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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. Research into Sweden -Powerpoint presentation.

    The Sami are one of the world's smallest groups of indigenous people. The Sami population in Sweden is estimated to some 15,000 (out of the total of 50-60,000 in the whole of Scandinavia). - Not more than one hundred years ago Sweden was a country of poor peasants and emigrants. From the end of the 19th century to 1930 1.5 million Swedes (a fourth of the population) emigrated, most going to North America. - Today Sweden is a rich and well-educated country with large annual investments made in education and research.

    • Word count: 1271
  2. Research into the American state of Wisconsin

    Their mission is to make every government differ between religion and state. They are known for their lawsuits against religious displays on public property, and for trying to get rid of "In God We Trust" from American currency. Madison is also known for its vast educational system. According to the Forbes magazine, Madison is rated second in the nation in education. It is home to the University of Wisconsin which currently has about 40 000 students enrolled. They have several other institutes and colleges, and a student population of 50 000. Maybe now you realize how big the University of Wisconsin really is!

    • Word count: 1222
  3. Countries fact sheet - research into 4 Asian countries

    However, the development is still based in Hong Kong. Today Hong Kong is a service based economy. Economy: The currency of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). It is worth almost as much as the Swedish "krona" but it is worth slightly less, as 10HKD is the same 8.7SEK. Hong Kong does have a higher purchasing power than Sweden. The people of Hong Kong is richer than most people in Sweden, mostly due very low taxes and it is easy to start your own business so there is no lack of jobs. Hong Kong is according to the "Index of Economic Freedom" the freest economy in the world.

    • Word count: 1319
  4. Why do companies go global and who are the winners and losers?

    However, having said that, many TNCs are now choosing to locate branches in LEDCs (Low Economically Developed Countries) like Malawi and Bangladesh, where they build their factories and manufacture their goods...but the question now is why, because why cant all the manufacturing of the goods and building of the factories be done in MEDCs instead? There are countless reasons as to why this is and they will now be discussed, but in order for us to even get to those 'countless reasons', it perhaps is useful to understand what the TNC's aims are, right?

    • Word count: 2028
  5. Impacts of Tourism on Kenya

    11% of paid employment in Kenya comes from tourism. Around 1million tourists from Germany, USA and the UK provides a sustainable market for local goods. Tourism has also helped improve other related industries such as transport industry and the food industry. It has drawbacks on the economy too. The money made from tourism often goes back to big companies and not local people. This is called an economical leakage. Also most of the jobs provided are seasonal which means the job is only available for when the person is needed e.g.

    • Word count: 435
  6. Necessity of water - how it is used, and wasted.

    This is a lot of water considering that About 70 percent of the earth is covered by water and only 2.5% as fresh water and suitable for us to drink leaving a massive 97.5% of water salty causing it undrinkable as salt cause cells in the body to dehydrate so given that you drank enough of it salty water will kill you.

    • Word count: 588
  7. Free essay

    Migration - quotes showing pull/push factors bringing people to Britain

    Political climate of UK "people are not fighting. No violence around. It's a good place to live." (Female, Rwanda) "I hear only little bit {about Britain before leaving Romania}. I know you have freedom in ...Britain. You have the right to say things... (Male, Romania) "{I knew} it is a democracy...you can think what you want... it's a free country. Everyone has heard that. (Male, Iran) � Colonial ties "I decided to go to London because my second language is English. I can manage. If I go to Germany or France, or Holland, I couldn't manage, because I have to learn that Language. London is no problem." (Male, Sri Lanka) "Our traditional culture is mainly British influenced. For example...

    • Word count: 687
  8. Example of Sustainable Tourism - the Cinque Terra region of Italy

    Additional to tat they also get bank holidays. Another reason was it took a lot longer for tourist to reach their destination than it takes us now for example let assume someone wants to go Spain from the UK. It is only going to him two hours to reach his destination as before the 20th century it would take around two to three weeks to reach Spain. And it is also cheaper now than before as technology as there is a lot more advance.

    • Word count: 1214
  9. Box Hill Coursework. We went to box hill to check and see if tourism has affected the environment of box hill and how well all of these impacts are being managed.

