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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. The type of Ad that I have made is about power tools.

    Mainly because they are the people who are going to use them and will most probably purchase them. Also people under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy power tools because of the safety issues and the things that they may do with them. The language and the tone is quite informal but not slang. The presentational devices and the structure of the ad is laid out to attract the readers attention. The language in the ad contains a lot of rhetorical questions such as, "Are you crazy about D.I.Y?" This makes the reader feel involved with the piece of text because the reader says to themselves; am I crazy about DIY Inside the advert I included the rule of three, "Speed, silence and Smoothness."

    • Word count: 529
  2. Examine how the Renault Laguna advertisement appeals to its target audience.

    For example 3 years warranty. Other problems concerning cost are the purchase price, as well as the decreasing price over the years after the car was purchased. Retailers use special techniques such as advertising the car at �1-2 slightly lower than a rounded price as it looks much lower as people think it is no where near the rounded price. For Example �69,999 instead of �70,000.Advertisers also have to face the drawback of pollution from the car, They have to make the car seem clean and environmental friendly also the advert has to have a nice, clean atmosphere as most cars pollute the air with Carbon Dioxide that produces acid rain.

    • Word count: 822
  3. For this essay the writter is going to write about two adverts, Advertising the perfumes 'Anais Anais' by cacharel of Paris and 'GLOW' by celebrity Jennifer Lopez.

    I am now going to describe the first advert that is advertising the perfume 'Anais Anais' by cacharel of Paris. I have chosen this advert because the meanings of the words used are very cleverly used and the picture is also quite clever, The words are 'and tenderness will move the world' and the picture is of a very beautiful young lady who has got a very natural, elegant, calming and tender look. It has also got a picture of the perfume which is quite simple yet very attracting, the colours on the bottle are pink which denotes blossom or

    • Word count: 1632
  4. Comparing two adverts both for migraine tablets.

    This text is saying what migraleve is it tells the reader that it is a migraine tablet and not a headache tablet. This is written to show the readers what the advert is about and also give a little information about what the tablets are for. This text is placed in the bottom left hand side of the advert. It may have been placed here as the advert uses an image to attract the readers and this takes up most of the page.

    • Word count: 2169
  5. Advertisement is a big business. Advertisement is what makes us decide what we buy, even though our friends or family tells us about the product or buys it they still where under the influence of advertisement.

    through really fast so the tourists don't get a chance to see it and then its lunch time this advert is a humorous one. One of the most important aspects of advertising is location and where the advert is set. The Renault scenic advert is set in four locations which are the country side where it's all warm and colourful with a happy environment for a perfect holiday. In the second scene its set in the carnival with a quite scary and gloomy atmosphere so the car is safe, then its goes to the airport and on the runway with planes taking of implying that the car can carry people like a plane.

    • Word count: 1438
  6. Analysing the effectiveness of background colour in magazines.

    I will be looking to see how and if the two adverts differ in writing techniques and, I will also be looking at specific languages issues such as Puns, Fonts, Highlighting of key words and Punctuation. I will then be going on to design a similar advert based on a different age group and use the things I have learnt from the other adverts to help me. Bold Flowers Not much colour plain Doodled Luxurious Sexy Black Sleek Blue Clothes Puns Jokes Dreams Designer Classy Soup Arrows Instant Expeditious Biro Imagination Looking good Feeling good Fat free Instant Fantasy Day

    • Word count: 2038
  7. Is the Advert for the Sydney 2000 Computer Game Successful?

    I think that the game may seem to be too complex for a younger audience, if the language used in the advert reflects game content which it probably does. This would make it too tedious and time consuming for a younger player, who doesn't really care about how many menus, and options there are, but the standard of gameplay. It would also appeal to the control freak inside people, as they would effectively be able to alter the results of the Olympics.

    • Word count: 2086
  8. Levi's 501 Jeans.

    In the 1960s and through to the mid 1970s jeans were an international uniform of the young. They conjured up images of youthfulness, rebellion and an America that young people really aspired to. In the late 1970s Levi's were beginning to acquire a my dads jeans image and sales began to fall dramatically. Levi's sets out in the 1981s to re establish Levi's 501's as the jeans worn by the core 15-19 year old male target market.

    • Word count: 614
  9. The Power Of Advertising.

