Discuss the impact of ICT on cinema and entertainment systems that could be used in the hall.

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The committee want to use the hall as a cinema and entertainment centre.

Discuss the impact of ICT on cinema and entertainment systems that could be used in the hall.

There is a major impact on ICT to use the hall as a cinema and entertainment centre. Having such well developed technology nowadays, we have various choices available.

Using a computer and projector is probably the most common method of playing movies in the cinema. With this hardware, people can play the movie when it is ready and go away which means a member of staff does not need to stand by all the time but still need to stand by in the room however, as customers might need them for emergency). After the movie is played and finished, the same movie or the next movie may be automatically played if a time sequence is set beforehand. Therefore, a member of staff does not need to select the next movie and click play manually every time which saves time. This method of delivery is a kind of auto transition which means the movie plays itself according to the timing set.

Apart from the delivery method of movie, how people purchase tickets nowadays shows the significant influences as well. With the benefit of internet, people can now check movie trailers online before they make a decision on which movie to watch, compared to the traditional way which trailers are to be played outside the cinema and on the television. This gives more flexibility for people who cannot always go to the cinema or watch the TV, and then they can check the trailers online anytime, anywhere. The internet also enables people to check the major information of the show, including availability of the movie, release date of the show, cast list of the movie, tickets price, which cinema (location) and seating plan. To be able to check availability of the movie allows customers to plan beforehand which saves time and money for transport. For example, customer can check is the movie on Saturday morning, otherwise she does not need to make a long way to the cinema early in the morning. This avoids the event of thinking the movie is on Saturday morning, in fact, it is not but the customer has already made her way to the cinema. The online booking system also allows customers to purchase their tickets on the internet which saves time as well, for lining up in a long queue at the box office. And once again, this gives time flexibility to people who are not able to physically buy a ticket due to disability or availability. Therefore, customers can buy their tickets at home and collect them on the day of the movie.

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ICT has also made watching movie more fun and exciting too. With three dimensional movies which require 3D glasses to see the effects on the screen, this has increased the fun level and has attracted a lot of people. 3D movies are all about upgrading the movie from 2D to a more real movie. With this, people can view the movie in a more exciting way and make the objects from the movie more real. 4D movies are slightly different; this is moving the level of excitement to a further step. It is like a sensory experience which allows people ...

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