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GCSE: Tom Leonard: from Unrelated Incidents

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  1. Peer reviewed

    How does Tom Leonard present his Views about Language and Culture?

    5 star(s)

    if a toktaboot thi trooth lik wanna yoo scruff yi widny thingk it wuz troo. jist wanna yoo scruff tokn. thirza right way ti spell ana right way to tok it. this is me tokn yir right way a spellin. this is ma trooth. yooz doant no thi trooth yirsellz cawz yi canny talk right. this is the six a clock nyooz. belt up. This is a poem which conveys his anger that working class and Scottish people, because of the way they speak, are undervalued and dismissed as 'second-rate' by society.

    • Word count: 1683
  2. Peer reviewed

    Half-Caste Unrelated Incident use of satire comparison

    4 star(s)

    The way the newsperson assumes that a Scots accent is less credible than an RP accent and that there is a 'right' way to talk could show what the BBC viewed as 'proper' English at the time and how they imposed this idea at the Scottish people by telling them to 'belt up'.

    • Word count: 602
  3. Peer reviewed

    Unrelated Incidents and Half-Caste

    4 star(s)

    However, in the poem Half-Caste, only the first stanza is written in Standard English, which implies that the narrator attempts to conform but switches back to his Caribbean dialect, which is then revealed as part of himself that he feels tht he cannot deny and accepts. Leonard's use of Glaswegian dialect is ironical as the point of the poem is that someone with Received Pronunciation or a "posh" accent should read the news. This causes the reader to understand that people who speak with a working class accent are not inferior and should not be regarded as such.

    • Word count: 514
  4. Peer reviewed

    How Do The Two Poets HighlightThe Difficulties Of Living In A Different Culture In the two poems 'Unrelated Incidents' by Tom Leonard and 'Half-Caste' by John Agard?

    4 star(s)

    As the poem progresses the language becomes more and more dialect-like, this is to make it seem as though the poet is translating the 'BBC accent' into his own way of speaking. The words run together to convey the characteristics of colloquial language. Te poet ends the poem with 'belt up.' It seems that either he is disinterested with anyone who labels him because of their accent or he's directly telling them to shut up. The poet is proud of his heritage and this is an exhibition of this as his boldness and aggressiveness builds up.

    • Word count: 738
  5. Compare and contrast the presentation of the supernatural in three 19th centaury short stories

    The supernatural is built up by the negative and scary language like noises from no were but afterwards there is always a valid explanation to what has happened like the noises from the closet was the cloak falling down but when the mysterious figure came up to napoleon it doesn't tell you right till the end that he was sleep walking and dreaming some of the negative language she uses also brings out the supernatural like it being cold "he stood there shivering" and it also describes abnormal things happening like "the solid wall of the apartment fell open".

    • Word count: 1207
  6. Light comes out as the dawn begin

    you are Your pale white skin, blue-sky eyes You are here with me, yet I feel you so far I smile and greet you You say nothing and walk away The snow falls soundlessly on your bare skin Yet you give it

    • Word count: 277
  7. Compare and contrast `human intersest1 and `Porphyria`s lover`

    This shows he is very controlling because he wants to be dominating in the relationship and take charge of the situation. Furthermore, these words reveal that the murderer is not thinking clearly anymore. He has become so obsessed by control that he has to kill her to feel that he has power. Next we see some similar events that happen to the victims. They are very alike murders in some ways. We see this similarity in `H.I` when the murder says, "I stabbed".

    • Word count: 1560
  8. How does Memento use a flawed, unreliable narrator to create effect? Memento is written and directed by Christopher Nolan, it is based on his brother's short story

    From the start of the film this creates unease within the audience. Throughout the film the viewer is painfully aware that all they know of the past comes from Leonard's tattoos photos and notes, some of which contradict each other and undermine everything which, up to that point the viewer had known to be true, for instance, a tattoo saying don't trust yourself. If Leonard can't trust him self how are we meant to trust him? Using an unreliable narrator is not a new concept.

    • Word count: 1592
  9. Comparative essay between two poems namely, Half - Caste by John Agard and Unrelated Incidents by Tom Leonard.

    Unrelated Incidents Tom Leonard was born in Glasgow. He has described his childhood upbringing as 'working class West of Scotland Irish Catholic' (his father was from Dublin). Although his passport identifies him as a 'British' citizen, Tom Leonard sees himself as thoroughly Scottish. Unrelated incidents, the poem. Is set out as if it was being read off a television autocue. There is very little punctuation and the words are spelt phonetically. The way that this poem is written, it is written like this because the poem is about BBC newsreaders.

    • Word count: 988
  10. Film Analysis: Memento

    Having "damage to the hippocampus, fornix, or mammillary bodies can result in anterograde amnesia, suggesting that they are involved in the process of laying down long-term memories" ("Enpsychlopedia"). The hippocampus is the part of the brain that "mediates incoming new information. It is concerned with facts, data, and events that occur in the present and is involved with temporary memory representation allowing for controlled attention and rehearsal" ("Causes"). This injury to Leonard's hippocampus is what causes him to not be able to form new memories.

    • Word count: 1058
  11. How is the relationship between visuality, the body, and knowledge explored in this film, and to what ends?

    Thus the relationship between visuality, the body, and knowledge can been understood as an exploration to find the truth and of truth, as the responder finds out, truth is ultimately subjective. The visuality of the film creates a sense of uncertainty for both Leonard and the audience. The main narrative in the film is shown backwards in vibrant colour. Not only is the inversion of the narrative progression symbolic of Leonard's preoccupation with the past and his struggles with it, it also serves to place the audience's preconception of reality and therefore truth on the back foot opening our minds to different angles.

