the most. Porphyria stayed with me in this miserable weather rather than wasting her day with her educated and arrogant friends. ...read more.


That night, I knew Porphyria worshipped me. She wanted me as her only lover in life. I wanted to live and keep this sacred moment for the rest of my life. Porphyria gave herself to me with pure and good intentions. She only belonged to me. I held Porphyria's sweet soft hair in one yellow string and wound it three times around her slim throat. I strangled her with all my might. After all, she felt no pain since that's what she always wanted, to be put out of misery to keep our love everlastingly. I don't care if a person calls me a "murderer". I was never a murderer and I will never be. I don't care if I go to jail. Because nothing will change my mind and the way I feel about Porphyria's death. I t had to be done for our love's sake. It had to be done to satisfy Porphyria's wish. I feel no shame or sorrow from my actions. Even God didn't "punish" me for my actions, so why should I worry? I have got anything to lose. Sincerely yours, George Benson. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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