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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. Ramadan is a time when most Muslims test their faith in Allah, and test their self constraint

    Muslims are only allowed to eat; smoke and have sexual relations when the sun has set. It is said that the way to tell whether you can break your fast or not, is by getting two pieces of string, one white and the other black and if you can not tell the difference, then you can break your fast.

    • Word count: 320
  2. Explain how the Muslim teachings affect Muslim attituds to equality

    Verily, Allah watches over you". Apparently, contemporary society seems to be moving on from prejudice and discrimination and is becoming more conscious of the horrors related to them. But if you examine the issue more carefully and in depth, you will realise that there is still signs of discrimination in our world. One major difficulty is the definition of 'racism'. It can appear different from various perspectives. It is difficult to draw hard and fast limits between racism consciousness of class or religious superiority, tribalism, fascism, imperialism and nationalism.

    • Word count: 720
  3. Deeds, death and destination

    The first one seeks a destination or more commonly known as the goal in life. The second seeks a path to reach the goal; this path is a way of living and the actions we take in the present materialistic world. The third and last is the mind of the individual seeking reassurance in form of proof that the path will without any doubt lead to the goal (heaven. It's this last factor that divides individuals in from of those who practice the religion and those who don't. Zaker Naik once spoke "Knowledge is a sign of doubt, but practice is a sign of faith".

    • Word count: 615
  4. roles of muslim men and women

    Islam looks at the different responsibilities of each gender. These responsibilities are defined as being the traditional family structure, were women are head of the household and men are responsible for earning the livelihood for the family.

    • Word count: 236
  5. Select, describe and explain the important features of a Mosque

    'Whenever the hour of prayer overtakes you, you shall perform it. That place is a mosque.' Fig.2 Mosque of Istanbul Fig.3 External features of a mosque The features of the Mosque can essentially be divided into two categories: the external and internal features. The external features are what can be seen from outside the mosque, mainly the dome and the minarets, as shown above in Fig.3. The dome is an essential part of a mosque. The exterior of the dome is often golden, while the interior is decorated with delicate patterns, as shown in Fig.4 below.

    • Word count: 796
  6. Explain how Muslim teachings affect the Muslim attitudes towards the role of women

    Muslim teachings certainly encourage that women should be treated equally to men, but the historical, social and cultural influences could sometimes override the original message from the Qur'an. For example, Qur'an 4:12 states that: 'You shall inherit the half of your wives' estate if they die childless. Your wives shall inherit one quarter of your estate if you die childless.' Some Muslims in the Western world might believe that men have no more right to inheritance than women, and therefore might secretly disagree with it.

    • Word count: 715
  7. ''You can be a Muslim unless you attend a mosque.'' Do you agree?

    Therefore, one does not necessarily have to go to the mosque to become a Muslim. Men are encouraged to go whenever possible; as men have 27 times more spiritual credits praying in a mosque than at home, while women are encouraged to pray at home, as Qur'an 28 states. ''A woman is closest to God's face, if she is found in the core of her house. And the prayer of the woman in the house is better than her prayer in the mosque.''(Qur'an 28) Muslims who have difficulties going to a mosque are freed from the duty to attend a mosque.

    • Word count: 517
  8. Islamic Studies Mosques

    An imam should have a clear perceptive of the Quran and Islam and should be willing to help others, for this he would have the following qualities-respectful, kind, honest, truthfull, concerned, patient, responsible, and devoted. He should also be sane, knowledgeable and trustworthy, an example worth following. The imam is selected by the Ummah of the community, they select the best person in terms of responsibility and knowledge.

    • Word count: 371
  9. Islamic ST. Mosques

    It states In the Quran that "whosoever dose not believe in Allah and his messenger (pbuh) then verily we have prepared for disbelievers a blazing fire". A good Muslim will also follow the 5 pillars of Islam which are 1) SHAHADA, belief in Allah and the messenger 2) SALAH the five daily prayers 3)SAWM which is fasting in the month of Ramadan 4)ZAKAT paying charity taxes and 5) HAJJ pilgrimage to Mekkah The person who does all these things are considered as a good Muslims. A bad Muslim is one how doesn't pray doesn't follow the teaches the Quran doesn't pay zakat which is giving charity doesn't fast in the month of Ramadan doesn't go to the mosque and doesn't read the Quran.