    • Word count: 1187
  12. The poems 'Unrelated Incidents' and 'Half-Caste' are both explicit pieces of cultural identity and how these people are looked upon by society

    The poem seems to very personal because the poet, Tom Leonard is actually Glaswegian himself so it may be almost auto biographical. We can tell the poem is in a conversational tone because the words 'talk' and 'said' emulate this idea. The tone is almost bitter in its anger, because Tom Leonard is angry. This is because the announcer not only despises the non Standard English speakers' ability to express the truth, he doesn't even want to give them the opportunity to say anything.

    • Word count: 869
  13. Referring to 'Half-Caste' and Poems You've Read By Tom Leonard, Write About the Humour and the Anger in Their Poems.

    John Agard ridicules the term by showing how the greatest artists mix things - Picasso mixes colours, and Tchaikovsky use the black and white keys in his music, yet to call their art "half-caste" seems absurd. He playfully points out how England's weather is always a mix of light and shadow - leading to a deliberate pun on "half-caste" and "overcast" (clouded over). The joke about one leg is recalled later in the poem, this time by suggesting that the "half-caste" uses only half of ear and eye, and offers half a hand to shake, leading to the unheard of dreaming half a dream and casting half a shadow.

    • Word count: 1436
  14. Unrelated Incidents by Tom Leonard - review

    His aim has always working class "West of Scotland speech that is still poetry". My focus on "The voice: in my work Leonard has written, two buy products over the years. An involvement in performance "Sound poetry" and an increasingly explicit awareness of the political nature of voice in British culture. "Unrelated Incidents" is a set of six poems each of which looks at some aspect of the way we use language it was written in 1976. Vocabulary Widney wahnt - Wouldn't want Wanna you scruff - One of your scruffs Widny thingk - Wouldn't think Tokn - Talking Yooz doant no - You don't know Yirsellz - Yourself Canny - Can't What Is The Poem About 1.

    • Word count: 521
  15. The pedestrian.

    and never enjoy life. Mr Leonard Mead was as I said a free spirit and a rebel of sorts he didn't want to be programmed like everyone else into a specific routine and being kept off the streets. There are days where he would walk for hours "Sometimes he would walk for hours and return only at midnight", He also felt a distain for all the programmed people and looked down on them "Hello, in there he whispered to every house on every side as he moved 'What's up to-night on Channel 4, Channel 7, Channel 9?

    • Word count: 776
  16. Mango Tree.

    Her mangoes where like jewels, they were shining brightly in a overflowing old, beaten treasure chest. The treasure inside was so cherished that pirates would sail the seas and would fight over the gems. Leonard Haggard, who was Ma Procop's neighbour, was green with envy. His mango tree was dry, rotten to the core and hadn't produced any fruit for years. Last summer, he had tried to steal fruit from Ma Procop's tree, claiming it was his own. In the middle of the night he climbed the fence, grabbed the fruit and tried to damage the tree.

    • Word count: 1180
  17. How do the poets in 'Half-Caste' and 'Unrelated Incidents' explore prejudices and social attitudes?

    In 'Half-Caste' language and accent is important but it is not as important. This poem is also written in a regional patois but this time it is in the Afro-Caribbean patois. The poem 'Half-Caste' is easier to understand because the language is nearer to Standard English and the English reader will find this poem easier to understand. This may have been Tom Leonard's plan though, he is stressing that Standard English is not the right way to speak and that no one understands it, but no-one understands what he has written so he may be using a paradox to get his messages across.

    • Word count: 1381
  18. Dear Ms. Loxton.

    It described how the panther was trapped behind numerous bars and was willing to come out. However, it was the last stanza the one that made me realise how Leonard felt: "Rarely does the pupils' heavy curtain lift. Silently allowing an image to enter, penetrating this void carried by wearied limbs quickly it is lost within his heart." Maybe you should read the rest of that poem, Ms. Loxton, and perhaps only then you'll understand how your nephew Leonard Lowe felt while he was trapped in his own body for thirty years. Only at that moment, will you understand why I did what I did. Nevertheless, you can be in no doubt that I had Mrs.

    • Word count: 807
  19. How do these different poets explore what their background and culture means to them?

    I think that the poem is trying to show that if you speak in a common accent, it doesn't mean that you are lower class or any less intelligent. The poem "presents from my aunts in Pakistan" is about a girl brought up in America, but her family is from Pakistan, so she feels torn between the two cultures. She does not feel comfortable in either of the cultures. The tone at the beginning of "search for your tongue" is very aggressive. "You ask me what I mean."

    • Word count: 596
  20. I am going to compare two poems from diverse cultures. The first is called 'This Is The Six O'clock News'. It is by a Scottish poet called Tom Leonard. A Caribbean poet named John Agard writes the second, called 'Listen Mr Oxford Don'.

    He is saying that we laugh at him because of the way he speaks. Now he is laughing at us trying to speak in the same way. The title of John Agard's poem is mocking these people aswell. He uses the stereotype of an Oxford don as a substitute for everyone who speaks with a Standard English accent. Both poems rely heavily on the idea of stereotypes. Tom Leonard's poem is trying to tell us that we shouldn't stereotype people because of how they speak. 'yi widny wahnt mi ti talk aboot thi trooth wia voice like wanna yoo scruff.'

    • Word count: 730

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