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University Degree: Software Engineering

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  1. 3SFE518 Computer System Organisation - Piping

    Lets call these two pipes, np1 and np2, where np1 is the connection from the client to the server. In the program running on the server terminal, the pipe np1 is opened in the read only mode. Thereby, allowing it to read the information being sent by the client terminal. In the program running on the client terminal, the pipe np2 is opened in the read only mode so the information being written by the server can be read by the client.

    • Word count: 501
  2. Complete Section 2 of 3

    If you were wondering how does the applications perform I would refer you to the most effective qualifications. They help track time off, PTO, most recent promotions. Other performance options are: * pay grades and positions held, * training received, * disciplinary action / reviews * individual employee information * management and significant employee progression plans, and * potential client identification What is the hardware platform? What is the operating system? Any other system used prior will be discarded. Since your development system is collected of various components that work together to provide services I would like to introduce a reliable operating system.

    • Word count: 867
  3. Complete Section 3 of 3

    list the names of the source and header code files that will contain your implementation, (2) list the classes and functions that will appear in those files, saying whether each class or function is declared or defined in that file, and (3) list the associations (for example, inheritance, ownership, reference counting, etc.), between the classes and describes how each association will be declared. An information system is an integrated collection of software components. Components can be tested individually or in groups, or the entire system can be tested as a whole. Testing components individually ensuring that a final product is closer to completion..

    • Word count: 786
  4. Critical Evaluation of a Multimedia Application

    On help screen (which is one help screen throughout the application) explains, how each letter pronounce by a voice message. When user clicks the Quit button a message box will displays and ask user to confirm the action. One of the common feature of the application is every action is speak out by a voice message and every object is highlighted on mouse down event. Quality of the audio and graphics used in this application below the standards comparing other applications in the market.

    • Word count: 898
  5. LabExperiment2Report

    The primary key column(s) must be declared NOT NULL, to maintain the integrity of data which is entered in the primary key column. A NULL values is treated by mathematically operators, such as average, like any numeric value. These functions operate on the NULL without any problem, but produce an answer which has a value NULL. (4) The following are the entities that will be tested for normalisation, using the 1NF, 2NF and 3NF: SUPPLIER (CODE, NAME, CONTACT, ADDRESS 1, ADDRESS 2, POST CODE, TOWN, PHONE, FAX). INVENTORY (ITEM_CODE, STORE_LOCATION, QUANTITY). 1st Normalisation Form (1NF)

    • Word count: 622
  6. Setting up Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to simulate projectile motion.

    In fact, for calculations concerning short-range projectile motion, air resistance can be totally disregarded, but calculations concerning real life long-range artillery would need to include a compensation factor to make up for this loss of momentum. The only force acting on the projectile during its flight is the constant downward vertical force caused by gravity of 9.8 N. Formulas used. U = Muzzle Velocity (velocity that projectile leaves the gun, measured in meters per second [m/s], in this case Muzzle Velocity is always 400m/s )

    • Word count: 752
  7. The History of Software Industry.

    On 26th June, 1998, the members of China Software Industry League gave the press conference to declare the R&D and distribution of management software. At present, the main characteristic of the China management software is the total and integrated management to the cash flow, logistics and information flow of the enterprise. From the structure of the software, the every model of the software must be integrated and then can show its performance to increase managing level; from the function of the software, it does not only include financial management, salary management, payable account management, fixed assets management, purchasing management, sales management, inventory management, but also include the cost control and HRM.

    • Word count: 940
  8. Operations in a shuttle loom

    There are three frames for odd warps and three frames for even warps. The second operation is known as picking which is basically weft insertion. This is where the weft goes through the shed. A shuttle is used for picking which keeps going from one side to the other side of the fabric through the shed. The edge of the fabric is known as the selvedge, which is very strong, which is important so the fabric does not become frayed. There is a bristle inside of the shuttle, which stops the yarn becoming loose.

    • Word count: 488

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