    I found that the most ineffective way of advertising is community partnership. This is where companies may sponsor certain schemes in the local community in return for logo placement, in and around the community. An example can be found in Winchester where McDonalds sponsor the local community-recycling scheme. McDonalds' logo appears on many bins in the centre of Winchester. However, this is only a small logo and can only be seen with the intent of looking for it. Therefore it is not effective advertising as it does not draw ones attention. I believe that the most effective type of advertising that targets teenagers is the Internet.

    • Word count: 736
  10. A Comparison of Two Advertisements.

    Although both adverts came from teen magazines, the content is very dissimilar. Both the adverts have writing on them. The Mars Bar advert uses the same three sentences repeated over and over again as an outline of the picture. The words used are, 'In your colour. In your size. In the sale'. The letters are in capitals to catch the attention of the reader. The text is not informative about the product because the words have nothing to do with Mars bars. In the Head and Shoulders advert, after looking at the picture, which is very unusual, you are drawn to the words between the boy and the girl.

    • Word count: 1351
  11. I have selected two magazine adverts for analysis. The first advert is advertising 'Pocket music' a game for game boy advance and the second advert is advertising an 'MGF 1.8i' a sports car manufactured by 'MG' which is taken from 'FHM'.

    This advert promotes a game that allows you to 'make music on the move.' The product is quite important in today's society because computer games are getting very popular and common. The 'MGF' advert was taken from 'FHM' which is a magazine popular with males over 16. The advert promotes a sports car and emphasises that it can switch between manual and automatic to suit you. It is quite important in today's society because cars are something used pretty often and style and speed are values that people like in cars. I know that 'MG' is quite a posh, good quality car manufacturer that makes a wide range of sport cars.

    • Word count: 1754
  12. I am going to analysis an advert for a Toyota Tundra pick-up. I obtained this advert from the Toyota Magazine, One Aim, and the summer 2003 issue. The advert was on a double spread page in the middle of the magazine.

    The background has been blurred and the car is sharp. This has been done to show the speed of the car and also because the background s blurred it makes the car stand out more on the background. The car is pictured on the rally track as stated before. The adverts are for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series which I think shows that the car is not an ordinary car for driving to work in, but that it is a champion, winning car for a driver to cross the finish line in first position in.

    • Word count: 1567
  13. The advertisement I have chosen to analyse is a deal which Virgin Mobile are promoting in which if you sign a friend up to virgin mobile you will get £10 off your phone and a second sim card free with every Virgin Mobile priced over £89.

    The two woman in the advert including the life like doll's racial group are white the reason they have chose a white racial group is because the majority of the population in Britain are white. A stereotype that is presented in this particular advert is that woman love to spend money and shop because she is holding lots of shopping bags this could also lead to the stereotype of woman are housewives and that men earn the money and woman shop and supply the needs to the home.

    • Word count: 1551
  14. With reference to the adverts you have studied, investigate the ways in which 'Lucozade' has been marketed in the last thirty years.

    Whereas some young people and women might have found it difficult to aspire to or relate to a real multi-Olympic gold medal winning decathlete like Daley Thompson, the world of top computer character, Lara Croft, is far more accessible to all age groups and genders. In other words, Beechams had changed Lucozade's target audience from 'good mothers' in the 1960s to anyone who drinks soft drinks and wants energy in the 1980s and 1990s. This progressive marketing over the last three decades has seen Lucozade not only survive as a product, but dramatically increase its market share as well.

    • Word count: 1743
  15. The difficulty of advertising cars.

    The blurred light coloured background makes the dark car stand out from the rest of the advert. There are some tailors dummy's also light coloured, this is to represent that the car is fashionable. There is a bold heading, its bold to make it stand out from the rest of the advert. It's a pun on the phrase haute couture. They spell it haute carture, because it's a car. Haute couture is French for head of fashion. This also implies the car is fashionable. The advertisers use is formal and punning language. There is a ford logo in the bottom right hand corner of the advert this is also darker so it stands out.

    • Word count: 1275
  16. The purpose of advertising is to inform or persuade people to purchase or donate money toward a product or service. Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements ranging from loans to credit cards and cars to motorcycles.

    It reads ' For Christmas I got my mummy back'. This statement is writing as if the young child had written it. Underneath the statement there is an underlined sentence that asks whether a supporter of the charity will donate �19, so that homeless people can be re-homed. It does not say whether this donation is a one off payment or whether you pay �19 per month or per year. The main bulk of the advert starts off as if someone was narrating the story to the reader.

    • Word count: 969
  17. Advertising Analysis.

