Applying Theory to Practical - Football.

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Section A – Applying Theory to Practical

ii) Physical Aspects

1) The major coaching points of one named essential skill in the chosen activity.

Activity: Football

The major coaching points that I will be looking into football are the attacking and defending skills, which are essential to the game. 

I am first of all going to start with the attacking side of football and what players skills will involve in this area of the game are as follows:



. Shooting for goal.

. Dribbling..

. Heading the ball.


The great saying here for strikers or any attacking player is if you do not shoot to often enough you will never score. The key issue of an attacking game is being able to score if given the chance; the best way in doing so is to place the ball into the net with great power. The way in which you do this is by pointing the non-striking foot towards the target and draw back the other foot. To then get the greater accuracy use the wide area of your foot, which is in the inner side and is called the instep. Finally with a good firm contact try to steer the ball as far away from the keeper as possible. But at times the passing shot is not available due to where you are on the pitch, and the keeper’s position. This is where you must be able to adapt your shooting technique to these conditions. It also gives you an element of surprise so the keeper cannot read where or how you are going to shoot.


Basically trying to keep the ball close to your feet as possible and running with the ball at speed. Make sure you can use both instep and outside of the foot to keep the ball under control. The balance of dribbling is another issue as it is the platform from which your body can change direction in an instant and leave the defenders standing. Beating the defender this is basically dribbling the ball and using body feints to catch the defender of balance and to keep the defender guessing, so they cannot make a tackle successfully.

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Three types of heading techniques that are used when attacking are:

1. Diving header - this is used to get on front of the defender, and when it is going to be the able way you can reach the ball to make contact. To do a diving header you must keep your eye on the ball when leaping in the air, and with your forehead direct the ball where you want it to go.

2. Flick on header - this is used as a surprise attack and is used to pass onto an attacker ...

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