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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. Barriers to accessing services and the problem of discrimination.

    Or if a GP thinks that a service user should be referred to the hospital for treatment then they would have to make a referral. In this section I will talk about the different barriers service users face while trying to access services. The different barriers will include * Language/communication * Organisational * Emotional barriers * Geographical * Physical Language Barrier As the UK is a multi-cultural society, it has a range of people from different countries all over the world which speak different languages, and English may not be their first language.

    • Word count: 2475
  2. Describe the contribution of psychological perspectives to the promotion of good practice in residential care services.

    Accurately The experiment was carried out in a basement in the University of Stanford. It was converted into a prison, were student were randomly chosen to take on the role of either being a prisoner or a guard. In order, to encourage identification with the roles both guards and the prisoner were given uniforms. However, the guards were given sunglasses, whiles the prisoners were only addressed by numbers. In short time of the experiment, the guards quickly adapted to their roles, they became quite brutal in their treatment of the prisoners.

    • Word count: 2800
  3. Describe local health improvements for a health education campaign and population group targeted. The campaign which I have chosen for my task is Alcohol Awareness week which is related to alcohol. This campaign took place in Bradford in October 2011.

    This campaign started when there was a lot of drinking abuse around in Bradford, this campaign would have reduced the drinking abuse in public. It made people aware of the dangers of alcohol it could cause their bodies which can have a huge effect on their lives and those who are around them. It also highlights the problem alcohol causes in society such as violent behaviour towards other, rapes and getting robbed. For this campaign the people who were responsible for it for example police, they were taking legal actions against those who were drinking driving, underage driving and the social behavior which is inappropriate such as violent and aggressive behavior towards other members of society.

    • Word count: 2770
  4. Use sociological terminology to describe the principal sociological perspectives and describe models of health.

    Feminism Many feminist are negative about society and see the bad in everything. Most feminists think society is dominated by men, this is known as patriarchy. Feminists believe society is based on conflict, the conflict is between males and females. They believe women are disadvantaged in society and that men have more power than women. There are a lot of different feminist theories but they all have one thing in common, they all look at the differences in society between men and women and how the differences can be resolved.

    • Word count: 2300
  5. Free essay

    Describe the 3 different types of settings, including how they are funded, and then give 3 examples of how each support children and families.

    My local children's centre is in Borehamwood. Our children's centre is open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday and offers a wide range of services. These services include: Stay, play and sing, cr�che, parenting support group for parents that want and need the help, money advice workshop helps to manage money and how to gain access to benefits if needed, young parents club for support of new and young mums, child minders group which is a opportunity for child minders to meet each other while the children play, child health clinic which is run by local health visitors.

    • Word count: 2493
  6. Identify the key elements of health and social care services. Explain the skills required for two different job roles in health and social care

    Voluntary care mainly counts on donations from individuals and a lot off the staff are volunteers. Some organisations such as: Age concerns, The Alzheimer's society and the Autistic society, provide voluntary care. Informal care Much social care support is provided by informal carers who are relatives, friends and neighbours. They usually give up their paid jobs to care and support their loved ones. They may be qualified to claim for carer's allowance. Voluntary services mostly support informal carer's. Various informal carers' would have formed self help groups to provide more help and support and also discuss matters.

    • Word count: 2572
  7. Health and safety legislation that affects care provision.

    by bodily force or by hand. The regulations include anything thing that needs assistance of an individual to lift or support or move a load. The load could be either an object or a person. The employer is responsible for the employees to try and avoid manually handling. Service providers need to have attended a moving and handling course to learn how to use hoist, sliding boards, slings and other equipment correctly and safely. The employees also need to read the risk assessments to ensure that the service providers are safe and using equipment properly.

    • Word count: 2808
  8. In this report I am going to use a respite care homes for children with disabilities to give examples of risks and hazards and ways to prevent them.

    Another health hazard could be the spread of illness as there would be a wide range of people entering and leaving the setting, illness can also be spread though not cleaning hands correctly this can reduced by asking people and staff to wash hands and be hygienic by cleaning surfaces and equipment after use, this is also important because some the children in the home may be more at risk of illness as their immune system may not be as strong.

    • Word count: 2505
  9. Caring For Children and Young People. There are many reasons why children and young people need to be looked after other than their own family.

