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GCSE: George Eliot

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  1. Silas Marner was a skilled handloom linen-weaver, of simple life who had come to live in the village of Raveloe.

    In fact Dane had conspired with his fianc�e whom he wished to marry and framed Silas by taking advantage of his loss of consciousness due to hin having an epileptic fit. Although this was bad enough, the church elders found him guilty by the drawing of lots. In Silas�s young mind not only his fellow man but God himself had abandoned him. After that he didn�t trust anyone and even lost his religious belief. Therefore when he came to Raveloe he threw himself in to his work.

    • Word count: 1484
  2. Analysis of quotes from 'The Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock' by T.S Eliot.

    Prufrock feels he is confined to h**l and a life of loneliness in a lonely, alienating city. The images of the city are sterile and deathly; the night sky looks "Like a patient etherised upon a table". The use of enjambment, the running over of lines, further conveys the eeriness and sense of foreboding Prufrock has towards his bleak surroundings. This debasement continues throughout the poem, literally in the images and figuratively in their emotional associations for Prufrock. The above images all speak to some part of Prufrock's personality. The etherised patient, for instance, reflects his inability to act while the images of the city depict a certain lost loneliness.

    • Word count: 922
  3. Discuss the instances of injustice and justice in

    Most people in Maycomb are r****t except for the more middle class people such as Atticus and Miss Maudie. People like Miss Stephanie Crawford are prejudiced against people who are different such as Boo Radley. Raveloe is also a prejudiced town. Silas Marner is not sociable and because people do not know his background as well, they treat him differently. Throughout the novel fear prejudice and injustice are dominant themes related directly to history, superstition and religion. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Africans were imported into Southern States to work as slaves on plantations growing cotton. Slaves could be bought and sold like goods and owned by their masters.

    • Word count: 2924
  4. George Eliot is credited for a style of writing that brings characters and settings vibrantly to life. Explain how she does this in 'Silas Marner', focussing on the story of Silas himself.

    It was in fact William Dane, Silas's best friend who stole the gold but he had framed Silas. It is in this chapter where we find out that Silas Marner was a religious man. "Silas knelt with his brethren, relying on his own innocence being certified by divine interference..." This means that Silas knew he was an innocent man and he was relying on God to believe and help him. In Lantern Yard, Silas was known for his devotion to his chapel and religion. His beloved church, his friend William Dane, and his fianc�e Sarah all considered Silas to be guilty.

    • Word count: 2658
  5. Compare the ways in which George Elliot in 'Silas Marner' and Susan Hill in 'I'm the king of the castle' present the importance of children in the English class system.

    When they arrive things go badly from the start for Charles. The boy Mrs Kingshaw is governing is Edmund Hooper, (son of Joseph Hooper) is destined to inherit the Warings estate. Edmund considers himself better than Charles because of this he also thinks that he has power over Charles. This is shown in the way Edmund bullies Charles and also in the way he acts round him. The superiority that Edmund thinks he has over Charles is based on ownership. "This house is mine" attitude, even though the house is not yet Edmunds shows this.

    • Word count: 610
  6. Silas Marner - By George Elliot - Goodnight Mr. Tom - By Michelle Magorian - How is the child's relationship with his or her carer presented by each of these writers? How are we made interested in these relationships?

    Similarly in Silas Marner, his betrayal by his friend makes him feel lonely and isolated also. Silas must have felt very betrayed, both by his friend, and by God, who failed to clear him of the charges wrongly brought against him. His betrayal by these figures, results in a total loss of faith in both people and God, leaving Silas to think that "there is no just God that governs the earth righteously, but a God of lies, that bears witness against the innocent".

    • Word count: 2674
  7. How does the child affect the new community and their carer? How does the new environment affect the child? What changes happen to the child and carer because of each other's presence in their new lives?

    When Silas received ".. the message from Sarah, that she held her engagement to him at an end" Silas left the town. This was probably because he had nothing there left to live for. Silas Marner has lived in the village of Raveloe for fifteen years, but is still considered and outsider. Nevertheless, his weaving is in much demand and he grows rich Silas throws himself into his weaving, "...reducing his life to the unquestioning activity of a spinning insect.","...so to bridge the loveless chasms of his life.".

    • Word count: 1029
  8. Silas Marner - Eppie is significant to the novel. Discuss her Character and her importance in the novel.

    Silas brings the child with him to Squire Cass's house to fetch the doctor. Godfrey recognises the child in Silas's arms as his own. He fears that Molly is alive, but when he and the doctor rush to Silas's cottage and finds Molly's body, he sees that the woman Silas had found is indeed his wife, and that she is dead. The villagers are surprised by Silas's statement that he wants to keep the child, but they feel warmer toward him.

    • Word count: 2034
  9. Who is the greater villain? Godfrey or Dunstan.

