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GCSE: Northern Ireland 1965-85

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  1. Study of Newspaper article

    It was seen as an act of 'Catholic encroachment' or growth in a protestant area and so the loyalists want to close the entrance to the school as it is far short of nationalist grounds. The term nationalist is applied to those citizens of Northern Ireland who are Catholic and/or want Ireland to be re-united as one Republic. The article tells of warnings that have been issued by The Red Hand Defenders, a group of militant pro-protestants, that the gate will have to be closed or they will continue the intimidation.

    • Word count: 2196
  2. How has the Provisional IRA attempted to re-unite Eire and Northern Ireland since 1972?

    The British government led by Edward Heath sent more troops into Ulster because the violence was increasing. The Ulster PM James Chichester-Clark resigned and Brian Falkner replaced him. The increase in violence in Northern Ireland led to the government introducing `Internment'. Internment meant that anyone the security forces suspected of terrorism could be arrested without being charged or put on trial. In August 1971, Internment was introduced. It had been used against the IRA in 1956-62 and was very effective, but this time round it was a disaster. Instead if reducing the violence, it increased it. It was supposed to be used against terrorists but it was only used against Catholics, none of the IRA leaders were arrested.

    • Word count: 2509

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