    They might be unwell or not able to cope with their children care, so children and young people need to be looked after by someone else for short term. They might need foster care. Suspected or actual maltreatment: Children and young people need to be taken away temporarily because they are vulnerable and also in danger. Child might be abused physically or mentally. To stop this getting worse the child or young person needs to be separated from their parents.

    • Word count: 2540
  10. Advising Gwen on healthy eating and designing a diet.

    Vitamin A: good for your eyes. Vitamin B: about 12 different chemicals. Vitamin C: needed for your body to repair itself. Vitamin D: can be made in your skin, needed for absorption of Calcium Vitamin E: reproduction Starch and carbohydrates Starchy foods are our main source of carbohydrate, and play an important role in a healthy diet. High starchy foods diet could increase your risk of heart disease. Low-carb diets could also restrict the amount of fruit, vegetables and fibre you eat, so try to ensure starchy foods make up about a third of your diet.

    • Word count: 2364
  11. Promoting A Health Environment For Children - Stimulating Activities

    When planning this activity legislation must also be considered, such as The Childcare Act 2006; this states that children must be given the opportunity to physically develop by exercising and outdoor play. There were health and safe policies to consider as well as the children were not allowed to jump off the high blocks or the wooden bridge in case they injured themselves. My setting has many policies and procedures that a made because of legislation, such as The Childcare Act 2006 which promotes the ECM framework which states that physical exercise is a key component for being health and

    • Word count: 2075
  12. Promoting A Healthy Environment For Children - The Role of the Practitioner

    not like milk which was being served, so my supervisor and myself had to plan a substitute food and drink to give to him instead of serving him the tuna. This was discussed with another member of staff that usually prepares the meals and we decided that providing him with cheese and orange juice would be a suitable substitute for the tuna and milk, as it will provide him with the necessary nutrition that tuna would, such as protein, calcium and Vitamin C.

    • Word count: 2584
  13. How service users are valued and actively supported and how service users are valued and actively supported.

    * Can handle their behavior. * Care workers work as a team. * Make sure they eat healthy. * Keep them safe and protected. * To see if they are achieving anything. * Making positive contribution. In First Step nursery the care workers make sure that they are providing enough care and support when a child needs it such as when they want to go to the toilet or they want to eat food at lunch time. First Step nursery it is very important for the teachers that they are providing good care to the children. They make sure that they encourage the children to ask for help when they need it so that they are ready to

    • Word count: 2276
  14. Hazards in a health care situation and their solutions.

    Staff members were working across all areas of the ward. This is an extremely high risk of cross infection and spread of disease. Staff should be restricted to working on one ward; hands should be cleaned between patients, after eating food and after the toilet The manager should record that the wards are short staffed and due to this staff have to work across two wards. This situation should be looked at carefully to ensure the safety of the patient, as above staff to cover absentees should be close to hand NICE Legislation, National institute for clinical excellence Infection control policy Health and safety at work act Floors of the

    • Word count: 2095
  15. Monitoring and assessing of children. The two methods of assessment I have decided to analyse and describe comprehensively are screening and growth monitoring.

    The APGAR test was developed in 1952 by an anaesthesiologist called Dr. Virginia Apgar, who wanted a quick testing to be carried out on all babies in the crucial minutes after birth. Before this test was developed, health professions missed many internal problems at birth, such as circulatory or breathing difficulties. Most doctors over looked these internal problems as it was usually assumed that a newborn was healthy unless they were showing obvious signs of abnormality. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apgar_score) The APGAR test just simply takes between one and five minutes.

    • Word count: 2025
  16. Cache Unit 1 An Introduction To Working With Children - Relevant legislation and the Child Centred approach.

    This sector includes Private Schools, solicitors, and nurseries, people pay to use this service. Bostcastle Playgroup is a private business which benefits parents that cannot look after their child during the day. The playgroup will teach, and care for the child, but the parents will have to pay for the child education and care (http://www.nspcc.org.uk/). E3. There are many children's acts supporting the rights of children in the United Kingdom. All children need us to be aware of their rights and needs, especially the youngest and with additional needs. This happens because they are unable to defend or speak out for themselves.

