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AS and A Level: Simon Armitage

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  1. Mother any Distance by Simon Armitage

    This emphasizes that they have a strong and healthy relationship. He also talks about how he feels as he is moving further away from him mother. "...unreeling years between us.". he shows that he still feels attached to her even though he is moving away but at the same time he claims that he feels free and has to have his own responsibility. Now that he is moving houses, he feels a very big space between his mother and himself.

    • Word count: 606
  2. Cataract Operation Simon Armitage

    By changing everyday ordinary things into extraordinary images, the poet creates a vivid picture and a sense of movement. He does this through his choice of words, his use of colloquial expressions and his use of metaphor. Notice how he describes the pigeon. The expression "turns tail" is particularly effective because it suggests that the pigeon is turning and "taking flight", all in one quick movement. Comparing the tail to a magician fanning out a pack of cards also works well because it expresses the magic of a brief moment when the pigeon opens out its tail feathers.

    • Word count: 519
  3. Comparing the poems, Salome, Hitcher, On My First Sonne and The Man He Killed.

    The use of colloquialism makes the image even more menacing as we do not understand greatly of this man. Originally, it could be perceived as an old man who regrets his actions in the past. It however, could also be seen as a man who enjoyed killing but must come up with an excuse to the reasons for killing him. 'My foe of course he was, that's clear enough, although.' The poem "Hitcher" has a character that expresses violence in a completely different manner. The poem is a monologue where the speaker casually admits to possibly murdering an innocent hitchhiker.

    • Word count: 830
  4. Evaluating two poems by Simon Armitage, 'I've made out a will' and 'my father thought it b****y q***r.'

    This steady rhythm echoes the sound of a heart beating. The way the poet has described his body is humorous. "the jellies and tubes" This shows that the poet is not very concerned about what happens to his body once he has died. "loaf of brains" is a play on the cockney rhyming slang for head - loaf of bread. This again suggests that the poet doesn't value his body very highly. "they can have the lot" The tone of this phrase seems casual and almost neglectful.

    • Word count: 945
  5. A critical analysis of 'The Two of Us' by Simon Armitage.

    Hearing a stereo-typical common accent to describe these predominantly upper class things makes them seem even more unattainable. The accent also serves to create a detailed image of the speaker in the mind of the reader. The writer uses several methods to show how one man has things in excess and the other has nothing. 'Someone's seen you swimming lengths in gold top milk, me parched'. Now this is obviously litos but shows the sort of wealth this man has, and again reinforces the huge difference between the two men. In the opening paragraph the writer continually repeats the words 'You' and 'Your', this is a very impolite way of addressing someone and so from the very beginning the audience can tell the tone of the poem and that this is a very angry piece.

    • Word count: 878
  6. Comparison of 'Poem' and 'About His Person'.

    For example the third and fourth lines of the first stanza read, 'And he always tucked his daughter up at night And slippered her the one time that she lied.� Although there are more good than bad things mentioned, the bad is cleverly positioned at the end of the line and this seems to make it overshadow and even cancel out all of the positive actions mentioned. In the context of a eulogy the three positive lines could be what is being said with the last line representing the thoughts of those present at the funeral.

    • Word count: 708
  7. Simon Armitage uses language to explore interesting experiences. Use two poems to show how he does this.

    Later on in the poem the speaker talks about being in a science lab where the incident that he was bothered about took place. "When I held a pair of scissors by the blades And played the handles In the naked lilac flame of the Bunsen burner." This quotation is showing that the speaker is intending to do something very bad with the scissors. Also he describes his actions in such a way that it sounds like he is enjoying what he is doing and getting pleasure out of it.

    • Word count: 884
  8. How does Armitage expose the inadequacies in the characters of his poems?

    This shows how he does not have much of a conscience. This is re-affirmed by the fact that he did it twice and did not regret the evil deed. The man also has a short temper. For example he lost his cool with his wife and punched her in the face just because she laughed once. This poem also shows us that he is also inadequate in that he has a violent side to him.

    • Word count: 342
  9. Compare and contrast how feelings of love or presented in The Manhunt and Nettles

    poems about a fathers emotion and love towards his son when he gets injured my a bed of nettles ?my son aged three fell in the nettle bed. Bed seemed a curious name for those green spears, that regiment of spite behind the shed? Veron Scannell makes the structure tightly packed and makes the poem follow this rhyme scheme to increase the pace of the poem, he does this because the poems about revenge and his efforts to destroy the nettles that hurt his son, it could also represent his heart beat due to the pace.

    • Word count: 751

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