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AS and A Level: Other Historical Periods

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  1. The outbreak of the 1905 revolution was due to the grievances of the peasants Discuss

    The Okhrana (the Secret police at the time), and Army laid at the front of this despotic rule. The public always had to be wary of what they said as they never knew whether the Okhrana would be listening whilst the army took a violent approach to any form of rebellion. These forms protection arose due to Alexander II assassination in 1881. Alexander II was a reformer. Socially, he freed the serfs, drew up plans for investment in railways and he politically instituted new provincial council e.g.

    • Word count: 1885
  2. Russo Japanese War

    In fact, most of the population lived to the West side of the country because the eastern side, Siberia was not at all industrialized at this time. Most people lived in St Petersburg, the capital of Russia, remaining to become very crowded. This was a long term economic problem for the government, especially during the reign of Nicholas II showing the population had doubled from 65million to 130million from 1861-1905. This also effected/created other economic problems, one being a huge problem of communication across the country.

    • Word count: 890
  3. Did the Duke of Somerset play a game of political poker?

    However, this policy only pushed Scotland ever closer to the embrace of France. Despite the Battle of Pinkie appearing to be a step closer to Edward VI reclaiming suzerainty over the Scottish throne; in June 1548 6,000 French troops landed in Leith, capturing English forts and securing Mary Queen of Scots passage to her impending marriage to the Dauphin. The Duke of Somerset continued to jeopardise his political authority by ignoring the advice of the regency council and amassing an estimated 500,000 to pay for his obsession over the Treaty of Greenwich.

    • Word count: 452
  4. What can be learnt from a study of the Amesbury Archer and his grave goods?

    Tests were run on the teeth of the archer, and the results showed that he had grown up in the alpine region, however this could not determine how long he had been living in Britain for, although there was a second skeleton found near the archer, that was revealed to be related to him, and could possibly have been his son, who was raised in the Stonehenge area. This could infer that the Amesbury Archer may have been living in the local area for quite some time.

    • Word count: 765
  5. How far do the sources suggest that the British army leaders were not concerned with the welfare of soldiers in the Crimean War?

    Moreover, within this source which is a letter to Queen Victoria which was written to persuade her that he himself was doing his utter most that he could for the troops but even with this, Raglan had let slip that there had obviously been problems and he had known this as he states that ?much has been said in private letters of the inefficiency? but continues to write to persuade that he had not done wrong. As this had been a letter to the Queen from Lord Raglan himself we can not entirely trust its provenance as he would not have been willing to straight up admit all his faults.

    • Word count: 658
  6. Isolated, backwards and weak how far do you agree with this assessment of Russia by the 1680s?

    This is isolated Russia due to no access to western countries through sea or land. Transportation was a major problem. The rivers Volga and don flow contrariwise, away from St Petersburg and Moscow, which as population grew, desperately needed the grain from the fertile south and later iron for industry. For many months each year, rivers and ports were blocked by ice and subsequently made impassable by spring floods. The rudimentary roads were likewise subject to the weather. The first signs of iron production in the North West and at Tula, south of Moscow.

    • Word count: 1263
  7. Maos Leadership was the crucial factor in the Communists winning the 1945 Civil War. How far do you agree with this statement?

    There were many reasons for this, and probably chief among these reasons was that they neglected the needs of the majority of the population; the peasants. The peasants made up around 80% of the population of China, and they were mainly farmers with little of anything ? land, possessions, or money. They had been ruled over by cruel warlords for some time, and had waited for changes to come which would improve their lives and, more importantly for them, their income.

    • Word count: 1493
  8. The Relationships Between French, British And Indians in the New World.

    Over the closing period of the 17th century they suffered terrible losses. This lead to the Grand Settlement of 1701 which saw the League pledged neutrality and made agreements with the French that they could hunt on lands north of the Great Lakes and trade with them at Fort Detroit. At the same time an agreement was made with the British that saw them cede the land north of the Great Lakes to them each side knew nothing of either treaty.

    • Word count: 913
  9. To What Extent Does History show that there is no such thing as absolute power?

    King Tutankhamen was made a pharaoh after his father king Akhenaten (formerly Amenhotep IV) and ascended the throne in 1333BC at the age of nine years old. The argument over history that a leader could have absolute power is during the 18th Dynasty when Akhenaten and Tutankhamen ruled which can be proven by ?despotism? which was the unlimited power and authority of Pharaoh?s and is further promoted by the Egyptian peoples viewing the ruling pharaoh as a god, the sun of the sun-god Ra, and not merely a representative but an incarnation of the falcon-headed god to be the successor of Osiris.

    • Word count: 2835
  10. All through the 18th century to the 20th century the long distance migrations played a major role on continuities and changes throughout the entire world

    In the 1700's the slave trade that kept growing and become very large. In the 19th century the transport of Africans started to decrease because slaves were reproducing at high numbers and people began setting abolitionist movements within the Americas. Therefore, by the 19th century, there were some clear changes in the purpose of the migration. However, many people still moved from Europe to America for religious freedom and to start a new life. By the 20th century the slave trade and the triangular trade was technically nonexistent but there still was a large amount of European migration to the Americas fleeing away from their poor conditions which shows the continuity of the migration even for different reasons.

    • Word count: 813
  11. How far do you agree that the peculiar method of Ottoman succession was ultimately detrimental to Ottoman power?

    The peculiar method of Ottoman succession was detrimental to Ottoman power because each son would gather supporters to support them throughout their provincial governorships, and this in turn meant that when the Sultan passed away, the sons would rally the people, and use them against each other, cause revolts and strikes, making the country chaotic. The consequences were even worse when one of the sons started killing their brothers/half-brothers in order to claim the throne as quickly as they could as it would cause more discontent between the people.

    • Word count: 580
  12. Bill Clinton Essay

    In his adult life, he traveled to North Korea as a private citizen and to Haiti with his wife. Bill was very honest about the problems in our country. He tried his very hardest to cure all of them. He believed in all the things Martin Luther King Jr. believed in, he was very kind and reached out to help and talk to anyone he could. He was diagnosed with heart disease in 2004. He married Hillary Rodham-Clinton and they had their daughter Chelsea on February 27th 1980.

    • Word count: 788
  13. Joan of Arc Biography

    Joan was like any other peasant girl in the 15th century. She could not read or write, but she worked hard on her father's farm and acquired her faith and prayers from her mother. In the village she was remembered as a good and simple girl. She had three brothers and a sister who died at a young age. As a peasant, she always remained close to home and didn't even consider leaving the village until she was thirteen and had begun hearing voices.

    • Word count: 1032
  14. Evalute the importance, strengths and weaknesses of the Spartan Army

    This developed an extremely capable war force in which one Spartan warrior had the ability ?to take on three Greeks? [4]alone, showing that one of the most predominant Spartan strengths was the well trained nature of all Spartiates. However in having a training system so far advanced that the skills and warfare knowledge of the average soldier mirrored those of an official, contradictions arose as lower ranked captain?s disobeyed orders based on their own interpretations of the field. This is shown through the battle of Mantinea as the Spartan King commanded a change in battle formation ?but he was not

    • Word count: 1694

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