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GCSE: Poems from Different Cultures

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How to respond to exam questions on poems from other cultures

  1. 1 You will usually be asked to compare at least two poems, sometimes you will be given one poem and asked to choose another.
  2. 2 Use the language of comparison in your answers. Good words are: 'however', 'therefore', 'in contrast', 'on the other hand'.
  3. 3 Use PEE to help you structure your essays. This means point, evidence and explanation.
  4. 4 Embed all of your quotations into your essay. Your writing should be fluid and the quote should be encased by the rest of the sentence.
  5. 5 Make sure all poetic terminology is used accurately when you discuss the language and the structure of the poem.

Maya Angelou - Still I Rise

  1. 1 Maya Angelou is an African American writer of novels and poems.
  2. 2 In Still I Rise she writes about the fact that she, as a black woman is not subjugated or broken by what has been done to both her personally and the black race as a whole.
  3. 3 She addresses her readers directly as ‘you’, asks rhetorical questions and uses repetition metaphors and similes.
  4. 4 Angelou references Africa’s natural riches and the exploitation of these.
  5. 5 The phrase Still I Rise is a refrain and is repeated three times at the end of the poem.

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  1. Assessing the poem Nothings changed.

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    • Submitted: 10/09/2003

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