    • Word count: 2706
  17. Describe the processes of care planning with reference to care planning principles For my P1 I will include a case study about an individual who is suffering from a particular disorder. I will then talk about the processes of care planning with reference

    To be effective and comprehensive, the care planning process must involve all disciplines that are involved in the care of the patient. The ultimate purpose of the care plan is to guide all who are involved in the care of this person to provide the appropriate treatment for the patient or client and it needs accordingly to include physical, intellectual, social and emotional requirements. A care worker unfamiliar with the patient/resident should be able to find all the information needed to care for this person in the care plan.

    • Word count: 2305
  18. Playwork Placement. Incident diary and reflections.

    Friday 24th July At lunchtime a child approached me to tell me that somebody had put 3 toy cars down the toilet and tried to flush them with no success causing the toilet to be blocked along with tissue and urine, so I go to investigate. Some children are building a tower with wooden blocks, they have made their structure quite large and have extended it, the only problem is that they have started to build their structure directly in front of the fire exit, which is hazardous, so I have to intervene politely and ask them to move the

    • Word count: 2026
  19. Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

    However sometimes 'closed' questions are needed to gain basic information such as an individuals' age, name and marital status. Leading, (otherwise known as biased) questions should be avoided, as they encourage the listener to give the response they think is expected, such as 'all of the staff has been very nice to you, haven't they?' Using multiple questions should also be avoided, as they can confuse the listener, it is better to ask one question at a time and wait for a response before asking another. * Effective non-verbal communication involves using eye contact (so long as it is not over done), facial expressions, such as smiling to convey kindness and leaning forward slightly to show interest in what the other is saying.

    • Word count: 2263
  20. The prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the developing and third world, and how antiretrovirals are helping to reduce mortality rates

    The prevalence of many South America countries is often sidelined in favour of more apparent HIV and AIDS crises, however, given the level of poverty The pandemic status of HIV and AIDS has become more and more isolated as Westernised medicine led the way in clinical research and preventative measures, developed countries have, as a result of this, benefited exponentially, whereas developing countries have become heavily reliant on the aid of high-income countries. Throughout the world the death toll, per year, has been increasing rapidly since the onset of HIV and later stage AIDS and is currently responsible for 1.8 million deaths worldwide per year, which roughly equates to 13 deaths every minute.

    • Word count: 2441
  21. promote a safe working environment

    The only reason they are able to leave their room is when they need the toilet or in need of fresh air. They have to make sure there are no unusual odours and make sure that their room is clean every single day. This care is needed for the room has well because if service user is kept in a dirty room he has no chance of getting better as there will still be germs and bacteria spreading around him whom no one is able to see.

    • Word count: 2206
  22. Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

    There are some principles for the care worker to follow: 1. To take on board the needs and the condition of the service user gaining the information 2. Give up to date information 3. Get primary evidence for the information requested for the service user 4. When there is a time where there is need for anexpert, the care worker should call a specialist 5. There are different rules around the country so the information has to be accepted in the area 6.

    • Word count: 2611
  23. As practitioners its important to value childrens interests and experiences as it show the children we are listening to them, it helps them to become their own individual person, to concentrate more, have higher self-esteem and it also helps to have

    Through listening and valuing children's experiences we can learn a lot about them such as their cultural backgrounds and how they do things at home appose to the way they do them in the nursery setting. As practitioners it's important to value children's interests and experiences as it show the children we are listening to them, it helps them to become their own individual person, to concentrate more, have higher self-esteem and it also helps to have a better understanding of the child in their personality and way of life.

    • Word count: 2148
  24. Sociological Perspective concept of ill health

    This may be due to eating more fried oily food where socially European has been referred to eating "fried fish and chips". Caribbean and West Africa may not necessarily be consuming unhealthily, there are alternative reason into why their mortality rate is lower. Unlike the European, Caribbean and West Africa is not a rich economy. The society may not get a filling meal each day. Because of this, their health is affected of not having a good nutritional diet and therefore increasing the chance of dying at an early age.

    • Word count: 2220
  25. Unit 3- P1- Risks in a health and social care setting

    In cases where there are risks but they can't be fixed, the care worker must make sure the client knows of the risks involved. Hazards out in the community When working in the community it is important personal safety is addressed in areas of high crime. Working in the community risks are less obvious than those in an organisation or in the patient's home as a hazard can occur at any time. Working practises Work practises can help lower the risks of hazards.

    • Word count: 2573

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