Four types of training and how they could help me improve for football.

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Mini-Task Four – A Training Analysis

Fartlek Training

For most field sports, and especially football, Fartlek training is one of the most popular and effective methods of training and is easily adapted to suit the fitness level of the individual.

Fartlek training is a continuous exercise, but the intensity and type of exercise is varied. For example, a running session could include jogging for 1 minute, sprinting for 20 seconds, then fast walking for 30 seconds and then the process is repeated. Terrain changes can also be included like running on sand or going uphill. 

Fartlek training is a useful training method for me for football as there are constant changes in pace in any match throughout. For example, running with the ball (sprinting), passing and finding space (jogging), ball goes out of play and returning to position (walking).

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I could improve my Fartlek training by increasing jogging and sprinting times and walking faster. I could also add more hills and different types of terrain into my routine. By doing these I will be working harder improving cardiovascular fitness.

Continuous Training

Continuous training is an essential training method for any performer that has to perform over long periods of time during games.

Continuous training is a non-stop, moderate intensity, aerobic workout. The most popular example of this is long distance running, but can also be performed by cycling or swimming long distances/long durations of time.

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