    This same from of advertising is used by food companies. If I get up from my typing and head to my fridge (incidentally, it has a BOSCH logo in the top-left corner), and get out, for example, a pot of Onken yoghurt, the Onken logo appears on both sides of the product's tub and on the top of it's lid. I'm exposed to the Onken logo three times in as many seconds. In fact, this form of advertising is probably present on almost any product you care to mention, not to mention it's packaging; even the bag I carry the product in is in fact a form of advertising.

    • Word count: 3436
  18. Our media coursework is about advertising for charities in both newspapers and on the television. Our task is to decide upon a charity we wish to advertise for, research it and chose a suitable newspaper and television channel (and time) to advertise on.

    After we had been assigned to groups we began to decide which charity we wished to advertise for. This was very difficult because we all had different charities that meant something to us personally. The decision took us a long time but we decided to do the Red Cross because it was an international charity, which did lots of work our whole group had heard about. We also thought it was particularly relevant at this time because of the present situation in Afghanistan. However later on in the project we hit a dead end with our charity because we couldn't decide upon a design for our advert and had no clear ideas as to the direction we wanted to take.

    • Word count: 2430
  19. How The Product Will Be Marketed

    Associating the product with these characteristics can do this. The Nike trainer advert I described in the introduction was of two sportsmen beating a man in a fight due to their amazing speed, given to them by their Nike footwear. If I was to make this appeal to over 60s then I would have to replace the two Nike-endorsing athletes with older alternatives, and to complete all my aims in general I would have to add something about how the trainers give you a more sophisticated look.

    • Word count: 503
  20. Compare a 2002 Mercedes Benz advert with a 1959 General Motors advert.

    However, GM had not as strong a brand as MB does now. Therefore it had to use text such as "nothing outside your home returns so much in pleasure, comfort and convenience as a new General Motors car." This was used to attract more people to the car. The GM car targets the B, C1 and C2 market. MB adverts usually target the socio economic groups A, B and C1, however this advert targets the same audience as the GM advert (B, C1 and C2.) This is because it is advertising second-hand MB's that people outside of MB's usual target audience.

    • Word count: 707
  21. Analysis of a moving image - the advert for N.S.P.C.C about child abuse.

    The little boy is wearing a green top with a thick red line going across the top. He is also wearing little grey shorts that look like school uniform. His green pale green top is made into a very bright green top, and the red also stands out more with it. The little boy has sky blue colour eyes and looks very vulnerable. As the boy is very small, he is made to look even smaller when he is sitting in the armchair in his living room. In my opinion this is done to show his vulnerability and perhaps just how small he actually is.

    • Word count: 640
  22. An Analysis and Comparison of Two Adverts.

    The two adverts which I will analyse and compare are the advertisements for the Ford Mondeo of November 2002 and the Peugeot 206 also of November 2002. The reason for choosing these two adverts, is because they are both products which are in the same category, vehicles, therefore it will be possible to make a comparison of the techniques and attributes of each advertisement. The first advert which I will be analysing will be the advertisement for the Ford Mondeo of November 2002.

    • Word count: 2142
  23. What do the two chosen adverts say about the Sainsbury's brand?

    From a crusty comedian to a hip and happening celebrity chef whom had been giving us tips on cooking plus entertaining us at the same time. A match made in heaven, a man who appreciates good food and a supermarket, which sells us good food. Chef Jamie Oliver first rose to fame in the late 90's with his cooking show "The Naked Chef". The two adverts I am going to analyse are the epitome of Jamie Oliver and his hit TV show.

    • Word count: 752
  24. In this GCSE English Media coursework I will be comparing two mobile phone advertisements.

    This clearly shows the reader that orange have a new deal going on. On the purpose is also clearly shown as you look at the page u can see at the top of the page it says in bold writing 'choose a phone' which shows that it is trying to sell phone. The advert also gives some information on the phones and faces the customer can use and also other types of useful information so the customer can compare between both phones.

    • Word count: 806
  25. Comparing two adverts - I am focusing on are the 'Nescafe Cappuccino' and the 'Shreddies Cereal'.

    1) The girl putting the fishing rod into the bath, 2) the young girls face, 3) the girl pulling the rod out. The colours here are bright, light and full of energy, this continues throughout the advert. I think the bright colours help emphasise the effect that 'Shreddies' are full of energy. The music is light and bubbly and this also continues throughout the whole advert and I also think this helps emphasise the full of energy idea. 2. The next scene is a boy walking down the stairs playing with a baton, I suggest he is playing make believe as he is acting like the baton is a sword.

    • Word count: 1260

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