Explain the role of motivation in enhancing a sports performance

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Explain the role of motivation in enhancing a sports performance

Motivation is an internal state that tends to direct or arouse the system towards a goal. In order for a performer to play a sport they need to have motivation, a want to succeed a goal. If they had no motivation they would not compete and would just give up without really trying to accomplish it. Motivation comes in two categories,

Intrinsic motivation, which come from the inside a want to achieve something, to develop competence or mastery, or just to have fun and enjoyment.

Extrinsic motivation, which motivate you to perform for rewards for example, money trophies or praise.

Research shows that we are more likely to persevere, work harder and produce higher quality work when we are motivated to do the task intrinsically as we do the task because we want to do it, not because someone is going to give us something to do it. Extrinsically motivating an intrinsically motivated person by giving them a reward may have the effect of undermining their performance. Resulting in extrinsic motivation replacing intrinsic motivation resulting in the performer not putting as much effort as they used too. It can have the effect of making play into work. Also if the reward is taken away they may loose interest in the sport.

To perform the best an performer should be motivated to do a sport intrinsically as this way they will be more dedicated to it and will therefore learn to perform quicker than a performer who is extrinsically motivated. Coaches can best help an performer not by undermining there performance with intrinsic motivation, but by helping them set their personal goals to encourage their enjoyment and want to improve.
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Intensity (arousal)

It is beneficial for a sports person to become aroused when competing. However the amount the person is aroused effects their performance. Early theory's such as the 'drive theory' said that the more aroused a performer got the better their performance as they care more about the outcome and are more psyched up about the event. This is true only until a certain point, which the 'inverted u theory' explained, it said when you get over aroused your performance decreases as you loose control and try too hard. The inverted u theory is shown below. ...

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