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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. drugs, lsd citzenship

    is a hallucinogenic drug meaning that it makes you see/hear things that may not be there. The effect is known as a 'trip', the 'trip' can take between 20 minutes to an hour to work and can last up to 12 hours. The experience will depend on who you are as a person and how your feeling.

    • Word count: 258
  2. Marriage and Relationships, SOCIOLOGY

    Young and Wilmott were functionalist sociologists who came up with a theory that; 'Marriage roles are becoming more equal.' They called this the Symmetrical family, this is when the husband and wife have similar roles and share tasks and work equally. They claimed to have proven this theory by interviewing 1700 or more women and only asking them one question which was "Did you're husband contribute to housework at all this week?"

    • Word count: 468
  3. The next stage

    I did not ever go kindergarten because I was not living in the city when I was young. In the class, my classmate were already on the times table, but I was still having trouble with the addition. The teacher put me sit away from other people. The works I got was different from others. Being the last one in the class is embarrassing. It makes me even shyer to ask for help. One more thing that I clearly remember is my pre-school teacher was recommending my parent send me to physical education major school. I was very upset when I heard it.

    • Word count: 955
  4. Racial Discrimination

    It was around the beginning of October and my mom and I were just stopping to pick up some milk and bread. As we passed by the vegetable section of the store, there were three American men screaming at a Muslim girl. We just went one our merry way, but the men continued to yell at the girl cursing at her and calling her stupid. I should have said something, but I figured the parents would come back soon. It really cleared things up for me.

    • Word count: 692
  5. Gender stereotype

    A very high majority of adolescent personnel regularly read and seek guidance and advice from magazines; these could be on matters such as; latest clothing trends and new make-up phenomenon's, all in order to ensure they can look "beautiful", in fact many magazines have specific columns dedicated to fashion and make-up, persuading and brain washing these pubescent kids into what they want and ought to have, moreover usually there are also dedicated columns on the latest and craziest diets, to aid young girls gain that very much sought after "perfect figure", subsequently for the male audience, there most effective pills

    • Word count: 739
  6. Examine the functions performed by the family for individuals and society

    socialisation which is teaching the next generation the norms and values of society another function is the stabilisation of adult personalities and helps adults cope with the world by getting love and support from the family members, Parson's describes the family as a 'hot bath' that relaxes the adults of the family. Another functionalist, George Murdock argues that the nuclear family is both universal and essential for the well being of society. Murdock believes that the nuclear family teaches the next generation the socially acceptable way of having sex, the acceptable way of having kids, it has an economical function

    • Word count: 995
  7. Why is American society so complex?

    America is often divided, largely because of its diversity. Americans are often separated by race, religion and other differences. How we interact and the decisions we make determine what kind of society we have. Since we have so many different people interacting with each other and expressing their opinions freely, the result is a complex society. There is no oppressive government who limits what people think politically or religiously and so in America there is a wide variety viewpoints. Having such a wide range of ideas and viewpoints leads to complexity.

    • Word count: 693
  8. Norms in Society

    From an early age, kids want to be accepted. If you look around in any social group we can see people who have the need to show off or put others down. This is because most people yearn for acceptance and desire to be "popular" or "cool." (Human Needs) In order to be accepted and to feel that approval people must follow social norms. Social norms are so deeply ingrained in the minds of individuals because they are learned at an early age through the process of socialization. As a child, individuals are taught social norms on a daily base in places such as classrooms.

    • Word count: 823
  9. Identify the Biological and Psychological explanations on crime (9)

    It explains that delinquency is caused by disturbances or abnormalities in an individual's emotional development from early childhood. Freud believes that some people have antisocial tendencies in the unconscious of their mind that branches back to a traumatic early childhood, and cause long-term psychological problems. Therefore, crime would occur if there was a malfunctioning of the Id (too much), an underdeveloped Superego (no conscience), or an overdeveloped Superego (desire to be caught and punished). However, the Psychoanalytic theory has lack of empirical support, focuses only on internal factors (excludes societal factors) and centralises on treatment rather than prevention.

    • Word count: 572
  10. Abortion essay on Islam

    Secondly the Mother: She is second because she is going to take the risk to go through pregnancy etc. the mother would Believe that termination of pregnancy should only be concerned if health and social problems included, Health: If the baby is going to expose the mother's life to danger during pregnancy, then it is the right of the mother to terminate the pregnancy. Social: She cannot look after the child, poor background, or any husband or assistance, single alone, huge family can't handle any more kids, or the children she has are all the same sex and the child she has is still the same sex again...

    • Word count: 934
  11. In what ways is the family good for society?

    It is important to look after children and to ensure the child is physically and mentally healthy as it is our next generation of adults and vitally important that we teach them the rules and accepted behaviour in society.

    • Word count: 328
  12. Is the Family Universal?

    The functions served by the nuclear family are of course universal fundamentals for the survival of any society; and it is on this basis that Murdock accounts for its universality. Without provision for the first and third (sexual and reproductive), society would become extinct; for the second (economic), life itself would cease; for the fourth (educational), culture would come to an end.

    • Word count: 489
  13. Free essay

    United Nations - About poverty

    Well, I believe it is because a lot people think you are when you can't afford a new car or when you can't buy the latest electronic device. This is the producing companies fault; they make products that they want us, the consumers, to buy and when we can't buy them, it makes us feel, what we think is poor.