    Impact of leisure use There are many various different ways in which the tourists affect box hill. One of which is the pathways, the pathways in box hill are being eroded more and more due to the high number of tourists each year. The footpath above was created and made due to the high number of tourists walking to and out of box hill, because this is the main way up, many of the insects and plants are killed. This then makes the soil exposed to the rain and when it rains, the soil is washed away, leaving a path way of chalk.

    • Word count: 962
  10. Free essay

    Is Africa the least developed continent?

    They are also countries, mostly the southern nations, who boast the rights of having large reserves of gold, diamonds and copper. Then they are a great number of African nations who are blessed with fertile soil, for agricultural purposes, growing some of the most important crops supplying food and exporting goods to people and other nations. Even though we see that these minerals and crops produce most of Africa's revenues, profit of this capital is found to be wasted.

    • Word count: 446
  11. Belize - geography, development and conservation.

    is an industry that provide goods or services to consumers using raw materials from primary industry and goods processed by secondary industry Belize: Belize is not poor as agriculture is not the top industrial sector it is neither MEDC nor LEDC but in-between. 29% of Belize deals in agriculture and 17% deal in industry. The main industry is the banana industry; they however are parts of the reason for the coral reef being the way it is, as the fertilizer they use on the crops are washed away in the sea and destroy the coral reef.

    • Word count: 1639
  12. Traditional Buildings in the Maltese Countryside

    These rubble walls have many uses. They are used to avoid soil erosion, to separate fields, for wind protection and as a natural habitat of lots of wildlife species. Nobody knows exactly from where the rubble walls originated. The rubble walls are ideal for the geographical conditions of the Maltese Islands. Like rubble walls, the dry wall method is also used in the building of the Dura. This was a place where bird hunters and trappers used to organize himself to catch birds.

    • Word count: 613
  13. United Kingdom is becoming the Europes most higly populated nation in last two generations caused by immigration. Most of the immigrants dont come from China or Korea as in other countries but from Poland.

    Additional 1500 00 came from eastern Europe as self-employed workers (builders, plumbers,... ) who do not need to register with the WRS. There are many reasons for Polish people migration to the UK. Some of them might immigrate just because they want to experience new life or improve their English speaking skills. However, one of the major factor is that Poland has the highest unemployment rate in the Europe ( in 2005 it was 18.2% and in some rural areas over 40%)

    • Word count: 919
  14. Human Geography Revision Notes - population patterns and changes.

    around the world. Human - Areas rich in resources (e.g coal or oil) tend to be densely populated, e.g France Physical Birth rate: the number of live babies born in a year for every 1,000 people in total population Death rate: the number of people in every 1,000 who die each year If Birth rate is higher than the death rate, then the total population will increase. If death rate is higher than the birth rate, the total population will decrease Natural increase (%)

    • Word count: 1594
  15. Methodology for our research into the environmental quality of the 2 residential areas.

    litter count - 10 meters was walked along a curb side and the litter below such as chewing gum, cigarette ends and crisp wrappers were counted twice to make sure the figure was correct. An example of a result is 17 a high result, counted at longridge is 26 and a low result found in Legh Road is 0. This test is carried out to help determine the environmental quality of the area. For example because a high result of 26 was counted at Longridge it suggests that it is of lower environmental quality than Legh road.

    • Word count: 1050
  16. Research Question - The Developments of The London Docklands have changed the characteristics of the whole area.

    Containerisation led onto greater job losses, and so furthered the decline of the Docklands. More cargo continued to be imported, and larger ships were required to carry them; although these larger ships could not sail on the narrow widths and shallowness (by the Isle of Docks) of the River Thames, and so more docks moved to the coastal areas -Tilbury was the new port. Furthermore, Britain as an industrial country began to suffer. There was deindustrialisation as Britain began to become less dependent on manufacturing and imports, because British colonies had become independent and began producing their own products.

    • Word count: 4879
  17. Revision notes on International Trade.

    For example Ford is owned by USA but it is made in another country, Spain and they sell it. It is made by Spanish people, on Spanish land and bought by Spanish people. However all the profit goes to USA as they own the company. Even though they didn't make the products themselves. This is invisible trade and many MEDC's don't go broke because of this. There are many other examples around the world. By this there are no tariffs and so USA don't need to exports the cars to other countries. Aid = Where MEDC's give help to LEDC's.

