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International Baccalaureate: Biology

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  1. Effect of Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED lights at 900 lumens on the concentration of vitamin C content in oranges and their effectiveness on metabolic efficiency

    Incandescent generate light by use of filaments and when power is applied, the filament glows generating heat and therefore light. Due to incandescent bulbs hot filament, they produce a continuous spectrum as all wavelengths of lights are present (Fielder 1). On the other hand, led produces lights through a cold process as it is stimulated by electron movement, hence creating photons, therefore, visible light and its wavelength is the only thing emitted by led bulbs (Lighting Division 1). Fluorescent lighting uses electricity to excite mercury gas and in the process emits ultraviolet light (Nave).

    • Word count: 6452
  2. Environmental Mangement - Upland Burning in Ireland and the Effects of the Heritage Bill 2016.

    The Heritage Bill 2016 will also Acts amend and extend the Wildlife Act 1976 and outline the powers issued to the authorized bodies under the Act. Provisions will also be made in the Bill to amend the Canals Act 1986 (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, 2016). The Bill comes as a manifestation of the Irish Government?s poor record in listening to the cohorts of people who value our natural heritage. This is evident in the lack of scientific rationale to support these changes (birdwatchireland, 2017).

    • Word count: 3429
  3. Comparing the Sexy Sons Hypothesis and the Pathogen Avoidance Models Effects on s****l Selection

    The pathogen avoidance model states that females select for males with secondary s*x traits in order to distinguish between the diseased and the healthy males in order to stay safe from pathogens. Both theories are widely used to explain many evolutionary trends, but are they mutually exclusive? It is possible that both theories are correct in certain scenarios. However, one must look into the mechanisms of both in order to find out. Overview of Sexy Sons Hypothesis The sexy son hypothesis which was popularized by Ronald Fisher is currently stated as a possible explanation for the great diversity of ornamental traits in animals.

    • Word count: 4422

IB Biology is the study of living organisms. The four basic concepts which run through the course are: evolution, equilibrium within systems, universality versus diversity, and structure and function. These concepts give the student a strong foundation upon which other detailed knowledge can be built. You will also be completing a significant amount of practical work and an experimental approach is strongly emphasised.

Assessment is both externally and internally organised. The external examinations are a mixture of multiple-choice, short answer and extended answer tests.The extended answer examinations require you express yourself in a concise and scientific manner and some great examples of these IB Biology essays can be found on Marked by Teachers. Science can bring enormous benefits to societies and you will be encouraged to become a responsible and ethically minded scientist.


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