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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. unit 7 children's learning activities and play

    * Manipulative Play occurs when children use and celebrate physical prowess. * Play using props is when children sometimes make their props and use them to pretend play. * Rough- and-tumble Play often involves chasing, catching, pretending fights and pillow fights. This form of play often occurs before going to sleep and it bonds those playing emotionally and socially. (M Kennedy, power point presentation.) Even though we have these different stages of learning, there are many theories on how children develop their learning and the different ways. These theories have come from many theorists, the theorist in who I have been looking at are Piaget, Pavlov, Vygotsky, Bruner and Skinner, as they have all have their own theories on children's development.

    • Word count: 2165
  2. Bones, muscles, respiratory and circulatory systems.

    * The ball and socket joints are found in the hip and shoulder. They allow you to swing you leg and arm in several different directions. * The ellipsoidal joint is found at the base of index finger. It allows you to bend, extend and rock side to side but moving the finger around is limited. * The gliding joints are found in the spine, wrist and ankle. They allow bones to slide past each other. * The hinge joints are found in the knee and elbow.

    • Word count: 2660
  3. Module 1 - Growth and Development

    However more people than ever are living out their life span potential rather than dying prematurely. United Kingdom Years 1911 1931 1951 1971 1991 1997 2011 2021 Males At birth 50.4 58.0 66.1 68.8 73.2 74.6 77.4 78.6 Females At birth 53.9 62.0 70.9 75.0 78.8 79.6 81.6 82.7 Life expectancy for males and females a birth Source: Government Actuary's Department 2. Give one key feature of physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of each of the following life stages: * Infancy * Childhood * Adolescence * Adulthood Infancy The physical changes that a infant experiences during the first two years of life transforms their appearance.

    • Word count: 2493
  4. promoting good health

    cannot be identified through these methods. Also, it is quiet common for illness and disease not to coexist as an individual might have a condition which could put their life in danger but not feel discomfort. This mostly occurs with illness such as Cancer which is diagnosed via medical testing and screening. The Biomedical Model of Health When dealing with health, the Biomedical Model of health is highly thought of in today's western society especially by members of the health care professions (e.g. doctors). It is based on medical science therefore most doctors focus on the cure of a condition.

    • Word count: 2495
  5. a2 coursework into health

    In the early nineties life story work was introduced to the field of learning disabilities (Hewitt 2000) life- story books were used to tackle the problem of information being lost or misplaced about clients when they moved from one care setting to another. Hewitt(1998) defines a life-story book as, " a document of a persons' life that incorporates personal stories and experiences" and goes on to add, "These are supported with photographs and any other relevant memorabilia". In the nursing home life-story books contained information that would enable a carer to gain a good understanding of the service user his/her likes dislikes with regard to things like food, bathing, clothing they liked to wear and outings that they enjoy.

    • Word count: 2706
  6. Free essay

    Good Hygiene Practice

    Food, which is undercooked, can give a child Salmonella or E.coli, which can also be given to another child if they have eaten the same food. It is not advisable to drink tap water in another country because they don't all have a good water system for cleaning the water. The drinking result of contaminated water is diarrhoea. Bacteria can be transmitted from animals and the air. Wild animals like birds carry bacteria in their faeces and on their body itself.

    • Word count: 2123
  7. mechanisms of fatigue

    Fatigue occurs because of a decrease in calcium production. A failure of acetylcholine generation reduces the chance of an action potential. The CNS (central nervous system) may identify fatigue prior to physiological fatigue. This stops you from doing anymore exercise to avoid you from injury, which could be muscle soreness. Muscular fatigue Muscle fatigue means a decrease of muscular performance. It is an inability to maintain the standard power output. Muscle fatigues when there is a depletion of PC stores e.g. sprinting. Therefore there is an accumulation of lactic acid and a decrease in pH. During endurance there is a depletion of energy stores, which are fat and carbohydrates.

    • Word count: 2302
  8. communication in care settings

    This shows that awareness of the appropriate tone and good voice control this is important for all care workers. Communication skills are a vital and necessary to have in any care setting. If you have good communication skills you can make sure that you get every thing done as efficiently and effetely as possible. Also when you are dealing with people in a social care environment you will need to make sure that they understand what you are saying or meaning, you have to build a trusting relationship with your clients and make sure that they are at ease, this is because you might be dealing with vulnerable people, the elderly or people with learning difficulties.