    • Word count: 555
  10. Islam, Wealth & Poverty.

    Natural evil is not caused by a person, it is natural. An example of this is an earthquake or a tsunami. Both of theses types of evil can make a wealthy person much poorer. This is Allah saying he can take things away in an instance. This world is only a test; it is a stepping stone to the next life. This is why we must not be closely connected with our wealth because at the end of the day it is nothing. We get tested on how we earn our money.

    • Word count: 3362
  11. islam and ramadan

    In the Qur'an it says, "O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you..."(2:183) and "...whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan should fast through it..." (2:185) Muslims will read the Qur'an and pray five times a day. Things that do not break the fast are, to eat or drink something unintentionally, a mosquito, fly or any other object going down the throat unintentionally, water entering the ears, dust or dirt going down the throat, swallowing one's own saliva, taking an injection, taking a bath to keep cool, rubbing oil onto the body or hair and to vomit unintentionally.

    • Word count: 2184
  12. Fertility Treatment: An Islamic Perspective

    This is the reason behind the freezing of the embryos - in order to store them for future use. However, according to a law passed in 1991, it is prohibited for embryos to be stored for more than five years without the donors consent. Five years have passed from that time and the frozen embryos of donors who have since lost contact with their doctors are about to be destroyed. At present, this decision is causing much controversy due to the input of the Catholic Church who asserted that every embryo had a God-given right to life. With this in mind, they are encouraging faithful couples to have an embryo placed in the woman's womb.

    • Word count: 728
  13. The Importance of Ramadan

    is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is necessary for a Muslim to take part. Muslims acknowledge five rules or beliefs as 'pillars of faith'. These are Shahadah to declare their belief, Salat to pray five times a day, Zakat to give a certain amount of money to charity, Sawm to fast and Hajj to make a pilgrimage to Makkah. "Worship Allah, be steadfast in prayer, fast during Ramadan, pay alms to the less fortunate..." Saum, the fourth pillar, is practised during the month of Ramadan. This indicates that Muslims are thinking about the less fortunate during this time and doing it because Allah had told them to.

    • Word count: 3205
  14. Christian and Muslim teachings on wealth and poverty

    Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry,' that night he died and had no chance of enjoying his wealth. On a number of occasions Jesus taught that people should not pursue wealth but should try to make themselves richer in spiritual things - 'Do not store up for yourself for treasures on earth, but store up for yourselves treasure in heaven.'

    • Word count: 457
  15. Describe what happens at the fast of Ramadan

    Fasting also teaches Muslims self control as they are able to resist the temptation of food from their friends and peers. Ramadan is a mainly spiritual time, as a Muslim must focus on Allah at all times. They must also refrain from talking ill of others, and are encouraged to read the Qu'ran. Ramadan is perceived as a time to repent sins and become closer to god. Only a few Muslims are exempt from Ramadan. These include people not of a sane mind, the sick, travelers, those too old and those too young to fast and pregnant women.

    • Word count: 644
  16. Muhammad In Islam

    Why does the Qur'an call Ibrahim Muslim? Ibrahim is called Muslim because a "Muslim" is someone who submits to the one of God. 6. Islam teaches that we are all born as Muslims. How does this make you feel? In my opinion I think that it is right as God known what is going to happen in your life and only he knows. If you a child you don't really know what religion you are unless you are told.

    • Word count: 1147
  17. Islam and human relations

    This hierarchy is the natural order as Allah intended humans to live. Though men and women have different roles, Islam teaches that men and women are equal and will only be judges by Allah by how they have lived their life, not their gender. To ensure that women are valued for who they are by men, rather than their bodies and looks, many Muslim women wear clothing that leave only the hands and eyes uncovered. This full body garment is called 'niqab'. The Quran says that "they should cast their outer garments over their persons" (Surah 33:59).

