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Z For Zachariah.

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Z FOR ZACHARIAH The novel starts by introducing Ann burden, the only survivor of a nuclear war. Or that's what she thinks. Then a man comes in a plastic suit that protects him from the radiation. The valley that Ann lives in is free of radiation and the farm is run by her. The new intruder swims in a pond that is high in radiation, thinking that it is fine. Meanwhile Ann is hiding in a cave not sure whether to show herself. She doesn't know if he is dangerous or not but eventually she has no choice because he gets sick and she has to nurse him back to health. While he is sick he is too weak to talk and is pretty much in a coma for a while. He has a dream and sleep talks and Ann finds out that he murdered someone for the plastic suit. Another scientist called Edward. Eventually when he heals and is better he finds out that Ann knows how he murdered the other scientist for the suit. ...read more.


At the end though there is one more positive moment where he helps Ann by telling her where to go. The setting is very important in the book because by some freak of nature the valley survives and is not affected by the radiation where as everywhere else in the country was dead. From the people to the trees and plants everything is dead. The setting is memorable because the author does a good job of describing it in the first half of the book. There are three main characters in the book that have a major influence in the story as it progresses. Ann Burden who grew up on the farm and for some of the story looks after it. Mr. Loomis who came from a lab under the ground and had to kill a scientist so he could escape and look for a valley unaffected by the radiation. And the dog named Faro who was trained by Mr. Loomis and eventually found Ann's hideout. Ann's character develops in the book a bit. ...read more.


One theme in the book that I picked up was loneliness and how the characters handle being the freak survivors of such a big disaster. I think the author did a good job of this without making the book boring. He did this by getting inside Ann's head and told the reader what she was feeling. The style or the book is well-crafted. The character of Mr. Loomis gave the book some disturbing, unsettling moments which made the book interesting. The title Z for Zachariah is relevant to the characters because Ann remembers a book from when she was little. The book starts with A for Adam and ends with Z for Zachariah- the first and the last. I guess this relates to the characters because Ann thinks she is the last person on earth. In the book there is no prologue and the chapters range in length which can be good because after a really long chapter a short one usually follows. The story's order is chronological with Ann finding out about the past and remembering the past. I liked the book because it kept me reading and I didn't like to put it down. I think that is the sign of a good book. ...read more.

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