    • Word count: 2844
  9. barriers in communication

    trust a care worker who does not keep information confidential * Service users may not feel valued or able to keep their self esteem if their private details are being shared with other people * Service users safety may be put at risk if details of their property and habits are shared publicly * Legal requirements to keep personal records confidential Good care practice will involve asking service users if you can let other people know things. Whatever you know about a service user should be kept private unless the person tells you that it is acceptable to share the information.

    • Word count: 2078
  10. My placement it was at nursery in chase farm hospital.

    In toddles room these two teachers and the other two is training to be a teacher. Mostly children parents are working in hospital it's easier for them to drop and pick it up. Laura bailey and Linda is responsibility of the nursery. Laura she comes in the morning around seven clocks to open the nursery. Mostly children come in the morning. When Laura comes in the morning she set the alarm, get the children's toys ready, make toast to the children and she deals with the paper works in the office. When Laura leaves early Linda deals with the paper work.

    • Word count: 2167
  11. choosing health

    They should have a neat haircut and tied up if long enough to do so. Staff that work with the animals wear a different uniform to those members of staff who work at the zoo. After handling the animals or their food, it is essential that the staff wash their hands before moving on to the next task in order to maintain certain hygiene standards and as part of health and safety. I think that appearance is a weakness at Chester Zoo because the uniform is plain and boring, it is not easily recognisable and does not stand out as well as it should, making it difficult for customers to easily seek help or advice from a Chester Zoo employee prohibiting the employees to provide Chester Zoo's customers with excellent customer service.

    • Word count: 2280
  12. Effective communication

    All these types of communication can be used in all care settings to send different types of message. There are 4 different types of communication skills. In other for an effective communication to take place, all these communications skills are needed to be applied as a care worker. Non-Verbal Non-verbal communication is a type of communication without the use of spoken words. "Communication that occurs as a result of appearance, posture, gesture, eye contact, facial expressions, and other non linguistic factors".

    • Word count: 2419
  13. Social Policy - Obesity

    The increase for girls was by 3 per cent, so that by 2000, 20 percent of boys and 27 per cent of girls were overweight. * 1 in 5 adults are obese. This contributes to 18 million sick days a year. With obesity comes a range of health problems that are likely to cause premature mortality. Some of these include: * Heart disease * Type 2 diabetes * High blood pressure * Osteoarthritis * Respiratory problems * Some cancers * Stress, anxiety and depression The most common cause of premature mortality amongst the obese population is coronary heart disease.

    • Word count: 2833
  14. Increasing longevity has seriously impaired the government's ability to provide care from the cradle to the grave. Discuss.

    and times were changing so we needed help from the government to fund the particular areas which Beveridge had identified as being problem. One the areas that he identified as needing funding was Health care, this was the start of the NHS that we all know today. After it was set up working class people could access health care that prior to the start of the NHS they could not afford, however it is true to say that the NHS is no longer 'free at the point of contact'.

    • Word count: 2185
  15. Advance Directives

    Ortman (2004, Conclusion �) describes them as "a viable legal option available to patients who choose to protect their right to refuse medical treatment in the event that their mental competency is lost to injury or disease". The execution of an advance directive allows an individual to control the medical care they receive in future end-of-life situations, when they become unable to consent to or refuse a specific medical treatment or a course of treatments. Every state governs the use of advance directives with its own laws so an individual must utilize a state-specific directive to ensure legal execution of the document.

    • Word count: 2606
  16. Compare and contrast any two models of mental health & illness,paying particular attention to the implications of each model for the provision of care.

    (p.71) Within the bio-medical model, abnormal behaviour is termed, according to Davison, (1974) as pathological and its classification occurs on the basis of symptoms, classification being identified as diagnosis. The bio-medical model is of the belief, suggests Martin (1980) psychological problems and abnormal behaviour are analogous to physical abnormalities. Types of behaviour such as, hallucinations, extreme shyness, and premature ejaculation are considered, for example, symptoms of illness. Hallucinations typically interpreted as the symptom of psychotic illness (insanity), and excessive shyness the symptom of neurotic illness. These symptoms, comments Rachman (1975) are in general construed to have an inner cause.

    • Word count: 2391
  17. Factors that have positively affected the individuals health and well-being.

    According to the UK Medical Council on Alcoholism, the definition of 'light drinking' is fewer than eight units a week for men and fewer than six for women. * 5.9million people in Britain drink twice the recommended daily guidelines on occasions * Deaths from cirrhosis have risen 500 per cent since 1970 * Around 5,000 under-15s are admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning in England a year. Excessive drnking can cause: * Mouth, neck, stomach, liver, bowel, and breast cancer * Heart disease * Impaired bone formation and osteoporosis * Digestive problems such as ulcers, liver cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis.

