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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    China's One Child Policy Ks3 Yr 9 Geography Assessment Marked 7c

    5 star(s)

    He is noted to have frequently stated "with every mouth comes two hands attached". Mao urged the population to grow to such an extent that by the end of his reign China's population would have doubled in size. However, in the early 1960s Mao and the Chinese government began see that rapid population growth (particularly in the cities) was unfavourable for economic and social development. The population was now increasing by 55million every 3 years! They began to reintroduce contraceptives and start to carry out family planning (restraining and encouraging families to have fewer children) in rural and urban areas.

    • Word count: 2061
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Geography isle of dogs

    4 star(s)

    As the decline hit, fewer Dockers were needed to work and this caused a state of poverty in a minute scale of workers as the only job they ever had was on the docks and a change from that was just not in their interests. Also foreign nations were willing to work more hours for less money and this caused a lack of work opportunities for workers from the docklands area. Location of fieldwork Chapter 2: Methodology In this chapter I will be explaining how my data that I have collected is needed to prove or disprove my hypothesis and aims.

    • Word count: 2391
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Economics Coursework- Traffic Congestion

    4 star(s)

    On Sunnybank road every weekday morning there is a lot of congestion as it leads to Leeds and Huddersfield. A problem of congestion is that the journey times of the driver's increase that causes a lot of anger and frustration and in the worst case leads to road rage. With the increase in journey times people can be late for school or work because of this congestion. Another problem would be that there is a lot of pollution created by the congestion. Air and noise pollution are created. There is too much carbon monoxide emissions that let out into the environment, which is damaging to the environment and people's health.

    • Word count: 2557
  4. Peer reviewed

    How can urban living be sustainable

    4 star(s)

    A landfill is carefully structured to isolate it from the surrounding environment (groundwater etc). To do this the often have a bottom liner, made out of either clay (called a sanitary landfill) or a plastic liner (MSW landfill). Greengairs landfill site in Scotland is the biggest in Britain and Europe with over 750,000 tonnes being dumped each year. However landfills have two major problems being there is too much rubbish and they releases 27% of Britain's methane emissions. To try and solve this problem, one of the methods used is incineration.

    • Word count: 2478
  5. Tourism has a negative impact on Castleton a honey pot location

    Shows how far people are going to travel to visit this place Methodology We collected data to test our 4 different concepts and 1 of my own ideas to test how tourism affects Castleton. The first aspect we tested was traffic congestion by doing a traffic count. We went to three roads that lead in and out of Castleton and over a 10 minute period we counted how many cars, lorries, bikes and other vehicles travelled towards the centre and away from the centre of Castleton.

    • Word count: 2188
  6. This assignment will be focused on the nature of travel and tourism environment by giving the example of a Famous UK tourist destination (Oxford) while reflecting the learning outcomes.

    So it is clear that the tourism was started to take off through the help of transport development. However, the First World War in 1914 interrupted the flowering age of railway and the same way to the travel and tourism. In other way, since wars are the improving stage of forming new technologies, the expansion of road and considerable investment in aviation had occurred. With the more development in transport and transport related infrastructure, a new design of tourism which is called leisure tourism was introduced. Then, it moves to tourism take-off stage, it is from the period of 1945 to present time.

    • Word count: 2497
  7. Shanghai,China. This assignment is a report which is about a famous destination of a tourism developed countries by analyzing their physical, cultural, social features and its impact on the local society as a famous destination.

    Top 10 most visited cities by estimated number of international visitor by selected year. City Country International visitors (millions) Year/Notes Paris France 15.6 2008 (Excluding extra-muros visitors) London Uk 14.8 2008 Bangkok Thailand 10.21 2008 (External study estimation) Singapore Singapore 10.1 2008 New York US 9.5 2008 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 8.94 2008(External study estimation) Hong Kong Hong Kong 7.94 2008(Excluding visitor from China) Dubai UAE 7.58 2008 Istanbul Turkey 7.05 2008 Shanghai China 6.7 2007 (table-2) Most Visited Countries By International Tourist Arrivals Rank Country UNWTO regional market International Tourist Arrivals(million)

    • Word count: 2814
  8. Free essay

    Country profile. This paper is about the Netherlands. Im going to tell something about the culture and history of the Netherlands. Which holidays do we have? The demography of the Netherland.

    On 5 december we celebrate St. Nicolas, but that isn't a holiday. St. Marten is also a Christian party, but it isn't national. In the Netherlands we celebrate just like in any other places new years eve. Each province has its traditional dishes and delicacies such as boluses from Zeeland, Bossche bulbs from 's-Hertogenbosch in North Brabant and Limburg flan. The Netherlands is also familiar for their cheese and their Dutch herring. What is also very known about the Netherlands are the clogs. They were invented over 800 years ago so it's a part of our culture and history.

    • Word count: 2645

    The greenhouse effect is named after 'a greenhouse' because of the way it heats the Earth. A greenhouse is basically a small glass house. They are used to grow plants and work by trapping heat from the sun. The glass panels let in light and keep it from escaping. This causes the greenhouse to heat up and it keeps the plants warm especially in the winter. The greenhouse effect is similar to the process in which plants are kept warm in a greenhouse but it is more complicated.