    • Word count: 1784

    In a practical sense, minarets are also used for natural air conditioning. Mimbar: A mimbar is a pulpit in the mosque where the Imam (leader of prayer) stands to deliver sermons (khutbah. ) The minbar is usually shaped like a small tower with a pointed roof and stairs leading up to it, It is located to the right of the mihrab, the niche that indicates the direction of prayer. The minbar and the mihrab are decorated with beautiful calligraphy which outlines and adds to the beauty of the place. The Prophet (SAW)

    • Word count: 2584
  19. Islam Coursework

    A typical day for an average secondary school child during the month of Ramadan can become very difficult and exhausting. The first thing they do is wake up a couple of hours before sunrise and eat an energizing meal which keeps them alive through out the day, this meal is called Sahoor. Then they read a prayer to close the fast and read the Qur'an as well as read the first prayer of the day which is Fajr. Then they may decide to back to sleep for the remainder of time until its time for them to get ready for school.

    • Word count: 1312
  20. Religious studies - Ramadan coursework

    As this is the direct command of Allah, it is obligatory for Muslims to follow the fast. Also, the prophet Muhammad himself set the example for fasting. In the Hadith it says: "Upon (seeing the new moon at the start of Ramadan) the Holy Prophet observed fasting and ordered people to observe the fasts of Ramadan." Sawm encompasses much more than just not eating, as some people believe. During the daylight hours, nothing must pass the lips, including food, drink, chewing gum and cigarette smoke. In addition, Muslims must refrain from bodily pleasures, such as sexual activity and comfort, during this period.

    • Word count: 2467
  21. Islam - The Quran

    When you know what is written in the Quran and follow it, you become a good Muslim. The Quran is the holy book, which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) as guidance to mankind. It was revealed to him over 23 years. The first verse came to him when he was alone in the cave of Hira. Then suddenly angel Gabriel appeared to him and asked him to read. The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "I cannot read!" the angel held him tightly and then released him saying "read!" Again the prophet (p.b.u.h) said "I cannot read!"

    • Word count: 585
  22. Problems Muslims In Britian face

    Several problems occur during that. The most important being that a woman may only expose her hands and face to a man not of her family. So when they have P.E or school they must wear trousers to cover their legs. They have to go to same sex schools, which can cause a problem as most same sex schools are private so cost a lot. They cannot go swimming in mixed schools either. Muslim teenagers are not aloud out alone with boys. When they have relatives over the women and men will go their separate ways, and into separate rooms.

    • Word count: 743
  23. Biblical teachings on Euthanasia

    To fully understand this view we must consider what Christians believe the purpose of life is. As the following diagram shows, Christians believe that life is a test to determine whether a person's soul goes to Heaven or Hell when they die. Some Christians agree with passive euthanasia as they see it as simply allowing a person who has completed god's test to go to Heaven. Many Christians interpretations of The sixth Commandment- 'Thou shalt not kill', found in Exodus chapter 20 of the Bible, are that it is saying euthanasia is wrong.

    • Word count: 780
  24. islam part b

    so Muslims will spend this night worshiping god in lots of different manners some will recite the Quran others will read extra prayers and some will read prayer beads and surahs (extracts of the Qur`an). Qadr means honor and dignity. Lailat-ul-Qadr means the night of honor and dignity. It is this night in which the first Divine Revelation came to the Prophet Muhammad, when he was in prayer in the cave of Hira. Since this night enjoys the honor of having the first revelation brought to the Prophet Muhammad, it has been named Lailat-ul-Qadr.

    • Word count: 802
  25. R.E Wealth and Poverty

    Allah says in the Quran, to the nearest meaning, "I will create a vicegerent (Khalifah) on the earth....And He taught Adam the nature of all things. " (Surah 2:30) Therefore it is our duty as Muslims not to look after environment, but also people of Earth, ensuring that good things of the earth are shared out fairly. "For the earth is God's to give to such of His servants as He pleaseth. (Surah 7:128) This life is test from Allah and how do we spend our lives. Do we spend our lives sinning or do we spend our lives remembering Allah and doing well?

    • Word count: 6219

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