    All the villainous things Godfrey has done, such as taken money from one of his fathers tenants and given it to Dunstan he has done because he is a coward, not because he is villainous. The villagers see Godfrey as a 'fine open-faced, good-natured young man.' They seam concerned that he is going to loose Nancy Lammeter. 'If he went on in that what, he would loose Miss Nancy Lammeter.' The villagers also realize there is something wrong with Godfrey.

    • Word count: 1141
  10. The extracts from Silas Marner and Spoonface Steinberg describe situations which are highly emotional. How does this successfully does each writer convey this depth of feeling to you?

    Spoonface loves to listen to opera music and this features dramatically in the play. I do feel sympathy for Eppie because it must be hard for her now knowing now who her real father is. It is quite a set-back in her life when things are going well. Then something comes along like this and takes the wind of her. Silas is a very caring person, and Eppie knows this deep down in her heart even though he isn't her real father she realises she cannot desrt Silas after living with him for most of her life.

    • Word count: 1296
  11. Were the villagers of Raveloe justified in Being wary about Silas Marner.

    Mrs Winthrop was the first person to make contact with him. She brought her son Aaron and home-made lard cakes. Silas Marner is not very talkative, probably due to his past treatment. She gives him his Sunday meat. Just before he eats Silas goes to count his shiny coins but then realises them missing. Dunsey had stolen his gold. Silas unaware goes in to vehemence. He now begins to work harder and harder. Money, even though materialistic was Silas's life. " The sight of a empty hole made his heart leap with terror." Silas now has nothing to live for.

    • Word count: 1787
  12. Discuss how the Communities of Lantern Yard and Raveloe influence the Development of Silas Marner's Character.

    We also see early on in the novel that Silas had a clear ability to love. A religious man, he found enjoyment in the debate of religious matters and he fell in love with a woman named Sarah. He was, however, betrayed by his best friend William Dane (Waif) and brought to a type of trial by the community elders. He placed his trust in God to save him but was found guilty when the readers are aware of his innocence: "God will clear me....The lots declare Silas Marner is guilty." This falsehood causes Silas to lose his faith and he cries out against God, for where he had been suffering, knowing of his innocence, he is left desperate and embittered that his fate was decided so callously: "You stole the money (William)

    • Word count: 2849
  13. The Battle of Mons

    Thus, even exposed units could shield themselves quickly, allowing them a chance to fight back. In itself, this was an impressive retreat, in that British training and equipment allowed them to greatly reduce injuries and loss of life. Grim as the outcome was, it could have been much worse. By Christmas 1915, widespread rumors had taken the credit for the successful retreat away from the hard-working British soldiers, and had given it to a supernatural agent. The story said that St. George himself, patron of England, had led a host of angels and ghostly warriors from the past to shield the British retreat.

    • Word count: 719
  14. Compare 'Silas Marner' and 'Of Mice and Men' and discuss the theme of Outsiders

    George Eliot wrote with sympathy, wisdom and realism about English country people in small towns. She wrote seriously about moral and social problems, but her characters are living portraits. John Steinbeck was an American author. Steinbeck's best fiction sympathetically explores the struggles of poor people. He set much of his fiction in and around his birthplace of Salinas, Calif. 'Of Mice and Men' is taken from a poem by Robert Burns about a field mouse whose home is destroyed by ploughing. The language in 'Silas Marner' belongs to the middle 19th Century. It is formal and quite artificial and very different from modern day speech.

    • Word count: 2677
  15. Silas Marner - George Eliot wrote that her story of Silas Marner "sets in a strong light the remedial influences of pure, natural human relations". Show how Silas' character changes and develops in the course of the book.

    "But God will clear me" The lots declared that Silas was guilty. This is when Silas lost his faith in God and people. His faith in God was lost, because God allowed him to have the fits, which were used to frame him, and because there was no divine intervention from God in the drawing of the lots to clear him. Silas lost faith in people because he was used and betrayed by his best friend William Dane who benefited from Silas' alienation from Lantern Yard as he then married the one person Silas loved, Sarah.

    • Word count: 1879
  16. Compare the style and sentiment expressed in Cider with Rosie and Silas Marner. What are their distinguishing features?

    Therefore it was necessary for George Eliot to have set this book at an earlier date than it was written. Cider with Rosie is an autobiography and is therefore written in the first person about something that really happened, although 'some facts maybe distorted by time'. His life is told in a fragmentary way. For example, there is a chapter purely about his mother, and then one on what he remembers about winter and summer. After that, he recalls an incident when he was taken ill and writes a chapter called 'Sick Boy'.

    • Word count: 2503
  17. How does George Eliot portray the changes of the character Silas Marner?