    • Word count: 2247

    I will use the eight main characteristics above in my assessment when explaining the indicators as a confirmation to why Zimbabwe is a LEDC and why France is a MEDC. I will now start my assessment by providing background knowledge about my two chosen countries: France and Zimbabwe. France is located in Western Europe and also has various other territories in North America, the Caribbean, South America, the southern Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica. France covers 547,030 square kilometres (211,209 square miles), and has the largest area in the European Union and second largest in Europe.

    • Word count: 2413
  11. Geography Kenya coursework - Part 3

    40,000 people are directly employed in the tourism industry, with thousands more jobs being connected to this industry. This means that a lot more people in Kenya get a better way of living because of the jobs they get from tourism. Jobs will also be offered to locals who will benefit from this. A lot of new jobs are created this way and opens jobs such as balloonist jobs, lodging jobs and mini bus jobs. The money gained from tourism has previously helped to improve roads and build more houses in Kenya.

    • Word count: 2666
  12. Geography Conclusion- traffic congestion

    I agree with this hypothesis due to the evidence that I gathered via the questionnaire and the traffic count. Both of these results accumulated together supported this hypothesis in some aspects. For example, through the traffic count we can see that there are an enormous number of cars arriving into the city during mornings and vast quantities of vehicles leaving the city at lunch-time and in the afternoon. Both incoming and outgoing where mainly dominated by cars. The two graphs show, traffic going into and out of Birmingham City Centre support the hypothesis as they clearly show, the vast number of vehicles entering and leaving the City Centre.

    • Word count: 2261
  13. Why Kingston Upon Thames has any of the characteristics a standard CBD

    Recently Kingston upon Thames was drastically redeveloped. In the past, Kingston Upon Thames suffered from a number of different problems like a lack of spaces to park vehicles, "grid-lock" and long queues in the town centre at rush hour, furthermore the city centre became an unattractive area that had a lack of evening and night entertainment. As a result to this it faced competition from shops that are not situated in the city centre and was at risk of falling into urban decline.

    • Word count: 2155
  14. The aim of this project is to define the boundary of the CBD of Stamford through an investigation with the use of both primary and secondary data.

    The CBD is mainly used for shops and offices rather than manufacturing purposes because of the high land value. The land is too expensive to be utilized for manufacturing due to its low profit margin and its requirement of large amount of space. The ground floor is often used for shops, whilst the higher floors are used for offices and professional services. 7. There will be a higher number of pedestrians due to large amounts of commercial activity, which in turn attracts more shops, creating a multiplier effect.

    • Word count: 2973
  15. An Investigation into Shopping patterns in horncastle

    Regular buses run to Lincoln, Skegness, and across the Wolds. The Viking Way long-distance footpath also runs through Horncastle. Location Fig.1 Map of UK and maps of all UK cities Fig. 2 Map of Lincoln Including town Fig 3 Map of Horncastle Including Street My Hypothesis My Hypothesis First is that 'the environment in outer town areas is better than the inner town areas' What are the inner town, outer town and environment? Outer town Horncastle is an outer town. As you know Horncastle On the concentric zone model it ranges from middle class housing to further outskirts.

    • Word count: 2106
  16. World Resources - scarcity and conflict. Views on the future.

    When the first maps of the world were created, many parts of the world were not discovered and therefore because society in that day and age believed in sea creatures and mermaids and other such things, everyone thought two things, firstly that at the end of the world was limitless and secondly that at the end of the worlds there were sea monsters. The first maps of the world were flat. Naturally many incorrect assumptions had been made, the world was not limitless and of course no sea monsters.

    • Word count: 2918
  17. Tourism on Grassington

    Grassington is found in North Yorkshire in the Pennine Uplands, in the Yorkshire dales national park. People flock to the national park for all kinds of outdoor activities and for stuffy. Many go for sightseeing or hiking and climbing. There are many other attractions in the dales such as the limestone scenery, which would attract sightseers; caves, Bolton abbey and Melham cove are some examples of attractions. The Yorkshire dales is also a place for a largely city based population to have the opportunity to explore open and attractive countryside. Chart (B) shows a profile of the Yorkshire Dales.

    • Word count: 2058
  18. aids action plan

    HIV can be transmitted through contact with bodily fluids ( v*****l fluid,blood and s***n). Methods of transmission include unprotected s*x, sharing of needles or syringes (for drug injection) and blood transfusions. Altough it is rare, because in most countries blood is screened for HIV antibodies, the transmission of HIV is most dangerous through blood transfusion. The most common way of transmission is through unprotected s*x. During v*****l intercourse, s***n and v*****l fluids come in contact, and during a**l intercouse s***n and blood come in contact.

    • Word count: 2198
  19. How does the sphere of influence of a computer shop change as it becomes larger?

