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Coca-cola company is the world leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributors of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups used to produce more than 300 beverage brands. The company exist to benefit and refresh everyone its touches. It is founded in 1886; the corporate headquarters is in Atlanta with local operations in about 200 countries around the world. Coca cola has the world most recognized trademark in the world. It is recognized by 94% of the world population.

Marketing: The enigma of marketing is that it is one of man’s oldest activities and yet it is regard as the most recent of the business disciplines. So therefore marketing can be defined as the management process of responsible for identifying, anticipating, and Satisfying customer requirements profitably.

Organisation do not make product and then sell to the public, but they research what customers want and then try to make a market range of those wants. Therefore Coca Cola Company is finding out what customer want and giving them the reason for buying their new product.

                   Introducing a new product to the customers

 In this assignment I am going to introducing a new brand of coca-cola product, which is ‘Organic Lemon Coke’ to the public, offering a wide range of selection in coca-cola product for all. This selection will varied from time to time in the coca-cola industry, to maintain customers interest.

 To make this successful, I have to carry out a primary and secondary research on whether the public will like it or not. In order to make the idea a success I will have to develop a marketing strategy which evaluate ways which we can achieve the objectives. Before we proceed in the introduction we need to understand the principle of marketing:

  • Understand satisfaction – Market research must establish whether customers’ expectation are satisfied by the new product (Organic Lemon Coke)


  • Understand and keep ahead of competition – Clearly understand who the competitions are i.e. Pepsi-cola and what benefits they are offering are essential for an organisation. Market Research has this role to play as well.

  • Generating income or profit – This principle clearly states that the needs of the organisation is either:
  • To be profitable – to generate income for growth and to satisfy shareholders/ stakeholders, or
  • To generate as much income as possible

  • Satisfactory growth – Introducing a new product is all about satisfied growth in the market.  

  • Customers’ perception – What image do customers have of the organisation and its product? Do they perceive value? Moreover, how do they see the situation?

                                      Marketing objectives

Businesses strategy is concerned with the big decision organisation make. This may have substantial implication for the whole organisation and influence the future of a business for a long time to come. An organisation with a strategy knows where it is going because of its planning ahead. Marketing strategy is also concern with identifying and meeting the requirements of customers successfully so that the organisation can meet a range of objectives.

Marketing strategies are the way, which an organisation attempts to find out exactly what their customers want, then to influence customers in the way that is favourably to the organisation.

Objective is what are need to be achieved for the aim of the business to be achieved. All businesses need objective in order to determine what they do and how they do it

Our objectives are:

  • To provide the best quality product

  • To broaden the number of ‘Organic Lemon Coke’ with the ultimate vision of owing the thirst quencher

  • To increase penetration of Organic Lemon Coke by enticing new and old customers to the brand and forcing reappraisal amongst lapsed users, primary all age group

  • To inject the continue market with real innovation

I am aiming to break even in order to make profit which will mean covering all expenses such as advertising etc. our other aim is for quality products to help our customer satisfied and result in customer loyalty. In addition to this, we hope to increase our market share by 10 percent, and sale within the first year and to provide our customer with value for their money.

Having set the objectives we then have to design a marketing strategy that would help us to achieve them. This involves the continuous levels of marketing support in the form. Depending on the objectives, some marketing techniques will be more appropriate than others.

Posters and press, for example, tend to be tactical (e.g. alerting consumers to a promotion), whereas radio and television will be used to build brand equity, helping to build the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

By developing the lemon coke with organic lemon, we showed that organic lemon coke has the ideal format to quench every thirst, whether in the can or in the bottle that can be used at school, work, on the move and for home consumption.

We attract all age group to the brand through a combination of the product format, on-the-more usage and series of advertisement for the launch that were designed to appeal to the older and younger age group.

                                 Marketing Research  

Marketing research are the collecting, processing and interpreting of information that aids the decision making process for the marketing of goods and services. The market in which a particular product or service is sold is always changing; fashion change, the constraints on a business change and as a consequence it is important to realise that market research ought to be a continual process and not just undertaken prior to launch of a new product or brand.

The best thing about marketing research is that we get to find out about people; what they are thinking, why they are thinking it, how that thinking translates into behaviour. At the end of the day, it is behaviour that we are interested in: looking at, analysing and modifying. There are two type of research that we are concerned with:

  • Market Research

  • Marketing Research

  1. Market Research informs us about the consumer and the consumption. It involves researching specific markets. Researching the computer industry to discover the number of competitors and their market share will be an example of market research.

It is a crucial area of marketing, finding out the target consumer.

  • Where they want to buy the product?

  • What kind of pack they want?

  • How much they want to spend?

All this information can help to make the product a success.

  1. Marketing Research: this goes further, it analyses a given marketing opportunity or problem, defines the research and data collection methods require to deal with the problems or take advantage of the opportunity, through to the implementation of the project. In essence marketing research aims to discover the root cause for a specific problem within an organisation and put forward solutions to that problem.

One of the most important areas of our work is to review commercial strategies. This is marketing research. We approach it in a number of ways, for example by:

  • Analysing the performance of our own products

  • Analysing the performance of our competitors products

  • Researching consumers attitude to our brands

  • Gauging consumers respond to change in the market place.

Working with both qualitative and quantitative research, forecasting and analysing data and presenting the result to interested parties are pivotal activities.

Throughout the process we work with a number of communication specialist within our marketing and sales departments as well as external communication agencies such as advertising and PR agencies.

To conclude why research is important; unless a business continues to research into the reaction to given brand, it may lose sales because it has failed to anticipate a change in the tastes of consumers.  

                         What information is required?

Before deciding whether to launch a new product on the market, a range of information is required:

  • Statistics on the size and growth or decline of the market

  • Existing company sales by product, region and segment of the market

  • Degree of competition

  • Existing product plans and plans for the future to ensure any new products fit with the company’s product portfolio (its range of product sold).

  •   Government legislation and economic policy that may affect the design of the new product and likely demand for the product.

The above list is quite extensive and will require a great deal of research using a variety of sources.

                                Method of Research

The feasibility study undertaken for ‘Organic Lemon Coke’ involves gathering information using a variety of techniques, including both quantitative and qualitative research.

Quantitative Research:  This type of research concentrates on the attitudes of the consumers towards a given product. Consumers are given samples of the potential new product. They were asked to taste them at home and fill in a questionnaire, which asked their opinion about the products. The result will then be used to define the Organic lemon coke that will be launched.

Qualitative Research: This is often described as ‘soft’ data; it involves talking to a small group of people who are representing the attitudes and image of a certain group. This enables us to gain a better understanding of what drives their choices and allows us to develop new image about these people and the things they are interested in.

For the Organic Lemon Coke, the qualitative research involved four 2 hours group discussions with 25+ years of age, twelve 1.5 Hours paired in- dept interviews with teenager. The twelve paired in- dept interviews were conducted among female s and males across the 12-25-age range.  

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In addition to the information required on the market for product in question, further research will be needed. It is important to establish what additional information is required. In simply terms market research can also be used to collect data to establish:

  • Who are likely the consumers?
  • What do they require?
  • Why do they require such a product?
  • When do they wish to purchase?
  • Where do they wish to purchase the product?

This source or method of collection can simple is divided into two categories, primary/field research and secondary/desk ...

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