    • Word count: 940
  18. Tourism has a negative impact on Castleton a honey pot location

    Shows how far people are going to travel to visit this place Methodology We collected data to test our 4 different concepts and 1 of my own ideas to test how tourism affects Castleton. The first aspect we tested was traffic congestion by doing a traffic count. We went to three roads that lead in and out of Castleton and over a 10 minute period we counted how many cars, lorries, bikes and other vehicles travelled towards the centre and away from the centre of Castleton.

    • Word count: 2188
  19. Northampton Coursework- Delimiting the Central Business District

    Theory There are two types of land use models, Hoyt model and the Burgess model. The Central Business District of a town or a city is usually located in the centre of the city or town. The CBD can be divided into two distinct concentric areas called the core and the Frame. The frame of the CBD has land uses such as office areas, some derelict land, limited light manufacturing, small shop/low grade, specialist services e.g. medical, etc. The core of the CBD is different to the frame because it contains low residential population, some vertical zoning with use of first/second floor, high density of pedestrians, concentration of banks/ business, etc.

    • Word count: 3593
  20. Waste Disposal. The problems created by landfill sites.

    Local streams could become polluted with toxins seeping through the ground from the landfill site. The site could be re-landscaped and built on once it has been filled. This has happened nearby in Handsworth. Once the site has been filled it might not be able to be used for redevelopment as it might be too polluted. The gases given off by the landfill site could be collected and used for heating. The jobs created in the local area are likely to be low paid jobs. Waste transport costs will be reduced, as our waste will only have to travel a short distance to landfill.

    • Word count: 479
  21. Geography Methodology. What are the land uses of the CBD of Rugby?

    I marked on a map (fig. 2) all of the different land uses, and constructed a key to help identify the different land uses. With the different keys, and every land plot owned recorded, the land uses of Rugby could be easily determined, and this would help me determine the areas of assimilation and discard. Is there a relationship between land use and peak pedestrian flow? To discover whether there was a relationship between the above, a point was selected along each transect , approximately the same distance from the centre point of Rugby CBD.

    • Word count: 701
  22. Deforestation brings about more harm than benefits to humans. Using the studies you have made, to what extent do you agree with the statement?

    The lack of rainfall would mean that there would be shortage of water or a lower quantity of water. For example, the deforestation in Kalimantan has a direct impact on the lack of rainfall received during the years of 1997-1998. This caused the drought or prolonged dry season. In addition, deforestation can trigger floods. Forests prevents flood by reducing the likelihood of rivers from overflowing thus the lack of forest would cause the rivers flood. In the recent decade in the areas of deforestation in Kalimantan, many floods have occurred in areas such as the Tunman Nasional Kutur forest reserve which have been affected by logging activities.

    • Word count: 1209
  23. . Comment on how the data shown for Lincolnshire indicates a need for regeneration.

    Furthermore, it only has 332 people who pay tax, which makes it the joint-second county who have the least number of tax payers. This suggests that the people who are employed either work part time, or earn a low wage making them escape the tax bands. Furthermore, the size of Lincolnshire's industry and its growth rate indicate that it needs regenerating.

    • Word count: 435
  24. Investigate how renewable energy and energy efficiency will contribute to a more sustainable future

    Hydroelectric power was seen as the possible answer to providing the UK with renewable energy. Wind power, solar and bio fuels have increased in production with continual steady growth since 1990, with these energy sources exceeded hydroelectric power since 2000. Figure 4 shows an offshore wind farm at Scroby Sands, 2.5km off the coast near Great Yarmouth, just one example of a new wind farm built off the coast of the UK. http://www.nrc.nl/international/Features/article2458063.ece/Wind_to_provide_a_quarter_of_UK_energy_needs Wind energy is seen as the answer to supplying energy for the UK. Being an island with strong winds, up to 27km p/h in Scotland, offshore wind farms are being created around the coast.

    • Word count: 821
  25. Acid Rain research. Causes and solutions.

    Acid rain was first used by him in 1872. Although acid rain was discovered in 1852, it was not until the late 1960s that scientists began to study this topic. Causes * The major natural cause that contributes to acid-producing gases in the atmosphere is emissions from volcanoes and those from biological processes that occur on the land, in wetlands, and in oceans. The major biological source of sulfur containing compounds is dimethyl sulfide. * The principal cause of acid rain is sulfur and nitrogen compounds from human sources such as electricity generation and motor vehicles.

    • Word count: 717

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