    Therefore, I needed to measure the size of each shop to see whether or not the amount of people entering each shop increased as the size also increased. Amount of people entering and leaving - I needed to know this because hypothesis 1a was to find out how the amount of people entering and leaving the shop changed as the shop got larger. Bi-polar analysis - I needed to know this because I wanted to see if the larger shops were located in a more pleasant area as opposed to the smaller shops.

    • Word count: 2162
  20. Free essay

    Development Variations

    I have chosen China as my NIC as it has developed rapidly and is closing the development gap with the MEDC's, and I have chosen Uganda for my LEDC which has seen much more limited development for the majority of people and shows few signs of closing the development gap. Map of global differences in development During the past fifty years the countries that have developed successfully are South American countries for example Mexico's GDP/Capita has risen by 11%, and East Asian countries.

    • Word count: 2127
  21. Farming Systems

    techniques operated by computers- milking + feeding cows, rearing chickens in battery units * Machinery gets more expensive- farmers who can afford it buy land and farms from neighbours- cost of machinery may only be recovered and justified by creating larger economic units * Bigger fields- removal of hedgerows- combine harvesters can be used * Decrease in numbers employed in agriculture- increased mechanisation, urbanisation and industrialisation * Expense of buying and running a farm has increased- more are being run by food processing companies- agribusiness * Improved yields- increase in the use of fertilisers and pesticides, better strains, faster growing

    • Word count: 2307
  22. Globalisation in India

    Organisations like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Trade Organisation (WTO) have been created to monitor international trade. Globalisation and India After World War II, India rapidly decolonised. The political figures of the time set India on a path which they hoped would return it to cultural authenticity and self-assured identity. Rather than bringing benefits, this policy led the nation to adopting inward looking trade and investment strategies in the 1960s and 1970s emphasised economic self-sufficiency in terms of industrial production.

    • Word count: 2917
  23. Geography Grpah Analysis - Traffic on routes leading into Birmingham

    It also is the reason for why there are more jobs emerging in Birmingham as this age group is known as the working age. The next 2 age group consists of 41% of the people asked. The 31-40 age group (21%) and 41-50 (20%) age group. The range of these age group is 9 years therefore we can expect a lesser population in these age groups in comparison to the others. However these two are included in the working age so therefore we can believe that many of these citizens have come to work.

    • Word count: 2706
  24. Nottingham Lace Market

    The environmental qualities are ranked on my personal opinion and are not based on published figures. I am also going to use photos to compare the differences in the area from the two different time periods. The Lace Market is a good area to study changes in land use because it is an area that has had so many dramatic changes in recent years. This area of Nottingham has changed form being a highly industrial place from where lace was manufactured and stored in great quantities to being redeveloped into a clean, modern and prosperous area with luxury apartments in the city centre.

    • Word count: 2524
  25. china one child policy

    law in china is that only one child is permitted per family (family = one married couple), however this is argued as it is only strongly reinforced in urban city areas where it is over populated. Unlike Urban areas,in the rural areas families are permitted to have two children - however this only applies if the families first child was a girl, or if the boy had a disability. There is also another exception & this is for farmers with difficulties such as a shortage in labor power.

    • Word count: 2041

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare two seaside towns that I visited in March 2003. The two towns, Frinton-on-Sea and Walton-on the-Naze can be located side by side on the east coast of Britain.

    "My results for the town centre EQA shows that my opinion for the two towns was very different from one another. But, for the seafront EQA the results show that I don't really have an opinion on either of the two towns. This has affected my conclusion as it helps to disprove one of my predictions. Perhaps the reason for this is that I didn't try hard enough to differentiate between the two seafronts at the time of the trip. If I had tried to be more self-convincing about how I did the marking, I would have acquired better and more reliable results. I could improve my methods by being more accurate about my opinions and the results that I got. 1"

  • The aim of this project is to identify and discuss relevant Synergies, Dependencies, Vulnerabilities and Conflicts between Air Traffic Services and Airport Operations.

    "Conclusion The interface between ATS and AO is a vital part of the Aviation System. Both these elements aim to promote safe and efficient air transportation. AO focus upon the transition of passengers and cargo to and from aircraft and airport whereas ATS focus upon the transition of aircraft between airports. Air travel has increased rapidly during the past 30 years and will continue to do so. Air traffic control systems and airport operations have increased their role in the system and both most work effectively to ensure air travel safety. Airport capacity will continue to expand to accommodate for airport operations and aircraft and so the air traffic control system has to be efficient in dealing with the rise of movements. Information Source"

  • Compare the jobs of property owners and the change in pricing of properties over the years.

    "This graph shows the ranges in prices of different kinds of properties. Quite obviously, we see that house have a greater average price than any of the other kinds. The results from Terrace properties show a big range. These results don't seem very reliable - as there are only 2 results, which seem to contradict each other. Suites, quite obviously are quite expensive - as much as some of the houses. However, again there is one record to draw a conclusion from which devalues its strength of reliability. This is the same with the "Apartment" result, which lies at about the pricing. "Flats" and "Flat/Block" are averagely priced lowest in relationship to the other properties. These results are quite accurate, as they are taken from many different areas around London - however, I know that flats can range greatly in price - which mostly contradicts my results."

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