    • Word count: 2629
  18. how safe are sunbeds

    Sun beds... Sun beds are becoming more and more popular. More than 10% of the population in northern Europe use sun beds to get a tan, and with more than 24% of British teenagers, aged 16-24, have used a sun bed. Britain has children as young as 13 with memberships to tanning salon. Sun bed contains fluorescent tubes which emit predominantly UVA and some UVB which both damage DNA in skin cells. Researchers say: "However, in recent years, lamps of sun beds have been manufactured that produced higher levels of UVB to mimic the solar spectrum and speed the tanning process.

    • Word count: 2256
  19. Case Study NHS

    NHS direct is a confidental health and advise line that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The advice they can give you ranges from what to do if a member of the family is ill to local health services such as doctors, dentists and out of hours pharmacies. NHS walk-in centres are a service that you can just walk in without having to have made an appointment that give quick and easy advise to health advise and treatment for minor illnesses or injuries.

    • Word count: 2056
  20. Some authors indicated that there might be a correlation between anaemia correction & delayed progression of CRF. A literature review is therefore proposed to find out whether the published literatures can provide an answer to the problem.

    Resources......................................................... page 11 10. Time-plan......................................................... page 12 11. References...................................................... page 12 1. Introduction: Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is one of the major health problems throughout the world. CRF starts with minimum degree of renal impairment & may remain asymptomatic for quite a long time. However, all CRF patients move to an End Stage Renal Failure (ESRF) in course of the disease. Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) which consists of Dialysis & Transplantation is the only treatment of ESRD. Dialysis and transplantation both are very expensive & time consuming procedure yet cannot guarantee a cure. As the incidence of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

    • Word count: 2107
  21. Cost of Smoking to Health

    Another 3,600 people die as a result of second-hand smoke at home. (Professor Konrad Jamrozik). Two thirds of adults do not smoke, most of these adults that do smoke start when they are young, usually in their early teens (Pete Sanders and Steve Myers). What is in cigarettes? When a person smokes they inhale about 4,000 chemicals through the mouth and into the lungs. (Health Education Authority) Some of these chemicals being: Acetic Acid that is vinegar, acetone that is nail polish remover, ammonia which is a powerful cleaning agent and arsenic that is a dangerous poison used as an insecticide.

    • Word count: 2052
  22. Free essay

    Breast feeding and weanng.

    * Mothers who breast feed can find it difficult to leave the baby for more than a few hours as no one else can do it unless her milk has been expressed. * Blood borne viruses such as hepatitis B or HIV and some medication can be passed on to the baby through breast milk. * Breast fed babies eat more often than bottle fed babies and therefore more milk is needed which puts more pressure on the mother at an exhausting time for her.

    • Word count: 2376
  23. In the period 1855 to 1956, did the Russian peasantry receive better treatment under Tzarist or Communist government?

    However this improved with Alexander II's reforms and improved their freedoms with local government reforms. These local councils called Zemstvas gave more personal freedom to the peasants as they elected the members on the council. The most drastic of Alexander II's reforms was end of serfdom. This radically changed the treatment of peasants as they had much more personal freedom as they weren't owned. Also freedom of movement as after the abolition of serfdom peasants could move and sell crops at the market, marry who they want and own property. In 1906 Stolypin was appointed Minister of the Interior and fundamentally improved the treatment of the peasants.

    • Word count: 2125
  24. Health and ill health questionnaire

    Do you smoke? Yes No (if no move on to question 13) 11) Why did you take up smoking and carry on with it now? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12) If you smoke cigarettes how many do you smoke a day? Under 10 11-20 21-30 31-40 40+ 13) How do you feel when people smoke around you? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14) Do you agree with the government's idea of banning smoking in public areas? Yes No 15) Why do you think this? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Diet 16)

    • Word count: 2553
  25. smokingIn this essay I will be looking at two opposing views on a controversial issue

    Many people take a stand against smoking, as they do not like the smell and because the health hazard invovled in such an act. When a smoker smokes they are not only polluting the enviroment they are also making pepole around them smoke. This type of smoking is called passive smoking, this can cause the internal body a lot of harm. Over the years, as the habit of smoking has increased the amount of people passive smoking has cosequently increased.

    • Word count: 2065

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