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University Degree: George Orwell

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  1. Consider the political implications of seeing and being seen in Nineteen Eight-Four and The Orchard, focussing on one passage or scene from each book, and one relevant image or written text you collect from print media.

    Through habit and not knowing any better, individuals copy each other: as a satisfied conformist who does not have emotions except their love of Big Brother. Nineteen-Eighty Four does describe a culture that "encourages us to see ourselves as others see us" This is Big Brother's powerful role as the watcher, that everyone one will match each other; as a modelled citizen representing Big Brother's ideology. Victims reflect what everyone else is doing eg yelling during Two Minutes Hate2; otherwise they are punished eg.

    • Word count: 2139
  2. Do the versions of Utopia offered by 20th Century writers suggest its unattainability or merely wrong ways of going about it?

    This would rely on particular characters realising significant events and acting on them. Both the mentioned texts can be historically placed after World War One and World War Two respectively and are committed social critiques, in that they deal with two completely different societies adapting to a dramatic change in world order. Brave New World comments on the implications of the advancement of science and its effects on humankind, Animal Farm specifically maps out the events that took place after the 1917 Russian revolution.

    • Word count: 2206
  3. A.J.P Taylor : A Controversial Historian.

    In order to answer this question, one ought to look at three of Taylor's most famous works, The Struggle for Mastery in Europe 1848 - 1918, The Origins of the Second World War and English History 1914 - 1945. The Struggle for Mastery in Europe 1848 - 1918, was published in October 1954.3 It was admired by an vast number of Historians, it can be seen as one of Taylor's most substantial books. The books general theme surrounds Germany's struggle for European dominance and the Great Powers attempts to prevent them from gaining this supremacy.

    • Word count: 2325

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