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GCSE: Physical Geography

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  1. Using an example that you have studied describe how the characteristics of a river change downstream. (9)

    Therefore this causes a V shaped valley to form with two steep sides at either side. In addition, one would also find waterfalls in the upper course, this is caused by the two contrasting resistance?s of the rocks in the upper course of the River Tees?, whinstone is the hard rock which is found on top of sandstone and shale, which is the soft rock. This causes the formation of a high force water fall and actually the highest waterfall in the UK is found here at 21 meters high.

    • Word count: 472
  2. Physical Geography Earth revision notes

    The Indian plate was sub ducted by the Eurasian plate . Primary Effects 80,000 people died . The main cause of death was collapsing buildings . Hundreds of thousands were injured . Some villages were fully destroyed and thousands of buildings were destroyed . 30,000 square miles was destroyed . 75m fault line . Sewage and gas pipes burst . Secondary effects 80% of Uri was destroyed . People died from landslides and collapsed buildings . Water supplies , electricity and main roads were shut off . 3 million were made homeless .

    • Word count: 10074

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