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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. Equality, Diversity and Rights In Health Care

    Britain is a multicultural society with a large variety of people from different backgrounds. Education has developed over recent years with different cultures, which have been explored in the education curriculum. The education system has benefitted from multi- cultural backgrounds. For example management positions in a school could benefit pupils by making a positive change in relations to diversity. Tolerance has benefitted diversity in many ways. One for example could be in life we all have to accept that everyone is different and are their own individual person; no-one is the same. Every day you will come across people who will have different views and opinions to you.

    • Word count: 1394
  2. Describe the US Department of Health and Human Services

    They are responsible for research, public health, food safety, drug safety, health insurance, and other funding. The secretary is responsible for advising the President, hundreds of public health programs, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as Medicaid and Medicare. One of the many divisions in the department is the Administration for Children and Families. Their responsibilities are Public Welfare, Head Start, and Temporary Assistance for Families (TANF). Welfare restructuring will allow for early childhood development for children in low income homes; preserving the family unit, foster care, helps the states prove paternity and collect child support, adoptions, supports the different states with their welfare responsibilities.

    • Word count: 1196
  3. Mental Health - 2 case studies

    The treatment that cognitive psychologists could offer Anna is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). This is very much a new therapy that has been introduced but has become one of the preferred therapies used today. The goal of cognitive therapy is to challenge the negative thoughts of the individual and encourage them to develop a more positive outlook on the way they view the world and the people around them. The psychologists often do this by recording every type of negative thought and the feelings that follow with it, almost like a diary.

    • Word count: 1439

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