    He looses Religion and trust, which makes him very isolated. She makes him seem like a very dark strange character by using phrases such as 'The little light that he possessed spread its beams so narrowly, that frustrated belief was a curtain broad enough to create for him the blackness of night'. In other words its made out that Marner has nothing to look forward to because of his loss of faith. His loneliness in emphasised when he seems to find company in his money. George Eliot describes them as his 'seeds of desire', this makes you think that money is the most important thing in Marner's life.

    • Word count: 2694
  18. 'Silas Marner' by George Eliot Aim: To examine the place of superstition and religious belief in the novel

    The book was a success and George Eliot soon published more novels all of which involved key events that mirrored Mary-Anne's own life, in Silas Marner for example, Silas is seen as an outsider in Raveloe and soon becomes the subject of village conversation - this was a situation that Mary-Anne was forced to face as due to her various lovers she too became a subject of gossip and she, like Silas, turned to isolation for comfort. Silas Marner, George Eliot's fourth masterpiece is an enchanting tale that follows Silas Marner losing faith in God due to his unjust conviction,

    • Word count: 2144
  19. With reference to the novel 'Silas Marner,' demonstrate how Eliot conveys her opinion on the changing face of rural England in the early 1800's

    They are wary of newcomers, and tend to exclude them from their daily life. They rely on each other frequently, as is demonstrated after the theft of Silas' money. Even though Silas is not a particularly active or indeed popular member of the community, when he loses all his money, although at first they don't believe him, the people of Raveloe are willing to try to help rectify the situation. They calm Silas down; 'Come, come Master Marner,' and 'Let's have no more shouting and screaming,' so he is reassured he will get help in reclaiming his money.

    • Word count: 1398
  20. How is Silas Marner changed by his experiences in Raveloe?

    The word "lurked" is quite sinister. The innocence and as well as the physical description of Silas Marner is expressed by the words such as "trusting" and "defenceless", and hints that he wasn't at all suspecting what would happen to him. (Similar to the modern phrase "Like a deer in the lights of a speeding car.") The way the descriptions of the outsides of people are similar to their insides is almost fairytale-like. This event left him helplessly alone with no purpose in life and drove him to moving far away, hoping to leave his troubles behind.

    • Word count: 2384
  21. “Silas Marner” is a story of redemption through love. Show how Silas is redeemed, but Godfrey’s loss is permanent.

    George Eliot shows this contrast throughout the play and this helps to keep the readers interested. In some ways though Silas and Godfrey are not so different. Even though Silas lives in a small cottage next to the Stone Pits and his cottage is tiny compared to the size of Godfrey's huge house. Silas is not very wealthy at all a though and cherishes what money he has, Godfrey is extremely rich. The food that Godfrey eats is beautiful and very expensive where as Silas eats very poorly. Godfrey never has to do anything for himself he has servants to do everything and he also attends a lot of parties and has a very relaxed and laid back lifestyle.

    • Word count: 1448
  22. Has Katherine Paterson written a story, which ends happily or unhappily?

    Gillys Nan introduces herself and secretly pays Gillys mum to visit her. Gilly goes to live with Nonnie, but in the end chapter tells Trotter she wants to come back. Galadriel Hopkins is an unhappy child. Her need to know her mother is very strong and takes over her life. When the story begins, Gilly is very unhappy. She is eleven years old and unkempt. In the opening chapter we see her first meeting Maime Trotter and her opinion of her is not a nice one. Gilly thinks that the only way she can be happy is to find her mother and live with her.

    • Word count: 1285
  23. Forgive But Never Forget

    It use to scare drivers half to death. It would be the second Christmas without him now. She found tears rolling down her cheeks. They were cold and she wiped them away in disgust. She had not cried for him since the funeral. She had cried on the inside though, cried a million times a night. She cried on the inside till she could cry no more and she ached from it all. That's why she had decided to go away to college.

    • Word count: 2574
  24. How is Silas Marner's life changed after the arrival of Eppie? Comment on ways in which language varies andchanges.

    There is no just God that governs the earth righteously, but a God of lies, that bears witness against the innocent.' Silas is expelled from Lantern Yard for what he was supposed to have done, and this had a profound effect on him. He became very secluded and didn't have trust in anyone. He was a bit of a loner. I think that this had such a big effect on him because he was such a weak person. He was always very loyal, doing nothing wrong, trustworthy and very honest.

    • Word count: 1130
  25. Life of George Washington

    Washington early ambition was to go to sea, but his mother prominent and effectively discouraged it. Then George turns to surveying and securing. His first appointment was to survey Lord Fairfax's lands in the Shenandoah Valley. He also helped Virginia town of Belhaven be lay out. He was appointed surveyor for Culpeper County. When Washington and his brother Barbados tried to help cure Lawrence of tuberculosis but in that effort Lawrence died in 1752. After they returned. Washington inherited the Mount Vernon estate I. Which he expanded to about 7,300 acres by 1799. Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis when she was twenty six year old on January 1759.

    • Word count: 1010

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