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University Degree: Thomas Hardy

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  1. The poem "Neutral Tones" (by Thomas Hardy) is written from a man point of view where as the poem "Absence" (by Elizabeth Jennings) is written from a woman's point of view.

    In this verse the Thomas Hardy tells us that it was a winter day, which are normally cold and dark, and that the sun was white as though chidden of God. The words chidden of mean scolded or rebuked by. The writer conveys a sense of coldness in this verse. The starving sod and the fallen leaves from and ash tree had died and begun to rot. These lines give us the sense of death and darkness. The beginning of the poem "Absence" is somewhat different: "I visited the place where we last met.

    • Word count: 934
  2. Who Was the Most Responsible For Thomas A Beckets murder?

    The bishops were a bit responsible because they had told the king that Thomas had excommunicated them from the church and had said that the king would have no non-trouble free days and peaceful moments until Thomas Becket was dead. King henry ii was partly to blame for the death of Thomas Becket because if he had not given the wrong impression to the knights, Thomas Becket might have lived a few more years. Henry came out badly from this because he acted as if he did not want Thomas dead, (which is the impression the knights got), and after thomas was murdered henry lost a lot of trust and respect from many people.

    • Word count: 827
  3. Comparing and Contrasting Kate Chopin "Story of an hour" & Thomas Hardy`s " The arch dicevier"

    Kate Chopin begins her story letting us know that the main character(Mrs Mallard) is "inflicted" with heart trouble, this gives us a clue of what the story has in store for us, straight away, Kate chopin suprises us with the shocking news of Mrs Mallard`s husbands death. Mrs Mallard displays the predictable behaviour we, and her family expected, "she wept at once", in her sisters arms. Women at this time needed their men to survive.Any respectable woman had a husband or a chaparone, so when this news arrives to,Mrs Mallard, it seems that her life has came to and end.

    • Word count: 1905
  4. "We feel - we know - the self to be an equivocal commodity. There are fewer things which, as they say, we 'cannot bring ourselves' to do." Apply this quotation to three characters in the play. A Man for All Seasons

    Three characters who ever increasingly find fewer, and fewer things that they are unwilling to do in the play are the Common Man, Richard Rich and Thomas Cromwell. The Common Man is seen as a rather worldly, self-serving character. Throughout the course of the play he appears to be perfecting the art of self-preservation; "when I can't touch the bottom I'll go deaf blind and dumb." (page 25) Easily bribed as we see in his role as Matthew, the steward.

    • Word count: 1231
  5. 'The Darkling Thrush' and 'Neutral Tones.'

    It brings Warmth to a poem which in the previous two stanzas expressed nothing but cold and negative emotions, which were further enhanced by alliterations, such as: 'The Century's corpse out leant His crypt the cloudy canopy,' Thomas Hardy is clearly in a very pessimistic mood, this is made obvious in the first line of the last stanza where he reprehends the Thrush's' actions; 'So little cause for carolings'. This is a metaphor used to describe the connotations of Christmas time.

    • Word count: 878
  6. Thomas Sawer - My Life (1541-1580)

    All that I could do was to watch on by. How could these foreigners call themselves worthy people of our town? They had no right to deprive those who needed their business. I held a deep resent of their good fortune. Why had they inflicted many wounds upon those who could not fight? I admit their crafts were of a far better standard and quality than ours but they had not realised how much suffering they were causing. The arguments went on and on.

    • Word count: 1563
  7. In this essay I will be exploring, discussing and analysing two cross cultural poems. The first is called woman work, its by Maya Angelou, the second poem is titled Lore and its writer is R.S Thomas.

    Being white equalled having privileges. Maya Angelou's poetry generally shows a lot of emotions. Like her wanting to rest, practically pleading to the reader, when she has a real need to be white in order to gain privileges and Maya Angelou has nothing to call her own, "Sun, rain, curving sky Mountain, ocean, leaf and stone Star shine, moon glow You're all that I can call my own". Maya Angelou does such a long list of work daily yet; she has nothing of her own to show for it, no possessions, nothing.

    • Word count: 6670
  8. How far is 'Haymaking' typical of Thomas' poetry?

    There is the idea of the 'calm after the storm' and the Haymakers having a rest. Also, however, there is the fact that the poet, Edward Thomas, is writing his poem from a snapshot in time where if he was describing a photograph, everything would be still in the picture. One of the most recognisable devices that Edward Thomas uses in his poetry is referring to England as "old". This could imply many things. Thomas could use the term "old" in the literal sense that it is 'ancient', 'unchanging' and with a 'sense of permanence' in the world even though it has been threatened by war.

    • Word count: 1039
  9. Compare and Contrast John Betjeman's 'Slough' to R.S.Thomas' two poems, 'Soil' and 'Cynddylan on atractor'

    and in doing so gives the reader vibrant and realistic imagery. Formal yet emotive language is used throughout both of his poems, and in a descriptive context. This is seen especially in 'Soil' where each object is described effectively as how it actually is, "Plying mechanically his cold blade". 'Slough' uses less formal language, but is again very emotive, bitter, descriptive and almost 'spits' the lines at the reader, "Their wives frizz out peroxide hair and dry it in synthetic air..." showing the falsehood of society, everyone trying to be something or someone they are not; "It's not their fault they often go to Maidenhead And talk of sports and makes of cars In various bogus Tudor bars..."

    • Word count: 1238
  10. The stories I shall be comparing are The Superstitious Man's Story written by Thomas Hardy in 1894, and Night Fears by L.P.Hartley in 1924.

