AS Sport Studies Written Project: Football Skills

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Mohammed Ismail Ayub

AS Sport Studies Written Project


My project on a sport activity will be based on the sport football. I will plan and observe the five skills of:

  • Pass
  • Head
  • Shoot
  • Tackle
  • Dribble

From the observation I take I will construct a project showing how my performer carried out the skill with what weakness he has made when carrying out the skill and compare it to a professional performer. From the results I will evaluate his performance and draw a conclusion of how he can improve his skills.

I will start the project on the following day as shown in the timetable below and do the following task on the dates shown.



Power, accuracy and scoring, or at least making the goalkeeper save, are the principles of shooting

Technical Model for Shooting

  • Non-kicking foot at side of back
  • Arms out for balance
  • Strike ball with instep
  • Follow through
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The forehead is the safest and most effective part of the head to use. So get yourself into the best position and get the timing of your headers right.

Technical Model for Heading

  • Use Forehead
  • Arms extended for balance
  • Knees bent with feet together while jumping out for the ball and arms out
  • Movement of nick with arched back while hitting the ball


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