    • Word count: 597
  14. culture and socialization

    classes) * how such patterns generate social inequalities (e.g. gender inequality) & social conflicts III. Culture "The culture of a society is the way of life of its members, the collection of ideas and habits which they learn, share & transmit from generation to generation." (Linton) The particular content of culture varies from place to place, but all human cultures have the same basic elements: values, norms, symbols, language, and knowledge. * Value: shared general ideas about what is good, right & desirable (e.g. equality). * Norm : shared rules that prescribe the behavior appropriate in a given situation (explicit or implicit norms)

    • Word count: 699
  15. How to revise effectively?

    The best way to revise is to conduct group study. This is a nice way of doing away with the lethargic feeling. Once you know your friends are also studying the same topic it becomes much easier. I used to do the same. After selecting the topic to be revised, it is pertinent to understand the topic carefully. Find out the main concept, the key points that are to be remembered. Highlight them and start reading the entire note with maximum concentration. You may use bullets, mnemonics and patterned notes to jot down the theme and the main points.

    • Word count: 788
  16. Free essay

    Independent schools are better than state schools

    The two types of independent schools are public and private. Public schools are usually the most oldest, expensive and well known. Some examples of public schools are Eton and Harrow; these schools charge around �25,000 a year. The other type of independent schools is private schools. These are the less known schools, and charge �5,000-10,000 a year. Some examples of private schools in Leicester are St. Crispin's, Leicester Montessori and Loughborough Grammar. In this essay, I will state arguments for and against children being sent to independent schools, and then I will write a conclusion, summing up my arguments and making a decision on whether they are better.

    • Word count: 510
  17. should we spend time under the sun

    From the researches, I can see that in recent years, more and more people are willing to spend money on using sunbeds and creating fake tans (Source 2), so the income and popularity of these businesses increases. Also, a trend of holidaying in hot and sunny countries is shown (Source 3 and 4), creating more business opportunities for tourism in countries such as Italy and Spain. It is believed that spending time in the sun is the main cause of skin cancer (Source 5 and 6).

    • Word count: 816
  18. War on Poverty Programs Since 1964

    Open land is vanishing and old landmarks are violated" (CNN). He wants to make cities a better living place for families. He encourages Americans to help make the places where they live, with aid from programs, more hospitable. Secondly, the president also emphasizes that "The water we drink, the food we eat, the very air that we breathe, are threatened with pollution. Our parks are overcrowded, our seashores overburdened. Green fields and dense forests are disappearing" (CNN). Johnson voices his concern for the environment as well in his War against Poverty speech.

    • Word count: 989
  19. work experience

    My first job was to meticulously set the tables, with cutlery, wine glasses and serviettes. I then had to sweep the floor and wipe the windows before the opening time of 12:00pm. I carried out this morning procedure with the other waiters for the remainder of the two weeks I worked there. Working at Little Italy was such an eye opener for me since I made plenty of friends that I will perhaps keep for life. As a waiter there is nothing better than seeing customer satisfaction on their faces, and whenever I was to serve someone I would always receive a large tip in cash simply because they had enjoyed their meal.

    • Word count: 885
  20. Outline some of the ways in which material deprivation may affect educational achievement

    * Nearly 90% of 'failing' schools are located in deprived areas. There is a close link between poverty and social class. Working class families are much more likely to have low incomes or inadequate housing. Factors such as these can affect their children's education in several ways. The first reason is housing. Poor housing can affect pupil's achievement both directly and indirectly. For example over crowding can have a direct effect by making it harder for the child to study.

    • Word count: 834
  21. Childhood Essay

    Children could be said to have been created by society in the pre 1700, and Neil Postman (1977) supports this view, he says that childhood is invented and that it is slowly disappearing and that's wrong. He points trend towards giving children traditional unsupervised games, the growing similarity of adult and children's clothing and even to cases of children committing adult crimes such as murder. In his view the cause of both of the emergence of childhood and now its disappearance lies in the rise and fall of print culture and its replacement by television culture. There are many reasons for the changes in the position of children.

    • Word count: 693
  22. Using material from Item B and elsewhere assess the functionalist explanation of the role of education in modern society.

    Functionalists also say that schools continue the process of socialisation. Also they believe in meritocracy which is social system in which rewards and occupational positions are allocated justly on the basis of merit, rather than ascriptive factors such as class, gender, ethnic group or wealth. Parsons (a functionalist sociologist)argues that schools perform the function of selecting and allocating pupils to their future work roles, schools assess individuals aptitudes and abilities and help to match them to a job they are best suited to .Parsons also said that education provides a bridge between the family and society.

    • Word count: 632
  23. Norms, Values etc

    An ascribed status is a status which is assigned by society, which it outside out personal control. It is the status that somebody possesses due to their age, gender or family background. Achieved status is social importance within a culture which you gain with personal effort rather than inheriting it. For example working your way to become a barrister, you cannot inherit this status within society. 2) Socialisation is the process by which we learn behaviours through our society, be it through our family and friends, or the media. The difference between Primary and Secondary Socialisation is how and when our behaviours are learned.

    • Word count: 597
  24. Free essay

    To what extent would sociologist agree that the young people who commit crime do so because they have different norm and values from the rest of society?

    Good role models within a family is important as if a family consists of a role model such as the father in the example, then the child is not to be blamed as if his father is behaving in that manner, then it is obvious that the boy must have learnt these values and norms. As well as that, young people may commit crimes due to their past experiences. Brym and Lie (2003) believe that 'early childhood experiences bear a lasting impression on the individual unique personalities that everyone develops.'

    • Word count: 909

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