    Both stories deal with aspects of the unknown. I shall be looking at the ingredients of each story to see how far they conform to the reader's expectations of a `horror` story, and which of the stories is the more effective. The Superstitious Man's story is about the mysterious death of William Privett. William is seen in his house going outside, but he's in bed all the time. William is seen at Church Porch, but not really there. He is seen at the spring while dead in a meadow two miles away, and a moth flew out of his mouth.

    • Word count: 1555
  11. Analysis of "Holiday Memory" by Dylan Thomas

    Let us therefore begin our analysis of "Holiday Memory" with Thomas' description of dusk falling on a day spent by the sea, (lines 1-2). Thomas uses a series of rapid images to illustrate how the sun has started to set and darkness has suddenly enveloped those left on the beach. Darkness has descended from the sky, it has grown "up out of the sand", has "curled" around them, it is a new entity beckoning them towards a new and exciting part of the holiday.

    • Word count: 2220
  12. ‘A Vendetta’ and ‘The Three Strangers,’

    This is because we do not know the moral of the story only the authors know the answer. This means that the whole story has never been recovered, and so nobody knows. I think that 'The Three Strangers' is more detailed and much longer than 'A Vendetta.' The language is very old, ancient because it was set in the 1820's so it was definitely written in the 1870's or 1880's this gives you a more idea of a mystery idea to the story. An example is this "Fifty years ago such a lonely cottage stood on a such down, and may possibly be standing there now."

    • Word count: 1669
  13. Comparisons made between two of Thomas Hardys’ 20th Century poems.‘The Darkling Thrush’ and ‘Snow in the Suburbs.’

    In this part of the poem it comes suddenly, as emphasized by the 'At once' in the first line of the second stanza. It brings Warmth to a poem which in the previous two stanzas expressed nothing but cold and negative emotions, which were further enhanced by alliterations, such as: 'The Century's corpse out leant His crypt the cloudy canopy,' The character in the poem is clearly in a very pessimistic mood, this is made obvious in the first line of the last stanza where he reprehends the Thrush's' actions; 'So little cause for carolings'.

    • Word count: 667
  14. Compare In Detail The Approach To Superstition Of Thomas Hardy In THE SUPERSTITIOUS MAN’S STORY And Penelope Fitzgerald In THE AXE. Think About The Nature Of Superstitions And The Ways That The Writers Have Chosen To Portray It.

    The Axe was written by Penelope in 1977 and is set in an office and written in the style of a memorandum. They are both stories to do with superstition.

    • Word count: 340
  15. Compare and analyse two short stories - Old Mrs. Chundle and A Visit Of Charity

    Chundle's neighbours take over from the church and look after her. This is preferable to the situation the elderly are in in A Visit of Charity, where the state has taken responsibility from the church, and simply gathered the aged into institutions and homes. It is because of her situation, that Mrs. Chundle clearly values and optimises her individuality. A good example of this is the fact that she feels no inhibitions in striking up a conversation with the curate after he has simply asked for a meal, even though he is one of her "betters".

    • Word count: 1376
  16. Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver

    He gets caught be Milly and she doesn't care what other women think or say to Tony. She can trust Tony and that he wouldn't go with any of them women. All that Tony has to do is wake up and smell the coffee and marry Milly and stop fooling around with those other two women. Through out the essay I will discuss the matter in more detail. Tony is a womaniser it shows this in the text e.g.

    • Word count: 480
  17. Compare and contrast the presentation of women in Hardy’s “Tony Kytes, Arch Deceiver and Lawrence’s “Tickets Please”

    Unity is also bitter because of Tony choosing Milly over her. When she says "Tony" in a "tender chide" she is being sweet and manipulative. She's asking difficult questions, which shows us her determination, and Tony knows if he says the wrong answer Unity will be upset, so he has to tell her that he has "nothing to complain about" regarding Unity's appearance and Unity herself. When Tony tells Unity to hide under the tarpaulin because Milly is approaching she obliges and this shows us that she stills loves Tony and do what she can possibly do in order to make Tony hers.

    • Word count: 2650
  18. Both John Thomas and Tony Kytes are daring characters who try to manipulate women around them. Compare and contrast the two men with particular reference to their attitude towards women.

    In doing so, they gained a sense of freedom/independence and power. Your first introduction to the characters is very important, therefore, the introduction to the story is important, as it subtly introduces the characters as well. This style can be found in 'Tickets, Please,' where DH Lawrence uses a tram's journey to subconsciously describe the characters. Using amorphous sentence structure/syntax, with a lack of punctuation DH Lawrence sets the speed/flow of the sentence to fit the tram's journey and the characters lives. 'Tickets, Please,' is a much more powerful story compared to Tony Kytes, and the basis for this power is the words that DH Lawrence uses, especially in the first few sentences.

    • Word count: 3274
  19. “Tony Kytes, the Arch- Deceiver” and "Tickets, Please"

    In his opening Lawrence makes a routine tram journey seem dangerous and exciting through his use of language. Here are some examples: - "A single-line tramway system which leaves the country town and plunges off into the black, industrial countryside, through the long ugly villages of workmen's houses, through stark, grimy cold little market places". "There are the reckless swoops downhill, bouncing the loops, the chilly wait in the hill-top market place. "But still perky, jaunty, somewhat dare-devil, green as a jaunty sprig of parsley out of a black colliery garden". "With a shriek and a trail of sparks we are clear again.

    • Word count: 1324

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