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triangulation - This experiment is designed to investigate the relationship between the degree of punishment and the mental state of criminals. Thus, the degree of punishment is dependent on the mental condition of the criminal.

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TRIANGULATION Triangulation can be expressed as: * The combination of methodologies in the study of the same phenomenon or construct; a method of establishing the accuracy of information by comparing three or more types of independent points of view on data sources (for example, interviews, observation, and documentation; different times) bearing on the same findings. OR * Multiple lines of evidence pointing to the same conclusion. It refers to the collection and comparison of data or information from three difference sources or perspectives. One may ask: What is a degree of punishment? The degree of punishment is the extent to which a criminal is penalized. It is the harshness of the punishment allotted to a prisoner for the crime performed. What is mental state of a being? This is the mental condition that a person has. It is the state of mind of that the criminal. The mental state of a person varies from person to person. Some may be fortunate to have a stable and a good mental state while others may not and hence may lead to commit a crime. ...read more.


* This process involves the experimenter fully in order to be able to get valuable records about the criminal. * It provides the experimenter with the criminal's police records to see whether the criminal has attempted any crime before and if so, what his motives were. * It gives a variety of information about the criminal that helps the investigator to be able to declare a fairly precise verdict. Some of the disadvantages of using this method are: o Experimenter may not see relevance to own situation hence predictions made could be in favor of one side rather than it being equal and fair. o Insufficient information can lead to inappropriate results as the experimenter may not wait to see the actual reaction of the criminal at that particular time. b) PSYCHIATRIST'S MEDICAL REPORT. This is a complete test based report. It involves a number of mental tests that help a psychiatrist to arrive to one conclusion about a person's mental state. In this process psychiatrist carries out different tests on the criminal and his mind to study his mental state. This report is then used as evidence for the experiment. ...read more.


CONCLUSION * Triangulation offers a balance between logic and stories. * Qualititative research, which emphasizes exploration, understanding, contextualizing, introspection, and theory construction, provides a strong base for wider quantitative measures, scaling, and generalization. * Quantitative research, which emphasizes large samples, can provide an overview of an area that can reveal patterns, inconsistencies, and so forth, that can be further investigated with qualitative methods Benefits of Triangulation * Advantages of each complement the other o resulting in a stronger research design, and o More valid and reliable findings. * Inadequacies of individual methods are minimized o threats to Internal Validity are realized and addressed Disadvantages of triangulation: - people in involved in the experiment may lie - Questions asked may be biased leading to biased results. - Its very time consuming as three methodologies has to be used instead of one to prove a single statement. - Its very costly as the 3 methodologies' requirements differs hence makes it expensive for the experimenter to carry it out. - Difficulty in accessing information on various matters as some institutions may disagree to use their resources. - Experiments such as natural observing method has many ethical constraints as the participants have no idea that they are being tested on. ...read more.

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