A love story


There are 7 people in the play, which are 3men and 4 women.

Zhao Ming (male

Zhang Li (female

Li Wen (female

Liu Jiang (male

Chen Shan (female

Liang Dong (male

Zhao Ming’s Mum( female


SceneⅠIn the University

Character description:

Zhao ming:   his appearance is just so so, however his study is very good, he like reading, traveling. He is open mind boy

Zhang Li:    she is not very pretty girl but is charming. Also she studies well.

Li wen:      she is a pretty girl, who has strong vanity. And selfish

Liujiang :    a hand some boy but do not like study. He lives in a rich family, like gambling and play pool in his free time

Chen shan:   pretty girl with a long hair, she is a kind person.

Liang dong:  his family is rich, so he spend money without limted

Act 1 The first year in university

All the characters are studying in one university except Zhao Ming’s mum, although they study in one university, they don’t know each other at first year.

(in a small classroom, Zhang li and Chen shan sit together, there are talking something. Liu jiang sit beside them alone. Zhao ming come into the classroom and try to find a place to sit. He stair at that two girls for a quite lone time. Then he sit with Liu jiang, his new friend)

Zhao ming: hi good morning Liu jiang, have you benn here for a long time?

Liu jiang:  No, just a few minutes. Class will begin in 10 minutes. How are you today?

Ming:     Fine thank you! Hi, do you know those two girls sit in front of us? They are charming, aren’t they?

Jiang:  yes I think so. I know them they are my high school classmates. And they keep very good friendship.

Ming:   really? You knew them before? Do they have boyfriends?

Jiang:   that girl with white skin and short hair, her name is zhang Li, she just broke

up with his boy friend. Another girl with long hair, her name is Li wen she has a boy friend now and they have been together for about seven years, then you don’t even think about her! The relationship between she and her boyfriend is dramatic good!

Ming:   I see, I like both of them. However I would not like to seek for a girl who has boyfriend. That is my principle!

Jiang:   then what is your plan?

Ming:   After class, I will go directly to ask Zhang li, if she could make friend with me. Then , I don’t know how to do in the next step.

Join now!

Jiang:   oh, you are my hero, how brave you are!

(class bell is ringing, class is over. All students are walking out of the classroom. Li stand up and is on the way to door.  At this time Ming walk fast to Li)

Ming:   Excuse me, my name is Zhao ming, your classmates. Could we make a friend?

       (Zhang Li is shocked to Zhao ming’s behavior, and smile embarrassedly)

Li:     en… ok. My name is Zhang Li. how are you.

Ming:   then could you give me your phone number then ...

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